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I was looking for some advice regarding whether I would be making the right decision moving from my current K30 to a hybrid camera ( currently eyeing up the Fuji film finepix HS50 EXR).

I am a fairly amateur photographer and moved from a Sony hybrid to Pentax about four years ago and I am on my second Pentax SLR which is the K30. My main frustration with an SLR compared to a hybrid is needing to move from one lens to another which I don't really have time to do when using my camera (I usually have a wife and young child in tow) as it is mostly used for family shots and sight seeing when on holiday. i was thinking of selling my current camera and three lens (Pentax 18-55, 55-300 and 35 fixed) and I was wondering if anyone could advise a good place to sell them and also whether they was an obvious disadvantage of going back that I may have overlooked? Reviews of HS50 suggest the ability to still take raw images and use manual settings and overall suggest it is a very good camera.

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Adam, you might want to consider just getting an 18-250 or if you can afford it 18-270 lens for your Pentax instead - the image quality even with this kind of superzoom will be far in excess of that available from the much smaller sensors of a bridge camera like the Fuji. If you went down this route, I'd suggest keeping the 35mm prime lens for special occasions, but I think if you sell your two zooms, possibly here on this forum, you should get a long way to paying for a good secondhand 18-250 lens.



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Hi John, thanks for the sound advice. I think I will definitely look to replace the two lens with a 18-270mm rather than go for the hybrid.


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I'd back up 100% Jon's suggestion of a 18-250/270 & 35. I use one with my k-x and find it suits most of the time but when I want those extra special shots that I have more time to set up I put on the 35mm for extra quality. Although I have access to hubby's range of lenses I rarely find my self using them.
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lynad wrote:
and also whether they was an obvious disadvantage of going back that I may have overlooked?

Much worse image quality, because of the diddly little sensors those cameras use. I don't like these all in one lenses very much, as they tend to be optically compromised, but a superzoom on your K30 will provide vastly better quality than a bridge camera, albeit in a bulkier package.


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Sue uses the 18-250mm extensively and produces excellent, crisp images. If she ever has to replace it then the 18-270mm will be the one.

Bridge cameras are much harder to use than DSLRs, so if you stick with one you will be better off in the long run.
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