Additional pics taken for brick comp.


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Some other pics I took for the recent brick comp.
First 3, Old Custom House, Ipswich

SMC A 50mm f/1.7

SMC A 50mm f/1.7

DA 10-17

Brick Close Up

Sigma 90mm f/2.8 Macro

C&C appreciated.


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In the 1st one I like the detail in the brickwork and the yellow glow from the window, but the bleak sky and the building in the background spoil it a little for me. The 2nd one is a bit soft for my taste. I would have expected the Sigma to be much sharper than this? Nice lighting, although possibly on the verge of oversaturated. Pity about that ugly burglar alarm box too Lovely colours in the 4th one. Good sharpness, but missing a focal point for me.

The 3rd one is the pick of the bunch for me! I like this one a lot, excellent shot The distortion is nicely restrained and gives it a funky edge. The evening light and warm uplighting is wonderfully atmospheric. The building on the left with the crane is a bit of a distraction. I don't know if you have any philosophical objections to major PP on an image, but I'm a philistine about such matters and would probably clone out the whole building I'd probably crop the bottom up to the beginning of the staircase wall as well. Evne without the mega PP it's still a lovely image. It looks like it should be a library. Is it? Whatever it is, nicely done!
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Love the pidgins in the first shot

And also Kudos on the third photo, must be quite hard to handle a fishy correctly.

Tim already did such a good job so won't repeat all the things he said

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My favourite is the last one. I love the abstract detail in this close up of a brick, it's like a shot from space of a desert in some remote part of the Earth.
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Thank you all for the positive feedback. Pics 1 to 3 taken on a cold and blustery day in fading twilight.

Tim, have uploaded pic to gallery now, I see what you mean about the crane in 3 although probably wouldn't goes as far as taking the whole building even if I knew how. The only software I have is what came with my MacBook.

Stefan, hadn't noticed the pidgeons before. Think I was just lucky with the fishy shot, although this is probably my favourite lens.

David, your views on the brick close up is very similar to mine.

Once again thanks for the positive comments.

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Am I being picky in saying that the pics are about brick buildings rather than a dedicated theme of bricks. In the first I would have cropped just the tower from above the clock to just including the top of the arches. The pattern in the bricks would have highlighted their effect. In the last I would expect to see the whole brick to authenticate that the pic was actually brick and not a similar masonary structure, but, it all depends on the judges view. They might disagree with me.
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