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Hi,am wondering if anyone can help me.I have an ME super 35mm with a pk mount and a friend gave me a Hanimex Automatic zoom MC 1:4.5 f=80-200mm.The problem is it does not fit,i do not know what camera the lens came from originally and my friend dosnt remember.All i can say is the mount on the lens is almost the same as the mount on the camera i.e they are both female type connections,where as the Tamron lens i normally use is a male type fitting.Can an anyone help? please.


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Minolta used the MC designation for some of its lenses but it could well mean something different here. These photos of the various mounts might give you an answer link

Good luck.



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Thx,as near as i can work out its possibly a canon fd bayonet type fitting.Appreciate the photos.


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MC generally just means Multi Coated. As opposed to SMC, or Super Multi Coated!

I suspect your lens can be seen here in a scan of a 1985 Argos catalogue! You might be able to find a broken one with a K mount and swap some parts over, but TBH I doubt the images would be worth it anyway. You can find better for not much outlay, especially as you've got an ME Super and can therefore use all the classic lenses which are a bit restricted on digital. Try the Pentax-M 75-150mm or Pentax-M 80-200mm, both are great performers and the 75-150mm is wonderfully compact for a zoom.

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Thanks for the help,i will look out for the lenses you suggest.I get them in a local sec hand shop so only pay 15-20 each.The ones that do not fit,the hanimex zoom and prakticar pentacon 50mm,which i think is a praktica,i would still like to see if i can get adapters for.As they were kind of a gift and therefore cannot throw them away.Thanks again for the advice as am very new to photography and it all helps.



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I don't think you'll be able to find an adapter for these, sad to say.

The problem is that the lens needs to be at a specific distance from the film plane in order for it to focus properly. Generally an adapter would move the lens further away, meaning you'd lose infinity focus and be unable to focus on distant objects. About the only workable adapter for a K mount body is the one to fit the older M42 screw mount lenses, which fits flush with the lens mount and therefore keeps the distance correct. I'm not sure if you still have your ME Super manual (you can find one as a free download via Google if not) but this adapter is covered in there.

You can buy adapters with extra elements to correct the focus, but they tend to be expensive and won't be as good quality as just buying a K mount lens instead.

Shooting the Welsh Wilderness with K-m, KX, MX, ME Super and assorted lenses.
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