A Toy Story


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Went for a walk, just to get out the house and weather be dammed! For no apparent reason I took a detour up some steep steps, with my glass back, knee and foot, half way up I was asking myself why!! As soon as I got to the top there on the floor was a soggy wet 5 note At the end of the little track I found a burst bin liner, its content's all over the place, underwear, ADSL Filters?, a sky remote and lots of toys? Now the effort it took to get the bag to its final resting place was considerably more than just leaving on the main road. Why is all I could think of as I picked out these fellas and arranged them for the next person to come along to wonder why at

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I do love these shots!

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thanks for finding my fiver! was worried for a minute

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I hope the next person that sees them has a good laugh just like me. They are some fun shots.
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worth a fiver to see the shots - so call it quits!



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At last - something to make me smile on a miserable bloody Tuesday in January - made my day - cheers!

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Brilliant bud


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Spot on


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Think the pirate is my favorite, seems to be marooned there.

Mind you, the yellow and green hippo seems to be a happy chap.
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Oh what fun - a great smile on yet another wet and blooming miserable morning
let the education continue

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It's true what they say - one man's trash is another man's treasure!! Nice pics!! I agree wholeheartedly with everyone here - a lovely touch of humour to brighten up the day!!


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Thanx everyone Glad it gave you all a smile


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These made me laugh and you got a fiver for your efforts

Nice, creative shots - something different is always appreciated
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Amusing set! And I love the story that goes with them. Great work.

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