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Like many of us on this forum - I have made 'real' friends with a number of members over the years.

One of these friends is Eddie (daltoned). Eddie is retired and lives in Dublin and has been a forum member since 2008.

Many of you will not know his name as he is more of a 'lurker' than an active member mainly because he lacks the confidence to join in often - although he does post occasionally and has posted a few images over the years.

Three weeks ago - Eddie suffered a major stroke that has left him in hospital without the use of the left side of his body. On the plus side - his speech is fine and his mental faculties as sharp as ever but he faces a long and difficult road to recovery.

After surgery - one of the first things Eddie said was that he didn't know how he would be able to continue his beloved photography if he couldn't use his left arm.

I know he is feeling understandably down at the moment and I also know that words of support from fellow forum members would mean a lot to him.

So - my plea - I would be extremely grateful if you could add any words of support for Eddie to this thread and I will get them to him via his wife.

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Hi Eddie! Keep snapping my Pentax friend. Andrew A

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Get well soon, Eddie.

You can take pictures with one hand, to begin with... not as debilitating as your maladies I know, but I broke my left elbow and then my right hand a couple of years back but, using Pentax and Ricoh compacts (sometimes upside down!) I carried on shooting.
Best wishes,


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Thinking of you Eddie, and Mrs Eddie too. Keep fighting and you will be back snapping before you know it. If you have to consider something like a Q, or other system camera, which is smaller and lighter.


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Eddie, my brother in law had a stroke 30 odd years ago that has left him paralysed down his left side- he still manages to do his photography and still uses Pentax film cameras. Good luck to you and I hope you have a successful rehabilitation programme


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So Eddie , just wish you a steady recovery & you will feel stronger bit by bit. I hope your soon enjoying your hobby but just take it small steps at a time. I also live with heart health limits, once you accept you then adjust to what you have and learn all over again. I think the options on small cameras provides so much more too. God bless from Patrick a bit Irish too
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Hang in their Eddie! wishing you a great recovery and I'm confident you'll be able to carry on with the photography
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Hi Eddie..

Im from the North of Ireland (Co armagh) and wish you the most speediest of recoveries.

I often shoot my street photos one handed - get yourself a small compact or light camera like the k-x for example and you'll love it!

All the very best
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Get well soon Eddie
I have seen people shoot a shotgun one handed so I think a camera you should be ok
Neil and the family
Ps my wife had a mini stroke so I know what you are going through
cheers Neil
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Sue and myself wish Eddie a speedy recovery. Hang in there and hopefully it won't be long before you can join in again.
Best regards, John


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Thinking of and praying for you and the family, Eddie - hope things pick up soon for you.


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Strokes take time to get over Eddie, and time, as they say, is a great healer.

My ex mother-in-law had a massive grade 5 stroke whilst in Portugal in 2001, she spent 8 weeks over there, was the flown back, she didn't know who anyone was, was totally blind, couldn't do anything for herself, after a long time being nursed, mainly by husband and family she fully recovered.

Also have a good photographer friend had a stroke earlier this year, and he has right sided weakness, he's doing great, better than expected. Always pushing himself, but it will be a long hard path.

Then there is another pal, keen photographer and mountaineer. He was in a freak accident where a large lump of ice crashed down on his left shoulder dislodged by a climber above. He now has a useless left arm, only one working lung, yet amazingly he gets up before dawn away walking the hills and comes back with some winning images in our clubs completions, before heading to work. Puts me to shame.

There will be some dark days, but the light is there at the end of the tunnel.

All the best in your recovery.


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From a 'newbie' on this forum -
I didn't have a stroke, admittedly, but I was at my wits end after several heart attacks that left me with a weak left arm for some reason. (I'm a woodworker and it's hard work). I took it slowly, found some workarounds and drove my wife crackers 'cos I was not going to give it up.
I wish you well because there's always a way - Go for it!

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Here's to a fair wind to your recovery Eddie. My wife has been down a similar path and her adage is to grow old disgracefully.

Don't forget we are a friendly bunch and have some good brains on here, not mine mind. So if you have something you want help with, get in touch, you never know, maybe someone may already have a solution.
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Eddie, I wish you a speedy recovery.

If it can help you, my wife has cerebral palsy, and has only partial use of her left side, and almost no use of her right side. That doesn't keep her from enjoying photography (with quite a few wonky "horizons"). If she can manage, I'm pretty sure you'll be able too.

Good luck, and follow your dream.
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)
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