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Hi guys,

My name is Wouter, I'm Belgian. I bought a K5 two years ago and, probably like many beginners, never really used it properly and had it stuck in a cupboard. Until a couple of weeks ago when we decided to go on holiday to Scotland. My girlfriend who's been living with me in Belgium for 6 years now is English and I've always wanted to do a trip through England up to Scotland. I only had the 18-55 WR kit lens and thought I would at least need a decent zoom lens to go with it, so I stumbled upon this nice forum (thank you again alexvick for the 55-300). In the week before we left I also bought a Samyang 8mm fisheye. Sadly the copy I received is terribly front-focused and deals with incredible overexposure & CA. I only found out when I was actually there already so I tried to get the most out of it, but it's going back next week.

Keeping all of the above in mind, I thought I'd share my album and see if I can get any pointers/tips/tricks and just your general thoughts. I found I really enjoyed taking the pictures - I have some Photoshop experience from my professional activities so I was able to do some PP - but honestly I don't have any true background in this. Think I'll sign up for a beginner's course in photography during the winter months.

Without further ado, here's the album. There are quite a few pics there, most of them shot with the kit lens, most of the animals with the 55-300 and some with the fisheye. Here is the link. I set it to public so everyone should be able to see it. Please let me know if you can't.

Looking forward to reading your reactions.



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Love the photos. Most of all-the cow head. Amazing shot! . Off for a roadtrip to Scotland at the end of summer mysel:p
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Great stuff, glad you had a good time. If you want a fisheye, the Pentax 10-17mm is a great lens.
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Don't knock yourself - these are nice images. You have a good eye for a picture and that is half the battle.
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Wouter, I think you created a nice travelogue here and indeed demonstrated that the humble kit lens can be a great travel companion too.

Enthusiast often dismiss the standard zoom kit lenses but it did a great job in showing off your nicely developing skills, like us all when travelling we take shots for the record but also always get some really good competition material and I think several of your images are definitely in that category.

The shots on Moy are very nice and very well composed and taken , presumably with the longer zoom .

The Puffin shots are just great but the ones I really like are104/5/6 and 109/10/11/12.

In the early part of your trip, (assuming the photos are in chronological sequence) you had some difficult contrast issues to deal with and in several shots some strong backlighting underexposed your foreground subject (eg 107).

So if I was going to give a a few basic tips;

Number 1; concentrate on metering and keep in mind to take an exposure reading off that part of the composition you want to show as your primary object/subject/ element, but Wouter we all do it and sometimes the tonal range is simply to wide from dark to light and remember "you can't fight the light" you can only try to make the best of it.

2nd tip; take as many photos as you can "of everything", that is the way to progress your skills .

3rd tip; I always found it useful to sometimes concentrate on using only one lens for set period of time, to shoot "everything"

This teaches you not only about that lens, as regards it's ideal use and limitations, but it teaches about "image perspective" and depth of field too.

Finally I am still learning everyday after a lifetime of photography, and still kick myself on occasions for missing the obvious; that is the fascination of the subject.

But all in all I thoroughly enjoyed your well captured and very interesting travelogue as it conveyed the ambience and essence of that lovely country , its people, places and day to day natural history
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Thanks everyone for the positive comments so far! Also thank you in particular for the tips Daron, they are most helpful!! I did take around 600 pictures when we went to Isle of May, those are really the best ones.

And indeed - you learn as you do. The ones of Kilchurn are terribly over-exposed. I shot most of them with the fish-eye and it was then I found out about its faults. But by the end of the two week holiday I had more of a "feel" for it as I did in the beginning already. The puffins and everything on the Isle of May were indeed shot with the 55-300, which really is a sharp lens for its price. I was very pleasantly surprised by it - even though it obviously has good reviews. I'm quite proud of the puffin shots, although I like the one of the gull and its chick the most. Not sure why, I just do.

I always thought the little kit lens was not too bad either, and it gave me plenty of range on the wide end. Picture quality looked OK to me - that is until 2 days ago I bought a second-hand "plastic fantastic" DA 35mm which quite frankly just completely blows the 18-55 out of the water. I never really got what people meant by "tack sharp" and "creamy bokeh" until I shot a few with that little miracle! I understand the DA 50mm is even better but I've already found it's just not my focal length. Now I just need to find something that gives me a bit more range and sharpness on the wide end. The fisheye, once it comes back, is great and fun to use, but 8mm is VERY wide. At the moment I'm considering the Sigma 10-20 or DA 15 LTD - not sure yet if I want to have the luxury of the zoom or go for superior picture quality.


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Hello and welcome
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Hi and welcome to the site. I like really like your images from Scotland, you obviously enjoy photography and have a talent for it, I think you may well be on a long photographic journey!

Best wishes and best of luck!

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Welcome to the site.

Thoroughly enjoyed your Scotland pictures. Particularly like the wildlife ones, some nice shot there.
You'll have to let us see some more of your pictures here.


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Thank you Stuey, David & Bob!
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