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alan S

Link Posted 06/01/2006 - 09:19

This is my first post so in opening many thanks for all the reports,comments and general chat regarding the istD+ cameras. It has very much influenced me to chase one with success.I am now a very impressed owner of a D be it only for a day. full expertise will take longer (much longer)
It is very different to handle than my A3 in fact worlds apart, I'm sure I will get used to fingernails scraping on the lens mount.
My first few pictures on a dismal grey day I was quite impressed with at **L jpeg in auto, really it was point and shoot, certainly the picture quallity was excellent over digital discs from ASDA etc.

I need to get a lense cap for the std lens as it was missing (how, why?)
Firmware to upgrade in time

My only real question at this time is that the display screens seem to shut down far to quick, touch the shutter button and all is back but it is often to quick to read let alone adjust,
I can live with it and it is not part of the camera auto off, is this common or have I missed somthing in the manual.

Many thanks and regards


Link Posted 06/01/2006 - 12:56
Hi Alan

Welcome and hope you enjoy the new toy, there is an awful lot of friendly folk with plenty of expert knowledgeable help here.

The viewfinder and rear screen display time can be adjusted in the menus(up to 30sec if I remember correctly). I personaly would advice you to make sure you have the 1.12 firmware upgrade, it was not supposed to contain any great upgrade except (support of 4GB CF cards) but it sure made a difference to PTTL flash exposures.

Regards Brian

Arthur Dent

Link Posted 07/01/2006 - 05:26
Ditto on the firmware, and to get the most out of digital you would do well to learn to use a RAW workflow.

I just spent some time at Sea World in San Diego, with the D and the 45-125 lens (the lens is ancient but it's still a great lens). The camera is a dream to work with, and you'll be very happy with it. Use it in good health!

You'll find lots of good information on this site, and friendly natives!
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