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Awesome. OK, it's not a Pentax camera, but it could be.
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Pretty good indeed


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have you ever tried to fly a helicopter it's not easy

Hat's of cool idea


but you can buy video camera's for the helicopter's with a wire less feed not sure of the quality
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T'is said James that to fly a helicopter, you must be able to pat your head and rub your stomach, then reverse direction with either, independently, without skipping a beat.

I'm sticking to 'planes.


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More money than sense, if you ask me.

Why strap a big, heavy, expensive DSLR to a RC helicopter when you can get smaller lighter HD video cameras?

The idea's sound, it's just, I don't know, daft!
Cheers, HG

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a friend of mine flys helecopters (full size ones). I went for a pint with him on a day off during his training and he mentioned that he was at that time learning to hover. I commented that this was probably "harder than it looks", to which he responded "you haven't seen how hard I can make it look!"

In the grand tradition of aircraft which can do spectacular things, they seem to be spectacularly hard to fly!
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I do like the videos, but please for goodness sake, why do people think 'cool' equates to 'requires heavy rock/guitar track'.

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