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Daniel Bridge

Link Posted 16/12/2009 - 00:22
I was in Cameraworld in Chelmsford today, and Nick the manager there was showing a customer a Sigma 70-300 APO lens, and stating its merits such as the better control of colour fringing over the Tamron 70-300. The lady customer (not a photographer, she was looking for a gift) asked why she should get the Sigma instead of the Tamron, as the manager of Jessops round the corner had just told her Tamron lenses are handmade.

We had a good laugh at that, but had to explain we weren't laughing at her, but at Jessops. Then had to explain how Jessops have gone downhill...

Just couldn't quite believe what we'd heard though...

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Link Posted 16/12/2009 - 01:15
A bit of humour always helps particularly in that situation
Sounds like Jessops thought they had a sale in the bag, lucky she had the sense to ask for a second opinion else where.

Actually that is pretty shocking to hear
It seems that Jessops are really stepping over the line in an effort to sell a more and more limited product portfolio.
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GOSH! the thought of cutting and polishing all that glass by hand
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I suppose some of the components are probably bolted together by hand...

I find it terribly sad that Jessops now only seem interested in selling memory cards, batteries, and paper to the point and shoot compact crowd. I instinctively looked at their site while finding the best price for a K-m, only to find no Pentax gear whatsoever and that they've completely dropped all used equipment. I guess they must have been hit badly by ebay, as people can cut out the middle man and get the full price for their unwanted kit rather than what a dealer offers (and then adds their mark-up to).

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