A Few Days with the Pentax K--D


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I really don't know where to start. This is a camera that is almost too quiet, if there is such a thing. Smooth and buttery response. The images shot at the mid iso settings are as clean as 100-160 on the K10D. The colour is magnificent. The noise levels at the top iso end of this camera are about the same as 640 to 1000 on the K10D. As I will not get in to specifics until the embargo has been lifted, I will say this. As an ex-Canon user and sponsored by them, I had an opportunity to use all of their products. This camera is as good or better than the Canon products. The noise shown in the upper iso area looks more like fine film grain than digital noise.

I am using a pre-production version and being firmware 0.39 there will be some upgrades. I have already sent my impressions to Pentax.

This is the best camera on the market today in the mid to upper mid price range. It will compete with the top of the line Nikon and Canon and will do so with no excuses. It won't be fair to compare this camera to the Canon 40D & Nikon D90 as this camera is out of their league and swims comfortably in the waters of the Canon 1D mk lll and Nikon D300...

None the less, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Oh and by the way. Better get a huge 4 Gig SD card as this baby produces files that are almost 50 percent larger than the K10D

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Ben any ideas on price as yet.
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Hi Ben

Was the "Chucky in Love" series shot with new camera with the aid of a bit of black tape
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Hi Ben,

Is the max sync speed still 1/180s and are you aware of any plans to make HSS work over wireless.




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Ben can you elaborate on Quiet ?? Also what is the max ISO and does it fair against the 5D and D300 it terms of IQ, noise control and shutter speed FPS
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A few serious questions:
1 ) Does it use the same grip as the K10D? (would be useful!)
2 ) Is plain TTL supported?
3 ) Is it still the "crippled mount" (ie doesn't pick up aperture ring of older lenses)
4 ) Any news on who will support the RAW format first? (Hopefully Silkypix as with K10D!)
5 ) Are there options for HDR-style capture (ie 3 or 5 frames, 2Ev apart)
6 ) Will wireless flash be supported as with K10D? (Will they add HS too?)
7 ) How quickly can you set up a manual white balance? (I'd prefer button access)
8 ) Please, please, please tell me they support Sv and the ISO-on-wheel settings of the K10D! (Can't live without that!!)

Oh, yes, and when and how much?
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Everyone seems to be talking about the K20D and the K200D as replacements to K10D and K100D Super. Does anyone else think that they should complement the range and not replace the existing kit?
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beakynet wrote:
Everyone seems to be talking about the K20D and the K200D as replacements to K10D and K100D Super. Does anyone else think that they should complement the range and not replace the existing kit?

Long train of thought coming...

Well they do need to replace the existing kit... I know most of us are very happy with the current range, and will continue to use our *Ists or K10ds for years to come, but in this market I wouldn't want to be the company that tries to persuade most consumers that an "old" camera is good enough when every other company offers a "new" one. So I think it's important for them to have new offerings in the entry level and mid level.

As for complementing the range, I guess it depends on what you mean... if bodies, I think the entry and mid level are the ones to concentrate on. A really expensive "high end" body, maybe even the dreaded f*** f**** or the mythical 645D, would be nice for those who could afford it but I don't think it would be wise of Pentax to prioritise that over the entry and mid levels. One idea that has occurred to me, something that I personally would like and which I can see appealing to quite a lot of people, is the idea of a more compact dSLR... I see plenty of people choose a compact over a dSLR, despite knowing a dSLR offers better control and quality and cost not being a factor, simply because they don't want to carry a dSLR around. But if an APS-C dSLR could be made smaller (most importantly flatter, removing the grip) - essentially a digital MX - then the combination of that and Pentax's pancake lenses would be a dSLR you can put in your pocket or under your jacket... I can see it appealing to potential first-time dSLR buyers, and to existing Pentax users, and also it would be something unique to Pentax in the dSLR market. But that's just my pet idea. Beyond bodies: The area where they could and should complement the range is of course lenses, but now it's looking very promising... new macro, new zooms, two long primes one being fast... should keep everyone happy for a while; I know I will be when I can get my hands on one of those teles.

So as I see it they're complementing the range where it matters most - lenses - and they're replacing the existing kit because they have to. Many of us have things we'd ideally like to see from Pentax... I mentioned that 'slim' dSLR, some others are desperate for a 35mm sensor or the 645D, but for Pentax to go for any of these would be risky especially if done so at the expense of the more important conventional entry and mid levels. And personally, as someone who was impressed by the K10d but not enough so to replace a K100d (while the K20d looks to be a whole other matter), I'm glad they decided to replace the existing kit. Basically I think they done good
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