A Damp Cumbria


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Lovely photos Mark.
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At least the bad weather didn't dampen your creativity, excellent shots every one.
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Great set but love 3 and 4, Brest processing and tones too.
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I like them all, particularly the last four.



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You go away for a couple of days and what happens? MarkLJ returns to the Forum. All is now well with the world

Typically excellent landscapes, and the mono shots stunning.

4, 5 and 6 are standouts for me.

Mark - hopefully you'll find time to keep posting here. And I hope your new photography teaching thing is going well. Looks great/tempting!

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2,3, and onwards are my Favs. Pigeon shooting days. From the pigeon ones there is a good amount of depth in the last B&W Landscapes. The pigeon ones being a nice open field freshly cut.


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Cheers folks

Northgrain wrote:

Mark - hopefully you'll find time to keep posting here. And I hope your new photography teaching thing is going well. Looks great/tempting!

Thank you. Its not something I was planning to get into just yet although it had been something I was thinking about long term. However, I was approached by a local woman who was already running courses. She is undergoing treatment for cancer and I said I would help out and do what I could. Its as much taking folk out and about as anything. I know all sorts of spots to go and once I started talking about my thoughts on landscape photography I realised that I had quite firm opinions about a lot of things to do with it. I did get told of as the courses are normally 8am for 8 hours. I was picking folk up before dawn and going out for 12-14 hours.


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you have a great eye for light and composition Mark, those photos belong to some landscape photography magazine really....very inspiring


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They are all outstandingly good, but the boat-house study has a subtle and special beauty


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I must say that sheer class and quality pervades every one of these images, if I ever produce one anything like I will be well chuffed
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A fabulous set


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thanks for the new comments. A bit of a thread resurrection there

To be honest due to my father being a bit poorly I haven't managed to get out much at all. Couple of days away using the Nikon and that was it. Just getting back to using the Pentax and hopefully a day out with it tomorrow.

One of the 'damp' shots re-processed in colour -

Wall Holm in colour by Mark Littlejohn, on Flickr

And another one not previously seen before. I have a similar shot on my flickr stream but when I was editing the folder on my HDD the other day I looked at this one and preferred it.

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#1 is a terrific version of this already spectacular image of yours, mark. - the darker tones on the island really enhance the composition.

#2 ain't half bad either!

Good to see you back on here. I can sympathise with 'ailing parent syndrome'

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Cheers Tim

I was due to be in the North east with three mates doing a weekend of coastal stuff but had to cancel again due to the old lad collapsing. Full time care home is beckoning which is probably going to be for the best.


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Every shot very pleasing.
Best wishes,


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