A canalside walk


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I went for a walk today along the canal, which provided both classic, tranquil scenes and even a bit of drama.
The view through bridge 87 could not be more traditional

There were plenty of inhabited narrow boats on their winter moorings. I didn't envy their residents - it was just about 1 degreeC

Heavy rain the night before had raised the water levels and it was tumbling over the overflows on the locks, giving a
choice of relatively serene views -

or dramatic ones.

As waterfalls go, it was really quite pedestrian!

Perishing cold but a most enjoyable morning.
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Liking the waterfall pics.

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Amazing set, David! I like all the waterfall pics, especially No. 3 & 6! It will be great to see some more pics of this place! Nice place to visit every morning!


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Super set David... some lovely inventive shots... 3, 4 and 5 in particular for me... 5 could almost be looking up at trees in a forest...




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excellent set David, i wish our canal was as interesting. re your comment on the boats in winter, having been offered a look over one i found it equiped very well with wood burning stove , full size washing machine and all the other essentials needed, the couple who owned it were going to install solar panels on it next. they had been through their first Winter and and said it was as warm as toast, as the saying goes. this was a small boat at 42ft so everything had to have a place and be in it, no room for clutter so would not suit me.
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Nice set...
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Lovely set of pictures, along with others I think I would pick out No.3 as my standout image
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No three is a very fine semi-abstract!
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Lovely set David. No 3 - fantastic POV! Love no 5 as well!


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What hast been said already,
Although for me no 4 is my stand out pick.
Followed closely by 5.
Great shooting.
I know what i like, If not always why.


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Excellent set of images, but number 3 is outstanding, great creativity and expertise on show in this one.

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Looking at the final image, I noticed that the brick copings were about 2feet lower than the lip of the overflow so I got down flat on my front and found that the lens was looking straight across the water surface. I didn't realise how blue it was until after the event. Thank you all for your kind comments. I'm pleased that you enjoyed them.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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All are beautiful shots. The effects you have applied to the pictures are amazing. The Waterfall pics 3, 4, 5 are just amazing. Can you share some more pictures?
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These are gorgeous. There's something so peaceful and relaxing about canals and you've captured that here. The waterfalls are different but so beautifully photographed.
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Oh yes, I'm with the waterfall images too, David. And #5 in particular - gorgeous and intriguing.
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