650-1300 lens info please


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Hi again all, Just wondered if anybody has had any experience with the cheap mega zoom lenses on ebay,e,g falcon,samyang 650-1300. Im assuming they are of poor quality with poor optics. Your opinions please.


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I've not had any first hand experience of these lenses but the old adage "you get what you pay for" springs to mind.

having said that your not going to get 1300mm other than by spending an awful lot of money, do you really need such a long focal length?
Let us know what your thinking of doing with it and we may be able to offer alternatives.

EDIT, sorry I should also have said I expect the lenses would suffer from softness and fringing etc.
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No plans for it, just curious. I just thought if they were fairly good at that price and that range I could have found a use for it.


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Someone asked a similar question a while back - when I searched the tinterweb for pics from this lens they were really not good - so much so I suggested that the prospective purchaser at the time would be better off rolling up his money and poking himself in the eyes with it rather than buying the lens.

I'll be honest I am not usually a negative person in terms of comments but from what I remember the pics produced by this lens were awful but I may have been wrong - I am good at being wrong - It could also be that the persons taking the pics were not up to scratch, it could be a bad copy etc etc.

Proceed with caution would be my advice if you do consider buying one.
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I think these lenses may just be pushing the technology beyond its limitations.

I hear some of the old 500mm "drainpipe" lenses aren't bad? Not stellar but you won't find much else for the money at the same focal length and the results are pretty decent. Usually they have a preset aperture and no coupling to the camera, the mount is generally a T2 interchangeable one so you can fit them to most cameras.

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