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Trains are outside my photographic comfort zone, but being in Llangollen with a ticket in one hand and camera in the other ... it would have been rude not to have pressed the shutter button a few times. 6430 is hardly one of the big, fast, belching, romantic locos that people drool over. However, it (she? he?) was doing tourist duty that day so here are some pictures for lovers of coal, steam, evocative smells and train doors that you have to open and slam shut yourself. All with K3 + 16-85mm.

Comments welcome as usual.

1. Switching tracks

2. Reversing to the coaches

3. Coupled up

4. Shifting coal

5. Carrog station - lunchtime for the crew

6. Coupling up for the return journey

7. Be careful where you put your bag



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Like the last image. Well spotted. 😁


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Great images.. Not much of a train fan myself but can appreciate the images...
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Last but one for me with his facial expression
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Lovely series and storytelling. The last two work best for me.


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Thanks folks.

The close encounter with a steam train has definitely given me tremendous respect for those forum members who produce superb shots of trains and the people who work with them.

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