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Hi All,

For some time I've been thinking about a suitable APS-C prime lens that provides a similar field of view to my M40/2.8 pancake did on film. The obvious choice is 28mm, not least as this matches the diagonal of the frame.

I have an M28/2.8, which is fine although a tad slow for a 'standard' lens (and an 'A' or AF one would be more convenient). I've heard the M28/3.5 is better, but I'm looking for something around f/2 is possible, was there one?

The FA31/1.8 Ltd. is interesting but well outside my budget.

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Having had a look at Sigma (something I overlooked), they seem to have several options:

24/1.8 EX DG Macro
28/1.8 EX DG Macro
30/1.4 EX DC HSM

Has anybody compared the 28/1.8 & 30/1.4 (I don't need macro and the 30/1.4 looks interesting).

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There are various Vivitar 28/2s, but from what I see, they aren't at their best at f2 so the advantage is lost IMHO.

The sigma 30/1.4 or 28/1.8 may be worth a look. I prefer my DA35 but it's a bit long for what you're after.


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It looks like the Sigma 'DG' tag suggests these lenses cover the full frame, can anybody confirm this applies the Pentax mounts?
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No the 30mm vignettes on FF (interesting effect though!)


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Pentaxophile wrote:
No the 30mm vignettes on FF (interesting effect though!)

The 30mm is a DC lens (crop)


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Oh yeah!

I'm fairly sure the other 2 are full frame, so maybe DG does denote FF.

Nice personal impression of the 28mm here. http://www.techtheman.com/2009/10/sigma-28mm-f18-ii-in-mid-autumn.html?m=1


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The 24mm is not a macro (1:2.7 magnification) nor is the 28mm (1:2.9 magnification) so you can safely ignore the 'macro' marketing print

I'm sure that you can find plenty of reviews on the web for any of those lenses
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I have a 30/1.4 and love it. highly recommended.
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