20% discount on lenses


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At WEX Photo, use code PENLEN20 on checkout.

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I would check the prices carefully vs SRS. I looked at the 200mm f/2.8, which was 623.20 after the discount, but only 599 on the SRS website.
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SRS are doing 25% off the 300mm F4

Why do people keep posting deals that are actually rip-offs

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Probably the reason why some people pay more for used ones on eBay than they could get brand new with a full warranty.

I've noticed Microglobe are quoting some unbeatable prices such as the Pentax 35mm F2 AF Lens for 233, elsewhere they are double that. Don't bother if you want one of these bargains though, they're out of stock! I suppose anyone can offer bargain prices if they haven't got the items to sell!
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When I posted that 300mm f4 lowest price on camera price buster was in wex. Now it's SRS. Maybe they put the promo in just after wex? Coincidence that both have this discounts running till 16/10?
100mm macro is still lower at wex, but yeah, let's call it a rip off deal.
70-200 is 300 lower as well.
Only SRS deals are allowed in this forum?
Pentax K-3 II, DA 50/1.8, Sigma 18-35/1.8, DA* 300/4, 1.4x HD DA Converter
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gfurm wrote:

Only SRS deals are allowed in this forum?

Errrr? No! Amazon sometimes have some unmissable deals and they get mentioned. eg The DA35mm, the DA55-300 at almost give away prices compared to SRS at the time.
Just be aware that a deal isn't a deal if it is cheaper somewhere else. But not withstanding that, some dealers offer better service when things go wrong and some value that more. Generally though the Consumer Rights Act should help if something does go wrong from whichever dealer it was purchased from.

Edit: It seems the site actually prefers Amazon has it has automatically linked my reference to their UK site without me asking it to do that. Make of that what you will as it doesn't do that with SRS.
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Whatever is a good offer is allowed, but it is worth checking around as it can be of advantage.

I buy from SRS as much as I can because of the exemplary service. I also buy from other sources from time to time.
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