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I have been finding it hard to nail focus with the Ashai Pentax 135 2.5, so I started to use the Sigma 70-200 APO 2.8 instead. Having reviewed images from this lens on the forums, I did a bit of research re how to focus/meter a manual lens on a K5, and it made sense of the process.

Here are some of my early attempts at applying what I found out.






Let me know what you think.



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Shots 1 and 2 are pretty sensational! You can't beat a fast tele. So, is it an MF lens, this Sigma? How has using it helped your technique with the 135mm?


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Hi chap, and many thanks for the comment. I was unable to edit my initial post, as re reading it, it is ambiguous as to which lens was used here. These are with the 135mm.
Re the sigma, it is the first edition non dg, but AF. I started using it as the AF is pretty reliable and as my eyesight was letting me down with the 135mm, it gave me a much higher "in focus" count.
Then there is a big but!...the old 135 feels so good on the K5, gives lovely sooc photographs, much lighter and discreet compared to the sigma, so I looked for help on its use.
I had initially been using it on Av wide open [ I think you had suggested this on someones post], this works well, but wanted to have more control over aperture and metering. Found out that by setting K5 to M, then set aperture to say 5.6, press green button, hey presto, stop down metering.

The other info. found on some links, was how to make focussing easier with a manual lens. Set camera to M focus, rotate barrel and green hexagon lights up . This happens over a different margin for each lens, so testing in and out of focus is required, so as to establish when it is most accurate i.e from infinity to close and vsvs. Once you know , then you can focus quickly and more accurately.
Hope that makes sense.
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Yep the green button metering works a treat. But I reach for my 70-210 zoom if I am going to be shooting at smaller apertures. One lens I'd love to own is the Pentax F 135mm AF lens. I wish it was easier to find.


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The first one is excellent, I like the second one too.

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