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Hi all
I know their not Pentax, but I like playing with old folders and I wondered if any of you out there could recomend a reasonable processing house for 120 films in the uk, obviously not to pro. standards as most of my films are just to try the old cameras out.
Thanks Mick


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Try your local Snappy Snaps - not all branches deal with 120 film in-house but I'm sure they can redirect it to a branch that does. I use my local for 35mm D&P and have been very impressed with price and quality.
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you gotta post em off, but id say they were a good price
havent used them yet myself, but have heard great things, and will do when i need 120 film developing
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Steve Chasey

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Take a look at


Good range of options for films and print variations. Same day turn around for D&P.

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This is a good lab link
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Thanks all I'll give some of these a try


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Steve Chasey wrote:
Take a look at


Good range of options for films and print variations. Same day turn around for D&P.


I'll second the Darkroom. Excellent service.
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Peter Elgar

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mxds: I do B/W processing cheap for members of my Camera Club if you want to try old folding cameras.Send me 120 films and some neg bags how you want them cut with a cheque for £1-00 per film - let me know if they are outdated films as they would need a bit extra development ( I use all outdated films) PM me if you want and I can send you my contact address etc . ... Peter
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I'd recommend Peak Imaging.....I always use them for film and my 120's are flawless - I assue you are talking slide film?
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