1/4 - 3/8 Tripod mounts


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I know tripod manufactures often give the max load their equipment will take. Is there a max load that can be put onto the 1/4 inch thread in the camera base and hence on the base itself?
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The 1/4" thread will hold a large weight, possible 10s of kilos BUT the fixing of the threaded insert will be the weak point.

Also remember about "moments". Hold the camera with a heavy tripod hanging directly below and it will be fine, But tilt it over by 30 degrees and you could easily wreck the fixing of the threaded insert. The flat mounting plate helps to spread the load but at a certain point it would fail.
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At a certain point you will rip the base of your camera apart. Likewise the lens mount.

To give an extreme example, you wouldn't hold a 1000mm f8 lens by the camera, the leverage would remove the front of the camera. You'd hold it by the lens.

If it feels worryingly heavy, it's too heavy.
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And never carry the tripod over your shoulder with the the camera still mounted,it might not be there when you next stop and set up.

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