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Weekly competition 566 After Dark Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 20/05/2018
Judge: davidtrout

Twilight. night time, city streets and buildings in artificial light, dark and dingy indoors , moody interiors: I'll be flexible on the various interpretations to encourage plenty of interesting submissions.
The usual rules apply, pictures from Pentax cameras or closley related clones, closing date next Sunday midnight British Summer Time, The winner is expected to set the following week's subject, comment all the entries and pick the next winner. Best of luck
Competition Entries


Link Posted 21/05/2018 - 00:54
After Dark
This was a tough one to judge not because there were many photos but because of the even quality of the submissions. Let me start by thanking those who entered and say how much I've enjoyed looking at all of the pictures.
In selecting my top awards I was aware of the fact that the two that struck me most were similar subjects and were so closely matched that if one was given first place then the other had to be second. That choice is of course just my opinion and another judge on another day may well have selected quite different winners.

Dark is the Night by Perspicador[/u]
This is a really good start to the competition; a portrait oozing mood and atmosphere. I love the subdued warm colour and the fact that the model has a catch light in one eye while the other is mysteriously in shadow. The image is not critically sharp but for me this actually helps with the overall appeal.

Midnight at Marley Hill by Tyronet 2000[/i]
I've been to the Tanfield Railway many times but never after dark so this was a new experience for me. The foggy glow of escaping steam, the silhouette of the railwayman and the loco buffer along with other mysterious shapes in the dark make this photo very special.

In Memory by NigelK
A poignant message emphasised by strong lighting and vibrant colour. The back lit figure outlined by dramatic rim lighting and the colour of the flowers are stand out features.

Bolte Bridge by I-Berg
In contrast to some low key lighting in many of the entries this night time shot of an attractive piece of bridge architecture is well lit overall. The 3-sec exposure has smoothed but not totally obliterated the ripples in the water which I find very attractive..

Night garden by JAK[/u]
The ring flash has worked wonders in lighting this attractive image. The plants are beautifully lit with no burned out highlights while the black background retains just a hint of non obtrusive detail.

United Utilities in action by John Riley
John has expertly captured the action in this piece of photo journalism which perfectly tells the story. I particularly like seeing the lit bedroom window in he dark background where someone is having a peek at the action before retiring to bed.

Night working by Lancashire Lad[/u]
Another steam train night time shot with wonderful back lighting to create interesting silhouettes. The figure working the water crane is a nice touch and detail in the dark areas is exquisite. This scan from a negative is really good.

Blue light reflections at night by Noelcmn
A beautiful abstract with gorgeous use of colour. Bonus marks to Noel for his powers of observation. I always maintain that photographers shouldn't just photograph what is there but what they see. Noel certainly has.

Gateway by POliver
I love this stand out eye grabbing shot with its traffic light streaks and star burst floodlights. A good long exposure from the use of a small aperture is sufficient to capture the hint of human presence in the shadow area.

Moonrise by J L Ginrich
JLG hints at romance in this attractive night time shot. No doubt warm temperatures in Florida add to the appeal. In the UK thoughts often turn to warm coats or cardigans even in summer after the sun goes down. I like the arrangement with the reed supporting the foreground and the branches of a tree filling sky space top right. Its quite a grainy shot even for 1600 ISO so I wonder if this is a big blow up.
1, Tyronet 2000
2, Lancashire Lad
3, POliver[/u]
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Link Posted 21/05/2018 - 02:45
Congrats to the winner - cracker of a shot. And to the placegetters also. Thank you for the comp David - you've attracted a quality field.


Link Posted 21/05/2018 - 06:57
Thank you for the !st Place David, certainly not an easy competition to judge. Well Done to the other placed images and everyone who entered.



Link Posted 21/05/2018 - 12:44
Some really great images there. Well done Stan and the runners up. Thanks to David for the comp and prompt considered judging.
John K


Link Posted 21/05/2018 - 13:33
Excellent Challenge, excellent winning image, indeed very special. Congrats Stan, such atmosphere to that image! And extended to Lancashire Lad and Poliver. Thanks due to David, for the challenge, and as usual, comments and critiques very much appreciated.


Link Posted 27/05/2018 - 18:59
second time a winner with this one. Well done.
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