Weekly competition #90 - Heavy Competition

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Closing Date: 29/03/2009
Judge: flat4

Don't feel limited. Anything that's heavy; Atmosphere, structures, mood, machines,... whatever crosses your mind. Enjoy!
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Link Posted 30/03/2009 - 07:59
So, this week's competition has ended. I am very pleased with the pictures, that have entered the competition. You all sure didn't make my judging decision easy. Way to go! So, I'll cut to the chase...

Bill_And: Humber bridge
A great opening photo. Love the silhuette and contrast, but I miss some details; the composition doesn't really work for me, but overall a good photo.

Johnriley: The Embrace
That thing is really »heavy«; Heavy to figure out what it is. Good texture and colours. Tight composition gives it that extra feel of heaviness, and that sphere thing arround it gives it that surreal feeling. Would like to see this thing in person. Nice job!

Dr. Mihuni: Heavy weather
I like this photo very much. Nice composition, remarkable colours. What I like on this photo the most is the contrast between the little house on the edge, and the colossal cloud that is about to tear apart. This is the kind of heavy atmosphere I like in nature. Very nice!

Tony-O: Heavy Lifter
I am very fond of B&W photography and these big construction machines. Like the details. However I find the composition a bit crowded. No space for the motives to come to life. Nevertheless, good photo.

Aiki: Threatening Icebergs
This one is great. Force of nature, against the opposite footprint of mankind. Nice tones, great gentle colours. I am highly drawn to the coposition. Massive, heavy sheets of ice, and a fraction of civilisation. Beautiful shot Aiki!

Prieni: Collision Course
At first glance of the thumbnail, I remember thinking: What could possibly that be? Amazing detail, tone and colours, shadows and yes, the composition. These tanker ships are amazing to me. I really enjoy watching at the docks, but this perspective gives me that heavy feeling im my chest. Frightening. Really good work!

Malo1961: One roll of lead and some other heavy used stuff.
Malo, this one is outstanding. Contrast, washed-out colours, plenty of detail, rich textures on gloves and on the wall. The simplicity of composition. It really works for me. The objects on the photo are probably the least heavy ones among all the photos, but it's what they represent. Hard, heavy labour,sweat, dust... Excellent work!

Josh: Very heavy
I love animals. When I visit our local ZOO here in Ljubljana - Sloveina, I probably stare in elephants most of the visit. Elephants are really amazing creatures. This photo is good in detail and colour, but the composition doesn't really work for me. Otherwise, good one!

Hyram: Heavy Duty Ship's Fender
As I opened this photo, I thought it was made with selective toning. Good diagonal composition, which makes it very attractive, nice contrast between rich red and dull grey.Nice.

Beakynet: Heavy Metal!
This music is so heavy, it broke all the strings! Nice colour detail and great composition. It is a beautiful photo. Nicely done!

JeanClaudePhilippe: Lorry & Ferry
As I was viewing the thumb, I thought at myself: Where did they park this locomotive!? As I opened the image, a saw what it really was. A heavy truck boarding on a massive ferry. It must had been frustrating waiting behind this truck to board on the ferry! Good work.

Davidtrout: Heavy Haulage
Great composition! B&W really works good here. These wheels sure have a heavy task to complete. I hope you didn't come too close to the rails though! Very nice!

RR: Looming over
A nice diagonal with rich textures and good contrast. I can almost feel the weight of the viaduct. This thing sure is heavy. Good work.

Lenscape: Space Invader
Someone must have parked at the wrong spot. This one is really tragicomic. Tragic to the owner of the car, but really gave me a laugh. A good photo, almost unbeliveable story.

Father Ted: Heavy Weather Brewing
These heavy atmospheres are one of my favourite subjects. Simple, powerfull composition with good contrast and dark tone colours. Those boats just waiting to get soaked. Fabulous!

GaryJohn: Heavy Impact
That really had to be something heavy, indeed! However, I find this photo a bit poor in technical ways. WB is a bit off for me, and a different angle of view could maybe do better in showing the damage to the fence. Don't get me wrong, definately not bad!

Galoot: Heavy Horse
This one really gave me a laugh. Where do they have this horse wash? The photo is brilliant! Nothing much to ad actually, except

Womble: Heavy weight
Good detail , contrast and colour in this photo. But as a shot put thrower, I wouldn't say this is heavy weight though.

GlynM: Heavy Going
Hmm, winter wonderland. I'm sure it's heavy for the Peugeot but the one in Land Rover must enjoy it. Nice winter photo with a tone of warm colours. Good job.

After viewing all your work, it's very tough for me to select the winner. I find all photos very appealing to my eye, but a few really stand out. So, here it goes:

The winner: Malo1961: One rool of lead and some heavy used stuff.
Second place: Prieni: Collision course
Third place: Aiki: threatening icebergs

4th place: Dr. Mihuni: Heavy weather
5th place: Galoot: Heavy horse

Congratulations to Malo1961. The podium is yours

Regards, Luka
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Father Ted

Link Posted 30/03/2009 - 08:51
Congratualtions Martin. Another one to judge!!

Thanks to Luka for the quick and throrough judging, ( and for your nice comments)!
Getting there! Thanks to you guys

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Link Posted 30/03/2009 - 13:23
Well done Luka, you did a good job judging the pictures. I think you picked the cleverist picture in the competition, Martin's, as winner and Ralf's most dramatic image entry as second. I also enjoyed Aiki's stunning winter scene which you made third. It reminds us in the UK what Northern European winters are really like.
Congratulations to Martin yet again and I look forward to the next subject.
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Link Posted 30/03/2009 - 14:11
Very strange - I posted first thing this morning and my post has disappeared

So here goes again - congratulations to Martin who is definitely 'on a roll' in 2009

Many thanks to flat4 for setting and judging the competition.

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Dr. Mhuni

Link Posted 30/03/2009 - 14:28
Many thanks for the judging Luka and for my 4th. Congrats to Martin and the others. Some nice pics this round.



Link Posted 30/03/2009 - 15:10
Nice set of images. Well done to our Esteemed Judge and it looks like Martin in the man! Well done Martin!
Best regards, John
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Link Posted 30/03/2009 - 18:14
OMG Not again !
It is going to sound like a cliché, but this comes as a surprise.

I knew I had a good one (which, I personally liked a lot) but when I saw Prieni's and Aiki's entries I would have been more than happy with a third place. So thanks for this honour.

As the judge pointed out, it wasn't the heaviest subject that I picked, but the mood and atmosphere were the key elements in creating this picture. I'll guess it worked out rather well.

I will now contemplate for a moment and think of a new inspiring subject for this week. I will post it asap.

Best regards,


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Link Posted 31/03/2009 - 20:37
Thanks for the honoured 3rd
Didnt expect that. So many good photos there are....and more in theme.

Congratulations to Malo ! Perfect!

Besides Malo and Prieni I would mention also:
Davidtrout - sth that I have to learn long - never suceeded in such: movement and details etc...
Mhuni - great colours and contrasts
Johnriely's is really HEAVY. No other word comes. The other photos may be named otherways as well

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