Weekly Competition #82: Bicycles Competition

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Closing Date: 01/02/2009
Judge: Malo1961

I want to see some bicycles. New, old, derelict, abandoned, vandalised, in action or static. A lot is possible I think.rnSurprise me with your most original bicycle shot.rnCompetition closes as usual at: Sunday 01-febr.-2009. 00:00 UK time.rnrnGood luck.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 02/02/2009 - 05:01
brindlerainbow: Hanging Bicycle:
This scene has so much potential. But composition wise it fails. It's like you tried very hard to get the whole bike in frame,
but in the process lost sight of the tilting door and pergola. You could have gone for the close up approach or ask your partner
to participate, by doing something to the bike. Now it's nothing more as a snapshot.

beakynet: Whoosh:
I know from experience how hard it is to get a perfect panning shot. Ideally the boys face should be sharp, but sadly it isn't.
Composition wise the tires should not be chopped. The blur in the background, wheels and feet is excellent.
Though quite good for the family album, it misses that little bit extra to make it to the podium. Close....but no cigar.

Daniel Bridge: Off road biking:
This is a humorous scene. But overall I think it lacks contrast and impact. The bike is to far away to grab my attention and the sky looks a bit washed out. Also I would like to see a path or track in the foreground, to place the bike in context.

pentaxboyo: Butcher's Bike:
A great capture of a lovely subject. I love this kind of scenes. You must have had a elevated standpoint, which is good.
Ideally you had to be a few inches higher, to make the bike free from the wooden panes between the windows. The pastel blue tint on the wall is adding to the picture, but you could/should have cropped the lower door/window posts off. They add nothing to the picture. Good effort.

Tony-O: Front Row Seat:
Here is a very pleasing picture. That guy is really relaxing, and obviously having a good time watching this Rifle's Club?
Obviously it is part of a tradition, and everything seen here falls right into place.I am not sure if the sepia treatment is
absolutely necessary,but it sure gives a nostalgic feel over it. Well done!

Hefty1: Tour of Britain:
A great subject that absolutely fit's this weeks theme. but some how I think you didn't achieve the best viewpoint here.
The other photog in the picture had a better spot, I'll guess. I would have loved, to see the facial expressions of the cyclists.
Or as a suggestion, a blur of multi coloured cyclists taken at a 90 degree point of view, taken with a slow shutter speed.
That would have resulted in a much more dynamic shot. To bad.......

Bill_And: muddy track:
This could have been a wonderful picture, but that would have take some huge effort of the photographer.
The main subject doesn't benefit from this birds eyes view. It kind of get's lost against the muddy background.
To make this a great picture you need to go down, low and muddy yourself. Sacrifice, sacrifice...............
But.....I know,It wasn't my choice to make.

Davidtrout: Cycling lesson:
This is a great picture. Composition wise all the key elements are in place. Beautiful light hitting the background building,
the two teachers haver control over the situation, and the one youngster on the far right, escaping......
For the nitpicking part.......try to clone out that ugly shadow on the lower right half, and do some perspective adjustment
so the building isn't falling backwards, so much. I' ve tried it, and it can be done without sacrificing vital parts
of the teacher Otherwise......great picture.

John Riley: Homeward Bound:
This is another wonderful picture. Great silhouette of two people having a bike ride, against a beautiful evening sky.
There is enough bike visible to fit the theme, pin sharp and great colours. This picture just works. Well done.

Coriander: Bike resting place:
I suppose this was a scan from an old photo print or negative? There is a big portion of blown highlights here.
I don't know if you have done a lot of post processing here, or if this is the straight scan. Yes, it has bikes in it, but to be honest........it doesn't work for me. Sorry.

Keith Grant: Waiting for the scholar:
This is a good picture of a very nice scene. Could be from a film set, or something. It gives a feeling of peaceful quietness,
still found in these sort of areas. Composition wise I like it, and as a monochrome it sure works.
I don't think, colour has anything to add here. I just wish, there had been a bit more contrast in this picture.
IMO a careful bit of dodging/burning (not to much) would lift this picture, to an even higher level. well done.

Peter Mac: The grass is always.....:
This picture is 7 yards away from great! If the biker was that amount further to the left, his head would have been clear from that bright white strip in the background, and also placed him on one third of the picture, instead of in the centre.
You controlled the highlights very well, compliments for that. I wonder how this one works in mono. Lifting contrast a bit
and burning in some shadow areas.

GilesBysh: me on my bike:
The timing in this picture is spot on. But as a action acrobatic bike shot, it has to compete to all those beautiful shots
in the various magazines, where there is always a evening sky, and some freeze frame fill in flash to give enough detail.
Here the light isn't doing the picture any favour, and those electricity wires aren't helping also. Sorry.

Josh: Keeping A Lid On It:
I love the intense blue colour of the helmet, and the original approach on the subject. Light, reflections......all handled very well.
But......I honestly think you have used the wrong lens here. Instead of the short tele, you could have used a wide angle, get in really close on the helmet with just enough wheel to link it to this weeks theme. That would have given this picture so much more impact. Now...regrettably I feel the bike, with the chopped off parts is a bit lost against the helmet.

taluca:bicycles wall:
This is a funny view. I wonder why they are all hanging there. Was it, because of a big event was about to happen there?
Composition wise I think, it needs some work. Maybe the used focal length wasn't the right choice here. Have you considered a close up approach, by using a tele from the other side of the street. Closing in on one of the bicycles and thereby isolating the subject? Now I think there is to much information, and because of that the colourful bikes are a bit lost.

Yve: Waiting to rust?
This is a great scene. With a fantastic subject to explore. Soft subdued colours and the brown rusty metal do add to the scene. I am not sure about the small trees on the left. Wasn't it possible to get the whole bike in frame, stepping a bit to the right, using the horizontal format? I really would have liked the whole bike in view. But maybe it just wasn't possible.
Well spotted and well done!

EricP: a bike:
Another well spotted scene. Do they really park their bicycles that way in Italy?? Don't try that in the Netherlands !
unless ...off course you want to get rid of it, fast! I love the mood and composition of this picture.
The only minor thing I regret, is the lack of detail on the bike itself. Wouldn't it be better if you tried some minor fill in flash,
so in that way the bike would be lifted a bit? Still.......a great capture. well done.

Ben76: Commuters' bicycles:
This one has a lot of potential. I like the contrasty colours of the two bikes, and the incidental repeated colour on the doors of the train, passing by. The train has the exact amount of blur needed for this shot. But.......To make this a podium candidate you should have gone for a lower viewpoint, to get the bikes completely in frame, and the focus on the bikes is a bit off. And that's a shame.

Galoot: Red Bike on Madison Av:
You do like your wide angles, don't you? And again.....makes very good use of it. I like this one a lot. Very good composition, great use of the extreme wide angle, and there is nothing in the scene, that shouldn't be there.
The contradicting text on the billboard, in conjunction with the massive chain/lock on the bike gives a nice touch.
Even the guy in the picture seems to look at it, in wonder. Overall....A great entrie.

chelseablue: all but the kitchen sink!:
If you want to spot bicycles, you sure find them in China. There is a lot of potential in this shot. But I am not sure this angle is the best one.I would have liked to see the mans face. Looking at all the wheels, I presume everything was standing stil,
at that moment. Looking at the exif you used the wide angle mode on the Optio. You could have zoomed in, to emphasize the massive load this man had to handle in the chaotic traffic. Now a great subject gets a bit lost against the chaotic background.

Dr.Mhuni: Chinese pedal:
The first detailed shot of a bike, I am pleased to see. There are so many interesting forms, and details to explore on a bike. As a study in close up I like it. You have picked an interesting point of focus, and it works for me.
Two minor things to nitpick. The bright spot on the red metal frame. And the fact the right side of the pedal should be free
from the edge. Other than that, well done.

HowardJ: Bicycles:
Looking at this picture, I wonder what you are trying to show us here. Is it the repeating pattern of all the bikes? Or the small green one that looks out of place? Or is it perhaps the change of bike techniques through the years. I can't say.......
There was a famous Photog once......Cappa I think, who said: If you don't like the picture you took, you weren't close enough. This should be a first shot in a row, and every shot taken afterwards would be better, by going in close, find interesting details and explore, inch by inch. The nearest black bike , to name an example. Just look at the leather saddle
with the bright red reflector, beneath it. Imagine that as a close up.

bforbes: Do not forget the wheel:
You have a good eye for spotting a everyday subject in a interesting position. There is a story to be unfold here.
But regrettably this picture isn't sharp enough. The high iso (iso 400) makes it a bit soft already, but lifting contrast and saturation can help out here. But this picture is not sharp. Is it motion blur, camera shake or......a combination of both.
I can't tell for sure. To bad, because composition wise, with the contrasting colours it could be a great one.

GlynM: Out & About:
The way technology develops it should be only a matter of months, those bikes have airco also, right? :>)
I like the viewpoint you have picked here. A good view on today's modern bicycles. Exposure and sharpness is spot on.
I like the OOF parts of the bridge. I do find the overall impression a bit " flat ", for my taste. I suppose it was a greyish morning,
this day. Good job.

Lenscape; Stunts:
Talk about Dynamic !! This one surely is. You had yourself placed in a safe spot, I hope?
Composition, exposure, sharpness. Everything is right here. I love the "FREE" sign in the lower right corner.
And in this context as a "judge:", I hate your copyright notice. It doesn't belong there, not in this particular scene.
But for once, I forgive you. :>) Excellent picture.

Hyram: Something Different:
Something different indeed. I like it. Though I am not a great fan of digital art, it has a kind of Pop Art / Andy Warhol "Feel "over it. I can imagine hanging this one poster wide on somebody's wall. It is sharp, colours are funky, and it has a nice composition. Well done.

PentaxKid37: The Need for Speed:
I can see, what you tried to achieve here. You picked a good spot, corners are always the place to be, with this kind of sports. but, sadly the focus is off. I see you used a pre-set creative program on your camera. And by doing that, you let the camera take over control. To emphasize the speed, you should have panned the shot. A relatively sharp subject against a blurred background would have made a more speedy impression.( take a look at Beakynet's entrie: Whoosh) The camera did what you told it to do. It's only, that the camera couldn't possibly know, what you wanted it to do. So, it gave you sharp background, with some blurred bikers.

Mikew: Tokyo bicycle:
I am a bit confused here, Mike. What are you trying to show here ? You went for the extreme wide, here. But to be honest, with the title in mind, I keep looking at the paper in the top right corner. Even without the title I keep ending there. Looking at the bike on its own, I see just a registration of a bike, accidentally parked there.
If you had picked up the bike , placed it between the graffiti and the poster, and took the shot from street level looking up joining the 3 elements together, than it would have said: Tokyo Bicycle ....... Sorry.

GivingTree: Bike:
Simple, sharp, graphic, mono. Less is better? I like the idea behind this one. Just concentrate on one main and important part of a bike. But some how I think you went in to close. A slightly wider approach, maybe back off 30 cm would bring a bit more spikes and front fork into play. And by doing that, just a bit more tension.
Good effort, and almost there.

JB: Lake District Sunset:
I'll guess this is the view any mountain biker dies for. Getting up there, and enjoy such a grand vista below. Composition wise I love the diagonal line in the foreground. Forming a nice V shape with the view in the back ground. PS shows me some under exposure, which gives the scene a lifeless impression. Sadly the two bikers were chopped off from the waist up. And that really kills the shot for me. Otherwise it would have been a great picture.

Rob: Commuting Bike:
A good detailed shot of a important part of a bike, that keeps things going. Raising the mid tones a bit would provide a bit more sparkle to the scene, in this otherwise good entrie.Well seen and well done.

And now the conclusion.
I think Extreme is the word, that keeps repeating itself in this round. Extreme is often linked to bicycle sports. And, as expected....there were some extreme good entries to. Which in their turn made my job extreme difficult. Also........for the first, and hopefully for the last time I had the difficult task of excluding 3 entries from the selection process because they weren't within the competition rules. Each image should be the work of the member submitting, and because it is a Pentax User Forum each image should be taken with Pentax Equipment. Sadly.......3 images didn't meet this rules, so therefore my decision.
And now the fun part.

Lenscape: First Place
Galoot: : Second Place
John Riley: Third Place

Hyram: Highly Commended

Tony-O: Commended
David Trout: Commended
Keith Grant: Commended.

Thanks to you all, for participating and the ball is now in your corner, Lenscape! Good luck next round.
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Dr. Mhuni

Link Posted 02/02/2009 - 05:08
Wow, Martin - such comprehensive and swift judging. Well done! And of course congrats to Lenscape, Galoot & John..



Link Posted 02/02/2009 - 06:52
Thanks for the thoughtful judging, good stuff to learn from

Great capture, Lenscape. Colorful and exciting.
"Just put your eye to the camera and push the button-thingy."
Flickr page:


Link Posted 02/02/2009 - 07:15
I too am impressed with quality of the judging and the comments - very well done.

Congratulations to lenscape for an excellent photograph.

As for Martin's comments to my own entry - he's quite right it is a muddled shot.



Link Posted 02/02/2009 - 08:05
Congratulations to lenscape - an excellent shot although I am not sure that I would have risked life and limb to take it

Thank you Martin for very comprehensive judging notes posted exceptionally speedily and also for my Highly Commended.

I do not have any archive bicycle shots, so I needed to take one for the competition. The weather was freezing, so I decided that a detail shot (taken indoors) was the way forward (fortunately the bike is new).

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Link Posted 02/02/2009 - 09:45
Congratulations to lenscape for a well deserved win and to all the other entrants for keeping the standards so high. And well done Martin for a difficult judging job.
Joining the Q


Link Posted 02/02/2009 - 10:16
Well done Lenscape. Great job on the judging Martin plenty there for everyone to get their teeth into.


Link Posted 02/02/2009 - 10:22
You've done it again Martin, up in the middle of the night to post the results. Thanks for doing such a swift and extremely efficient judgement and thanks for my commended.
Congratulations to Lenscape for a truly great action shot and to all the other contestants who gave us some memorable images.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


Link Posted 02/02/2009 - 11:11
Well done to Lenscape and the others mentioned in dispatches. I would have to go on a typing course to get so much judging done so quickly
Too Old To Die Young



Link Posted 02/02/2009 - 13:24
Fantastic, and what a quick and efficient judge!

Well done lenscape, time for you to issue the new challenge!
Best regards, John


Link Posted 02/02/2009 - 13:42
Remarkable! I didn't think I was in with a chance on this one.

Thanks for the comments.

Well done to the other entrants. Some excellent shots.

New topic coming shortly.
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Link Posted 03/02/2009 - 11:33
Thanks Martin, No.2 is GOOD !!!

Glad you saw in the picture what I saw !!!

I'm in Shetland this week, and have limited web access, so didn't know the results till today
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