Weekly Competition #308 - My home town Competition

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Closing Date: 09/06/2013
Judge: davidtrout

......or it could be home village or home city. Let us all share a broad view of what your home area looks and feels like. Landmarks, iconic buildings, famous streets - hopefully not just record shots but photos done artistically. Or you may try to include local characters or traditional local events. Whichever route you take try to create an original view of your town, one which captures the unique atmosphere of the area.
Usual rules apply:
Pentax or closely related clones only.
Deadline next Sunday midnight, British summer time.
You can trawl your archives as these entries don't need to be taken this week.

PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout
Competition Entries


Link Posted 10/06/2013 - 00:04
Pentax Weekly Comp 308 My Home Town
Thanks for the entries, I've enjoyed looking at them all. I had hoped a fairly broad ranging theme with the potential for a wide range of interpretation would have brought in more entries but after a slow start the competition did pick up a bit.
Some of the entries clearly illustrated the unique nature of home towns while others showed scenes that could have been taken anywhere. In selecting the award winners I've taken this into account along with other qualities I was seeking such as originality and photographic competence.

Turbine surprises by Hazeedays
It might not be a 'My Home Town' urban landscape but it's a good illustration of the surrounding countryside. It packs the message that this is what our landscapes are increasingly becoming, even in the beautiful Devon countryside. Because of the high contrast lighting I think you made the right decision to render this in mono, colour might not have been so effective. Flare from the sun has been controlled well but perhaps the heavy foreground needs a little more exposure.

Eric by Mudge
This couldn't be anywhere but Morecambe, it certainly depicts one of the town's best known features and most famous characters. I like the symmetrical placing with Eric and the star occupying centre stage. On my monitor the image seems a little light, perhaps a very slight reduction of exposure in Photoshop might give this more impact.

Within the warmth of home by John Riley
John gives us not just his home town but his street. The warm tones of the artificial street lighting have not been corrected thus underlining the comforting glow of life inside a suburban home on a winter's night. It's a familiar view for many of us and the effect created is a valid excuse for not venturing out on such a night.

Postcards from Newbiggin by the Sea Tyronet 2000
An original take on the subject by Stan, giving us a fine selection of typical views of this little Northumberland town just up the coast from Blyth. The selection is good covering architecture, an event and the fishing cobles, all with excellent lighting.

Colombo Fort by Dr Mhuni
Andrew has indeed been lurking at Colombo station for some time now - and he's got a portfolio of excellent images to prove it. Hopefully the railway in Geneva will prove equally rewarding. From a documentary point of view this image perfectly sums up the hustle and bustle of a busy station while photographically the image has a satisfying composition with the lines of the carriage roofs and the station awnings running in parallel diagonal lines.

Postcard from Cork by RobbieC
This seems a perfect angle from which to photograph the cathedral. The line up of the towers, with the dominant one piercing the cloud, is very well balanced. I've never been to Cork, but I'm sure this is a view to warm the hearts of any natives of Cork anywhere in the world. Some critics might say the overhead cables should be cloned out but my view is that only the person who took the photograph should make that decision. The cables are part of the view, that's what you see when you go there. I have a reservation about the low contrast of this image in that it seems a tad flat - as if it's been given some form of poster treatment.

Southsea Pier by TSP-K5
I like the colours in this view and the fact the night time lighting has been so well handled. Unlike in some seaside towns the pier here seems to be in excellent condition with plenty going on inside it, judging by the warm glow of the lights. The wedge of beach bottom left is an important part of the composition because it adds context to the scene.

Dronfield High Street by Paulb531
The converging angles of the buildings on either side of the street make for an interesting composition while the steepness of the road told me, before I looked at the title, this was in a hilly district as opposed to the Fens of Eastern England. Dronfield? Now isn't that near Sheffield on the edge of the Derbyshire Peak District? Pity the light was a bit flat when you took this because the local stone of the buildings has some beautiful colour waiting to be teased out. I reckon the shops must has just closed when you pressed the shutter because there's no one about in the street. A lone figure hurrying home would have been a bonus.

Nottingham Sneinton Market by Perspicador
This little corner of Nottingham may not be very familiar to non residents of the city but it seems a very attractive area to visit with its street water feature and pub selling traditional fish and chips. Pity the boy's feet have been cut off but if this is a grab shot rather than one you set up then well done for seeing the possibility. It might have been rewarding to hang around a bit longer the grab the best image. There is much lurking to be done when you tackle street photography.

Up the workers by nicesparky
Similar comments here to those I made on the previous picture. I believe genuine street photography should have a story line but I'm not clear what the narrative is here. The guys seem to be getting on well together but they don't seem to relate to the environment in any way. The Royal Mile is full of characters, interesting shop fronts and quirky historic alleyways. Perhaps lurking for longer might have produced the illusive killer image.

Sunny South Bank by Smudge
So familiar a skyline - and there are many iconic London scenes to chose from. The silhouetted view of the Houses of Parliament is very attractive and so is the line of lights on The Embankment. Also I like the Embankmenty things going on at ground level in the near foreground and the people crossing the footbridge. But the pier of the bridge occupying a large area on the right unbalances the composition in my opinion.

St Martins/Selfridges by Pentaxophile
There's no doubt in my mind where this is having been a few times myself and seen many photographs of this eye catching building. I like the juxtaposition between the Gothic architecture of the church and the modern styling of the Selfridges store. But above all I find the evening light (assuming its evening not morning) very attractive. Little details spring out at me - the beautiful dusk light in the sky and the red window blinds in the background building among them.

Emsworth Harbour by GaryJohn
The letter box format works well Gary. The lighting wasn't brilliant when you took this but the image has an attractive subtleness which I find restful on the eye. The framing is good with the town on the far bank and the curve of the harbour wall framing the right foreground.

Sheffield by AndrewA
This really stopped me in my tracks because of the original approach to the topic and because Andrew has set it up rather than having gone walkabout to grab scenes of his city. Sheffield steel, especially cutlery, was a world-wide hallmark of quality when Britain still had a vibrant steel industry. (Don't don't get me started on the decline of British heavy industry. My dad was a native of Sheffield and I was brought up in Consett and to see it all whittled away along with shipbuilding and coal mining saddens me).
Rant over and back to Andrew's picture; I'm not so familiar with Henderson's Relish but I assume it's akin to Lee and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce so it's part of Sheffield's heritage. And there in the background is Sheffield's own newspaper - The Telegraph. Well done on the conception of the idea and setting it up.

On the beach by Kosh
Despite the sunny day the beach has an overcast feel to it, I think the exposure needs lifting a little in Photoshop. The beach really is crowded and that is a problem; the image lacks a centre of interest for the eye to rest on. Lots of people and activity but no focal point.

Shopping centre Russia by ArsenAl
You've captured good even light across the street and shopping centre revealing lots of colourful detail although it tends to look a little washed out Arsen. It might have balanced more effectively if the sky hadn't been quite so dark. There is detail in the sky but it's almost hidden. A tweak in Photoshop might work wonders on it.

Zoo lake by Noel cmn
Your description makes this sound very attractive and your photo backs that up Noel. The colour in the trees is gorgeous and the fountain makes a wonderful centre piece. Would the image benefit from a sight lightening to reduce the density of the tones?

View from The Plump by Jim-W
Lovely part of the country the Forest of Dean. I like this view of the heavily wooded hills and valleys with cottage roofs peeping out among the trees, and the distant view across the Severn Valley to what are presumably the Cotswolds. Nice one.

The way the camera sees it by Drofmit
It's the way the camera sees it because you told it to do that Tim. The water colour effect seems quite appropriate to me in that the image has a French feel about it. Pastoral colours, sun kissed stone and an overall painterly appeal. Your photo makes me want to visit Le Grand Pressigny so you've done your job - sold me the appeal of your home.

Scarborough at dusk by JAK
This is an attractive picture captured at just the right time of day when the lights of the town are just beginning to come on but there is still ambient light around to reveal detail. Unlike the other entries which show favourite bits of home towns this illustrates a large chunk of Scarborough, its most famous view. The line of trees along the bottom of the frame make a good base under the town while the sea, horizon and sky make an appealing top to the photo.

Lifeboat Day in Blyth by Geordie01
Good action and vibrant colours are the best features of this super shot. Lifeboat day is an important event in the life of Blyth and it is summed up admirably in this image.

Bridge by dgk
This late entry from a just joined new member arrived minutes before the midnight deadline. Welcome to PUF Danae and congratulations for jumping in at the deep end with a competition picture. You don't say where this bridge is but that's not important for the competition. It's an attractive photo of a very striking modern bridge. The figure in the foreground enhances the composition and adds human interest. Nice sky too. Overall the picture looks a little flat and could do with just a slight increase in contrast.

Coffee on the beach by Petros205
This one squeezed in literally at the last second. I had already posted the result and comments when it nipped under the deadline flag.
I like the vibrant colour of the seats, the setting seems very appealing and the sky adds to the overall appeal.

1 AndrewA for Sheffield
2 Pentaxophile for St Martins/Selfridges
3 Tyronet2000 for Post cards from Newbiggin
HCs: Dr Mhuni, Drofmit
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Link Posted 10/06/2013 - 00:07
Wow that's a fast result David! And a very comprehensive analysis of the image. Well done!
Congratulations Andrew, and the other podium winners
Last Edited by mudge on 10/06/2013 - 00:10


Link Posted 10/06/2013 - 08:47
Mmmm, Henderson's relish... get in! Well done Andrew!


Link Posted 10/06/2013 - 09:18
Congrats all. Great write up David.
My Gallery
[url=http://pentaxphotogallery.com/Robbie Corrigan]ppg[/url]


Link Posted 10/06/2013 - 11:56
Thanks for the HC.

The internal "watercolour" filter of the K7 is not very controlable...
hence the title!
However... it gives a MUCH better watercolour effect to a whole photograph than does Pottyshop CS4...
you can't get the Pottyshop alogrythm to work coarsely enough.

As for le Grand Pressigny...
we now have a hotel re-opened after two years closure...
the village sports a world reknown Archeological museum...
has two bars and two restaurants...
a very "dangerous" bakery...
and is in a really wonderful walking and cycling area...

Now you should be really tempted!!!!
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"
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Link Posted 10/06/2013 - 15:56
Thanks to David for some serious and perceptive hard work.
“We must avoid however, snapping away, shooting quickly and without thought, overloading ourselves with unnecessary images that clutter our memory and diminish the clarity of the whole.” - Henri Cartier-Bresson -


Link Posted 10/06/2013 - 19:52
Wow Thank You for first place!

Great theme that David, and very well judged me thinks.

Hendersons is so much better than any other similar sauces, if you don't believe me try it....

"I'm here because the whiskey is free" - Tyla

PPG link
Flickr link


Link Posted 10/06/2013 - 21:03
Congrats to AndrewA and other podiums and HC's and thanks to David for the comp and judging.

May have to give Hendersons a try


Dr. Mhuni

Link Posted 11/06/2013 - 06:00
Thanks for (very) detailed judging David and the HC. Congrats to all those you singled out, especially AndrewA. Not come across Hendersons before.



Link Posted 11/06/2013 - 13:35
Well done Andrew - original concept. I might have been better doing Sheffield myself, a lot more going off than where I live now.

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