Weekly Competition # 70 - Transport Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 09/11/2008
Judge: davepalethorpe

A picture with "transport" as the main theme...what ever mode you like!
Competition Entries


Link Posted 10/11/2008 - 09:14
Right...now to get down to judging!

Rob - Nice pic. Seems a little under exposed, but I like the areas of red in the emergency buoy

Hedge - Good capture, with blurring of the back ground, but keeping the car nice and sharp.

Lenscape - What can i say...nice legs, nice bike! Looks good with the frame.

Coriander - Nice colours. I like the angle, which makes you wonder where she is off to on the bike. She is certainly well packed.

Mikew - Good idea keeping the background in focus, whilst blurring the bike. I don't quite think the background is interesting enough though.

Ganners - Its a bit blurry, and that effect just doesnt quite work for me!

Pulveriser12 - I like it. Nice angle, and a different capture from the stereotypical tube photo's. The open doors makes you wonder where everyone is (obviously quite different to when I normally catch the tube!). Good B&W conversion. Pity about the clock in the top right. Its a bit distracting.

Jacqui - Good picture, with the lines leading into the picture. I like the bales in the bottom half of the pic, but not in the top.

Josh - Nice snap, but there is no real focal point in the picture. Its a bit busy.

Dr. Mhuni - I like the angle of this one. Good capture.

Keen2Learn - Makes me dream too! I think you have cropped this one a little close to the bows, but I like the contrast between the yachts(??)and the tinny in the foreground.

Ikillrocknroll - Like the car, but find the shadows a little busy.

Pnjmcc - Good angle, with the tracks leading off in the distance. Would be nice with some people in the foreground/sitting on the seat.

Womble - I would be impressed if this was still transporting! Love to colours. Nice picture.

Hefty1 - Interesting..do they actually race those?

Sean McGibbon - Great picture. Is it an HDR, or have you just dodged the sky?? Don't think it could transport much anymore though!

Galoot - Nice picture, but the effect is slightly overdone for my tastes.

Nimitz - Nice car, and great capture. B&W really works and I like the angle.

Rapala - good park! Well spotted, and well captured.

Davidtrout - Another great picture. I like the steam off to the right, and the person deep in thought. I would be impressed if it still went at 100mph.

Johna - seems a little over saturated, and I think that the house in the background detracts a little from the truck. Nice picture though.

Prieni - Do I see a photoshop tweak in this pic?? Good exposure of the boat, but the exposure of the moon doesn't quite fit the scene. It looks a little yellow.

Terje-l - I like the interpretation and the title! Definitely does make you wonder where they are all off to.

Beakynet - Love this one. Great composure, and I like the blur on the rotors.

GivingTree - Nice pic, and I think B&W works well in this one.

Beebee - yes its definitely a bit wonky! The ship is a little hard to see in this one.

Pegasus105 - I like this one. Nice symmetry in the pic, and there is good contrast in the colours.

Kacsoisti - Well packed up for the trip. The added noise doesn't quite work for me.

Neilr - Good angle, and I like the reflection. You did well getting out of the photo.

Amoringello - Lovely shot. Its a type of transport I would love to take.

ThePup - Photo is a bit over exposed, but is taken from a nice angle with otherwise good composition.

Chelseablue - Only in China! I love the contrast in this picture. If only it will stay that way in the future.

Bob and his pentax - I agree its a difficult one to get an idea of scale in this pic....but I can imagine it looks BIG in person!

Taluca - Nice picture...and I always have a soft spot for a good B&W!

Richardc - He certainly is brave being on the Place Charles de Gaulle driving that! That place is crazy. Good capture, and you did a good job keeping him sharp.

Ericp - good contrast between the blue and the B&W. Nice shiny bike!

johnriley - Another type of transport I would like to take...definitely the slow method! Nice reflections in the water.

SPB - wow..nice car. Like the angle, but I think you have cropped it a little tight on the front end.

GlynM - Again another different type of transport. Its a pity you can take these across the channel anymore. I have heard that they are pretty noisy when you are on board though. Nice picture.

Belinda B - Huge cruise ship. Pity you couldn't have got something in the foreground of the picture.

Hyram - I like the mood of this picture. The big swell, and how the windsurfer is lost in it all...but you can still see the sail highlighted by sunshine.

Scottthehat - Nicely taken, with the boat in the middle of the pic and nothing else, it looks a little flat.

Gartmore - I love this picture. Its one you can look at for ages...the wall leads into the photo...the scooter is a perfect point of focus...and the person standing in the shadows off to the left adds intrigue. I really like it (and not just because I have nearly finished all the judging!!).

Puds52 - This photo could work, but seems a little underexposed. that method of transport certainly beats walking with a pram along the beach!

Right...now down to the business end of the judging

The winners:
1. Gartmore
2. Davidtrout
3. Pulveriser12
4. Hyram
5. Sean McGibbon

Also recommended: Beakynet


Link Posted 10/11/2008 - 09:42
davepalethorpe wrote:

Prieni - Do I see a photoshop tweak in this pic?? Good exposure of the boat, but the exposure of the moon doesn't quite fit the scene. It looks a little yellow.

Gartmore - I love this picture. Its one you can look at for ages...the wall leads into the photo...the scooter is a perfect point of focus...and the person standing in the shadows off to the left adds intrigue. I really like it (and not just because I have nearly finished all the judging!!).

Dave, great competition, and I can agree with your choice of winner.
I like your sense of humour "the person standing in the shadows"

As for my entry: Yes, there was a little PS tweak and the moon is from another exposure. It's sort of "poor man's" HDR. The moon has the right colour, though, a bit earlier it was a deep red.
The exposure doesn't fit the scene but I'm sure that you would have noticed a "shame about the blown out moon" or similar in the original.

Congratulations to gartmore, it is a brilliant shot that takes a little moment until you realize how good it is... Well done!
Dave, this was quite a bit of work for you. A "well done" for you as well!

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Link Posted 10/11/2008 - 10:00
Congratulations to gartmore and a big thank you to davepalethorpe for an onerous judging task well executed.

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Link Posted 10/11/2008 - 10:01
Two congratulations are due - to Dave the judge for his excellent choice of a winner and to Gartmore for his thought provoking winning shot. It wasn't a picture that immediately hit me between the eyes, it grew on me when I studied it closely. Thanks for my second place and I just want to say apart from the other awards the picture that left an impression on me was Dr Mhuni's UN transportation photo.
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Daniel Bridge

Link Posted 10/11/2008 - 10:04
Another tough one to judge, so well done Dave and of course, congratulations to Ken for the win!

Can't believe my favourite (Amoringello's Pup) didn't even make the top six though!

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Link Posted 10/11/2008 - 10:05
Excellent judging - a very hard round to judge for sure.

My winner shot as well - excellent spotted Gartmore!


Link Posted 10/11/2008 - 10:06
Oh no! The dreaded first place

Seriously, thanks for placing me at the top, I'd have put quite a few ahead of mine. Next week's comp will be set ASAP.

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Link Posted 10/11/2008 - 10:18
Congratulations Gartmore and well done Dave for judging a tricky competition - a very high standard of entries all round!
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Sean McGibbon

Link Posted 10/11/2008 - 10:23

No HDR just slight tweaking of exposure and grad filter to sky.
Great competition thans for the comments. Congrats to Gartmore



Link Posted 10/11/2008 - 11:46
Phew, what a pleasure it is not to win again! Excellent judging, well done. Taking part is all I want to do, that's why I keep putting in near misses.... I've got plenty of those.

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Link Posted 10/11/2008 - 17:17
Congrats to Gartmore and the others. Lots of entries to sort thru this week!

(I too picked Amoringello's balloons as one of my faves)
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