Weekly 805# - Water Competition

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Closing Date: 12/02/2023
Judge: garethjmorgan

I thought I would take the lead from Nigelk excellent theme of last week and go with WATER for this week. Whether it's still , flowing, frozen, fresh or salty I'm looking for images of water in all it's guises. Other rules apply as usual.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 13/02/2023 - 01:01
River Greta at Keswick by Perspicador. The apartments on the left look like a lovely place to live and the scene is well captured – leading lines with the buildings and the water mirrored by the path on the right take you into the image and the move from smooth to rougher water gives it a more dynamic feel.

THAMES BY NIGHT by TREVORBRADFORD. This a very strong capture of a London night scene – all the more impressive for being hand held! Can still see loads of detail e.g. can still read the sign on the station. The slightly slower shutter speed has given a nice feel to the water – can still see the movement/ texture but hasn’t gone that milky look that longer exposures sometimes create. Colours are strong and overall exposure is extremely well handled.

Water by Sue Riley. Lovely layers in this image from the smooth water on the beach trough the breakers to the deeper sea beyond. The dark struts of the pier and their reflection brings a strong structure to the picture and the human elements (two people on the pier and one down below) really lift the image. I’m not sure about the white vignette – but’s that’s just a matter of personal taste.

fizzy or Stirred by Tyronet2000. Very clever – a good idea well executed. Exposure is spot-on and there is good detail throughout. The contrast between the bubbles on the left and the blur on the right work really well. I love the shadow behind the stirred drink. Only minor quibble – I would have had the distance from each glass to the edge of the frame the same to enhance the symmetry.

Water drops on a Spiders' web by MHOL190246. Super image with the lines and circles of water on the web standing out against the dark background. Background is quite busy but the shallow depth of field really helps to make this a great pattern picture. Personally, I might have cropped in a bit tighter – lose the light bit at the top and the very dark line down the left hand side

Water drop by Snakey. Anyone who has tried this type of shot will know just how difficult they are to get right – this one is just about perfect. Timing was absolutely right with the water droplet having “bounced “ back to it’s peak. Exposure is spot-on, great colours and the ripples help to tell the story – what’s not to like?

Sea by Simonmac. A simple and highly effective seascape. Working (almost) to the rule of thirds there is a nice progression from front to back in this image. There is lots of detail and texture from the sand to the sea – with an interesting sky thrown in for good measure. Exposure is good – nothing is blown out and you can see good detail in the darker elements. As I said simple – but very pleasing

Mirrored water by Noelcmn. An interesting abstract – strong shapes and colours gives this image real punch. I like the way the droplets radiate out from the bottom and the repeated drops makes you wonder quite what is going on. The colour palette is strong but not garish. Another well-conceived and well executed idea.

Plenty of rain by retsoor. Our first waterfall (I had expected to see a few!). The river is clearly in spate given the force and colour of the water coming though. I like the perspective in this image and also it is good to see detail retained in the water – it gives a much greater feel for what is really going on. Good use of the foliage to frame the subject – even the very dark tree which could have been distracting in other settings but works well here as part of the overall frame of the image.

And so to the winners- a tough selection this week but first place goes to Snakey with the perfectly executed “Water Drop”. In second place is “Thames by Night” by TREVORBRADFORD with “fizzy or stirred” by Tyronet in third.


Link Posted 13/02/2023 - 01:12
Thanks so much for the fast and excellent appraisal, and congratulations to our winners!
Best regards, John


Link Posted 13/02/2023 - 09:03
Congratulations to the Winner and other places and thanks for the 3rd place n my effort.

Link Posted 13/02/2023 - 17:15
Thanks Gareth a fine competition and judging, must have been a difficult one. Congratulations to snakey, Trevor and Stan - great photos


Link Posted 16/02/2023 - 14:14
Many thanks for the 1st place Gareth. I must admit that I'd forgotten I had entered the competition, hence my late posting for the new Comp. I promise I'll treat the entrant to my comp with greater timeliness. Well done to all the other entrants and I'm still surprised with the win. Thanks.
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