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Weekly #875 - Public Green spaces Competition

Title Weekly #875 - Public Green spaces
Judge MHOL190246
Closing Date 07/07/2024
I am looking for images of public parks, gardens, village greens in fact any public green space. Images must be taken with Pentax equipment or clones and can be either archive material or taken this week. Good luck and looking forward to some great images

Winning Photograph

Competition Entries

Photographs uploaded to the Weekly #875 - Public Green spaces competition.

Posted 08/07/2024 - 07:26 Link
Comments, podium places etc will be posted later this morning, meanwhile over to you stevevistvds!
Posted 08/07/2024 - 13:49 Link
Some really interesting submissions and interpretations of the theme. The quality of the images has made judging extremely difficult, with each submission being first class. Hopefully my comments have not offended anyone and will be taken in the spirit in which they were intended. Anyway, here goes!!!

Winner: Stevidst – Sheffield Park, Sussex.

Second place goes to NigelK Naval Cemetery Shotley

Third place goes to Davvidwozhere Time to Relax

HC to Lubbyman White Green Space

NigelK : Naval Cemetery Shotley. A beautifully composed shot making full use of the wide field of view offered by the Samyang lens. The blue sky and white clouds contrast nicely with the overall scene which conveys a sense of peace. The headstones, monument and lych gate complement the overall colour

Flan: People’s Park, Limerick City. An extremely colourful image with an interesting vanishing point. The trees, hedging and grass add a range of different greens, The copper Beech and children’s play equipment add colour to the overall scene. Good depth of field and an interesting interpretation of the overall scene.

Lubbyman: White Green Space. What a lovely interpretation of the theme. The snow contrasts nicely with the leafless trees, roofs of the houses, and grey sky. I like the impression of children and adults having fun. Their colourful clothing adds to the overall image of people at play in a pretty unique location.

John Riley: Solitude. That is one big open space. Beautifully composed and giving a sense of the vastness of the area. The solitary figure adds to the overall picture and provides that little piece of human interest in what would otherwise be a big, open space. The sheep in the fields and the winding road, add to the rural idyll.

Davidwozhere: A time to relax. This just what parks and open spaces are for. The leaves on the tree in the foreground serves to frame the subject and draw the eye towards the people enjoying the peace and tranquillity.

Sue Riley: What a view! Another beautifully composed image again with the human presence adding value to the overall scene. Good depth of field and extremely well composed. The rocks in the foreground and the trees mid distance enhance the overall scene.

Stevistds: Shefield Park, Sussex. Now this is an interesting interpretation of the subject. The tranquil scene is enhanced by the reflections of the trees beginning to transition to autumn garb. The reflections range from the Pampas grass to the left of the image through to the trees, human presence and sky. The reeds in the foreground add to the scene in general.

Noelcmn: Tropical Walkway. An interesting interpretation of the topic. The trees and undergrowth are nicely framed by the walkway. The low shutter speed allows lower ISO thus providing a clear image of the leaves, on what was obviously a still day.
Posted 08/07/2024 - 16:22 Link
Well done Stevidst, a fantastic winning photograph and well done to the podiums.
Great concise comments from host MHOL also.
Posted 08/07/2024 - 23:09 Link
Excellent winning shot - beautifully crisp and clean - and nice to get a podium (thank you) where there is no work involved.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Posted 10/07/2024 - 17:48 Link
Heartily concur-excellent winning shot, the colors are stunning! Congrats Stevidst, worthy winner. Congrats extended to Davidwozhere and Lubbyman for their respective podium places. Thanks to our host MHOL190246 for the challenge and the judging and C&C's, as always much appreciated. Yes, at the time the shot was taken, it was still. But half an hour earlier, it was storms and loads of rain.

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