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Weekly #874 - Blur Competition

Title Weekly #874 - Blur
Judge Lubbyman
Closing Date 30/06/2024
This week's topic is blur. Any type of blur - out of focus, subject movement, background movement while panning, intentional camera movement, anything else you can think of. Even those shots from the early days of zoom lenses where you changed the focal length during the exposure (does anyone do that now??). Basically, any photo in which blur is part of the overall concept of the shot rather than an incidental. The more interesting and creative the use of blur, the better! The only blur that is not in scope is Blur the band - it's not my type of music .

The usual weekly rules apply. Photos can have been taken at any time but must have used a Pentax camera or acceptable clone. Entries to be submitted by midnight Sunday 30th June.

Good luck


Winning Photograph

Competition Entries

Photographs uploaded to the Weekly #874 - Blur competition.

Posted 01/07/2024 - 15:30 Link
Thank you for your entries. The variety of ways in which they use blur confirms my belief that the quest for ever greater edge-to-edge sharpness is not the only game in town!

So first some comments on each shot, then the results.

Johnriley – Bergen City Centre: A classic waterfall shot. Exposure long enough to show the flow lines with the rocks behind but not so long that it turns everything into featureless milk. Nicely done. And who’d have guessed that it was in a city centre?!

RayW – Norfolk reeds. An interesting reversal of the usual rule of the supporting elements being blurred and the main subject being in focus. The eye (i.e. mine!) is drawn to the distant, OOF building with the in-focus reeds guiding the eye towards it. Perhaps a different perspective would be even more effective e.g. portrait format, keeping just the 2 tallest reeds to L and R of the building and eliminating the bit of tree in the top RH corner.

Noelcmn – Angelic pass by: Beautiful. And two types of blur (OOF and subject movement) in one photo! Being picky, the large white totally blurred area below the head is a bit distracting, if only it had some feather detail like the rest of the wings.

BraydenBise – Nights At The Speedway: This just screams raw power to me, I can almost hear the roar of the engine! And the mono effect works really well. I can see why it’s one of your all time favourites.

Flan – Blur by the wind: It can be tricky to convey the presence of wind in a shot like this, but the reeds at the bottom right give just enough of a hint that there’s a bit of a breeze blowing off the water. Without the reeds, it could be just a bright, still day. Subtle but effective.

NigelK - At the Races: Blurred subject, blurred background, everything is blurred, but it’s still quite clear what is going on. The colours and shapes say ‘impressionism’ to me. A different, and very effective, take on horse racing. Well done.

MHOL 190246 – Eton Mess, Pentax style: What a luck hiccup - IMHO it’s a much more interesting picture than if you’d had steady hands! The hints of fruits and the unusual perspective kept me looking at the picture for much longer that if it were a typical, sharp-across-the-frame, fisheye shot. How many people would have deleted a shot like this? But you kept it. Nice!

Ranking the entries was difficult, but in the end I’m awarding first place to the photo I looked at the longest and most often because that’s surely a mark of a good photo. And that is:

MHOL 190246 for ‘Eton Mess, Pentax style’.

There are joint runners up: BraydenBise for ‘Nights At The Speedway’ and NigelK for ‘At the Races’. Quite different but equally good illustrations of the use of blur to convey speed and movement.

And well done to everyone else, too.

Posted 01/07/2024 - 17:07 Link
Thanks for the win and congrats to runners up
Posted 01/07/2024 - 17:59 Link
Well done to the winner and runners up, Thanks also to host Lubbyman for the thorough and insightful critiques.

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