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Weekly #873 - In Flight Competition

Title Weekly #873 - In Flight
Judge Nigelk
Closing Date 23/06/2024
This weeks competition is all about flying creatures or planes. I would like to see your photographs of planes and birds etc whilst actually flying.
Usual weekly rules apply.
Images can have been captured at anytime in the past or this week but must be taken with a Pentax camera or accepted clone. The winner of the competition will have to set the topic and judge next weeks competition.

Lets see your favourite images of planes and creatures in flight.

Best wishes and good luck (you'll need it with me judging!)

Winning Photograph

Competition Entries

Photographs uploaded to the Weekly #873 - In Flight competition.

Posted 24/06/2024 - 07:45 Link
Morning all, thank you for your fine entries.

My thoughts for what they are worth.

Wing Walkers by RayW
Rather them than me! A well timed capture as the two biplanes break formation. I think it's great but, I also feel the composition would be improved with a little more space in the frame around the planes. What a thing to do and lovely capture, even a little blur in the ends of the props.

Heron in Flight by johnriley
A fast shutter speed has given a lovely sharp image of the Heron giving lots of lovely detail where we want it.

The Fly By by sueriley
Tail end shot with the Gannet fortunately looking in towards the cliff helps give a charismatic shot of this lovely bird being watched from the corner of the frame adds to the composition. If it were mine I would crop a thin strip from the right side of the image but, lovely enjoyable image.

Town Gull by Flan
Great naturally provided contrast with the dark background, on my screen it does look as if you've got slightly blow highlights, always a challenge in such situations but, lovely and sharp where it needs to be, lovely detail in most of the wing feathers.

gliding into the light by Chrispurple
This for me is a more artistic capture, overhead and the framing works a treat. A most appealing image.

Red Soldier Beetle by Lubbyman
Wow! A slow shutter speed for flying insect photography and perseverance has rewarded you with a fantastic shot. The wing blur really showing the energy required for this mini beast to take flight yet you've managed to give us a sharp head and torso, bravo!

A dragon fly in Flight- Rietvlei Nature Reserve by Noelcmn
Another very tricky insect to capture well caught. Again for my taste a good choice of shutter speed showing the wings as little more than a blur which helps give us the sense of movement and energy.

Starling Murmuration by PRYorkshire
A lovely shot of this amazing phenomenon. Great vantage point, great light and framing make for a very lovely and beautiful image.

Now for the places!
1st Place Lubbyman
2nd Place Chrispurple
Joint 3rd johnriley and PRYorkshire

HC's for everyone else for some lovely well captured In Flight photos, especially as we all know you can't take photos of moving objects with Pentax
Posted 24/06/2024 - 08:46 Link
Love that wing movement! Great choice and a great batch of entries.
Best regards, John
Posted 24/06/2024 - 09:16 Link
Super choice Nigel, looking forward to the next challenge.
Posted 24/06/2024 - 11:18 Link
Wow, a win! Thanks, Nigel, for the competition topic and the judge's comments. Now to think of a new topic for the coming week... Hmmmm...

Posted 24/06/2024 - 20:00 Link
Nice one Lubbyman, had my eye on that one as the winner. Thanks Nigelk for the comments ,critiques and well done to the podiums.

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