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Weekly #872 - Texture Competition

Title Weekly #872 - Texture
Judge Simonmac
Closing Date 16/06/2024

I would like to see photographs showing texture. I bet many of us have photos of texture, I find it appealing.

A definition from a search:

the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or substance.

Hopefully your photo will show texture in such a way that you could touch and feel it.

Usual rules and you can take a fresh shot or trawl your archives.

Closing at midnight on the 16th June.

All the best

Winning Photograph

Competition Entries

Photographs uploaded to the Weekly #872 - Texture competition.

Posted 17/06/2024 - 13:27 Link

Thank you so much to those who entered.

My thoughts:

Old Oak Tree
by Nigelk
The first entry and it leaps from my screen. Bark is a classic subject for revealing texture but what makes this image, for me, is the tight cropping and that curve down the centre. I think that sharpness is overrated but is essential here.

Rose Glory Bower
by johnriley
That does look sticky. The image conveys that well. And I like the colour contrast. A tighter image of the clusters would have made a greater impact.

Wall Render
by sueriley
Lots of texture here. Simple but effective. Reminds me of my fear of Artex having brushed against a wall when I was a kid and cutting my arm!

Rock Face
by MikeInDevon
I see the face too. Reminds me of Nicol Williamson in Return to Oz. There are a lot of textures but they are a little soft (I knw, I said that sharpness is overrated, generally!).

by Flan
Lovely textures. Blown up I feel tempted to untie that lace. Again, simple yet effective.

Terrace Supports
by Noelcmn
This is a tough one. I love this shot but my mind sees form, light and shade. The textures are clearly there but the former, for me, dominate.

by Lubbyman
Yes, it was hellish cold then. Smooth and rippled is a texture. This says abstract to me, more so than texture.

The top of an orange.
by davidwozhere
Again, I like the colour contrast here. Full size, there are a lot of out of focus areas due to the shallow depth of field. That lessens the impact somewhat.


Old Oak Tree
by Nigelk

Runner Up
by Flan

Wall Render
by sueriley

And well done to everyone else.

All the best
Posted 17/06/2024 - 15:36 Link
Thanks for the quick turnround on the results and the judging!

Congratulations to out winners and I'm already looking forward to seeing what Nigelk comes up with!
Best regards, John
Posted 17/06/2024 - 16:39 Link
Thanks for yet another interesting competition. When the bark photo was the first one to be posted, I immediately thought that would be the one to beat. So congratulations to Nigelk, IMHO you led from the front all the way to the finishing line.

Posted 17/06/2024 - 18:05 Link
Wonderful wining photo, well done Nigelk. Thanks Simonmac for the critiques and hopefully, a few more new and old entrants, this coming week.
Posted 17/06/2024 - 19:19 Link
Thank you for the win! Congratulations to my fellow podium places.
Next weeks competition is up and open for entries.


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