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Weekly #871 - People at work Competition

Title Weekly #871 - People at work
Judge RayW
Closing Date 09/06/2024
Let me see your images of people doing their job, hopefully you have something in your library, or an idea for a brand new shot. Usual rules apply, as per the link at the top of the Competitions page.
Looking forward to see what you submit!

Winning Photograph

Competition Entries

Photographs uploaded to the Weekly #871 - People at work competition.

Posted 10/06/2024 - 08:17 Link
A great set of images and great response to the weekly competition, thank you! In order of arrival, my reviews.

Busy Doing Nothing by Lubbyman. First out of the blocks, I think I would feel precarious where they are. The image makes me ask, why, and definitely has that extra layer of telling a story. We just donít know what it is, it will remain a mystery. The subjects are dead centre, which works for this image, and well separated from the background. Nicely caught.

Washing the Nimrod by johnriley. This definitely meets the criteria, and candidly captures these subjects. I think if we could see more of the Nimrod to give a view of the scale of the task it would be better, your zoom lens would have enabled it.

Getting Ahead by NigelK. I see what you did there with the title! I like this, surrounded by the tools of the trade, I presume the statue it will go on in the background, and why the ear defenders, maybe its noisy in there. The frame is busy, but not too busy, to tell me what is happening, and conveys the concentration.

Street Trader Edinburgh Fringe by dewsburya. An interesting candid street image, and using a chair with wheels on. Would it have been possible to have shot it from a step to the right to separate him from the lamp post I wonder. Conveys the busy scene of the festival though.

Workmanship by MHOL. Another precarious position. You can tell I try to stay on the ground. I only noticed the other person after a while and I would have liked to see them physically working together. I donít get the impression of the strong wind, it looks like a nice day!

Creating of Dombra by ArsenAI. This is another where we can clearly see the subject performing his work. Surrounded by enough of his tools to tell the story, and enough progress to see the shape of the product. I like the pool of light focussing me on the subject. The high ISO and other camera settings suggest he is working in a fairly dark space.

The Welder at Work by Daronl. This focusses nicely on the subject and their workpiece, al contained closely in the image. The wide range of light levels here would be a struggle to capture. I struggled to get the picture for a while, I wonder if it would be better to lighten the shadow detail, even at the cost of burning out the welding point. Good detail on the workpiece.

All the Fun of the Fair by garethjmorgan. Do I detect a slightly ironic title? Lovey colours and super sharp image. Controlled the light of the lamps well, and composed nicely with the subject off to the side revealing the clue of his job on the notice behind.

High vizÖ low visibility by Simonmac. I do like this. The use of mono to make me study the content of the image. Tells the low vis part as other people go about life without noticing him, especially the reflected person. Nicely caught and composed, good control of dynamic range.

How to Photograph Models NEC Style by sueriley. I think I saw this chap as well. Given the busy event it would be difficult to get this shot without unwanted people in frame. Given that, would it be better to crop in from the bottom right and remove the people in the corner of the image? But the image has all the information to tell the story of what if happening, a good storytelling shot.

Crustacean Extractors by Noelcmn. Nicely captured and composed, but I would need the description to know what they are doing. Good separation of all the people (and birds) in frame, and I like the focus on the nearest men, with enough depth of field to get them both sharp.

And the decision?
1st Simonmac
2nd ArsenAl
3rd Nigelk
Posted 10/06/2024 - 09:40 Link
Many thanks for the thoughtful critique and for the speed of getting it all done!

A great set and good to see a decent number of entries.
Best regards, John
Posted 10/06/2024 - 11:59 Link
Thanks John. I had it all ready last night just waiting to see if any arrived after bed time before I go to work
Posted 10/06/2024 - 12:06 Link
Thank you for a great competition Ray, and thank you for picking my shot.

Good to see a number of entries, I love them all.

And well done to ArsenAl and Nigelk.

Time to get my thinking head on!

All the best
Posted 11/06/2024 - 10:22 Link
Thanks for this competition - so interesting to see how other folk tackled a topic that is way outside my comfort zone (I usually avoid photographing people). And definitely a worthy winner. What a pity that the subject of the picture, who probably receives very little recognition in his life, will never know that he is a winner!

Posted 11/06/2024 - 11:03 Link
Thank you for the competition and my 3rd spot RayW. Congratulations to Simonmac and ArsenAI. Nice to see a few more entries.

Posted 12/06/2024 - 08:51 Link
Excellent eye contact portrait there. And I like the addition of the two other characters that creates a great story. Congrats Simonmac, worthy winner! And extended to ArsenAl and Nigelk. As usual, a great set of images and interpretations. Thanks RayW for the challenge , the C&C's and the Judging exercise. btw, those are suction pumps, the idea being that you pushit down into the wet sand, pull up the plunger, and viola, several small crustraceans (some call them prawns) are sucked up- They live about half a meter below the surface. I did that a looong time ago and a youngster.

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