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Weekly #869 - Details Competition

Title Weekly #869 - Details
Judge Flan
Closing Date 26/05/2024
Acute observations of the very clear forms, shapes or objects that surround us all on a daily basis ,indoors or outdoors. A broken door handle perhaps etc will suffice of course
Usual rules Pentax cameras or clones.
Looking forward to witnessing, as to what others find interesting.
The light is in the detail

Winning Photograph

Competition Entries

Photographs uploaded to the Weekly #869 - Details competition.

Posted 27/05/2024 - 21:05 Link
Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry

Wheel Detail by SueRiley.
What a super opening and detailed photograph this is.
The attention to detail is self evident in both the restoration and maintenance. The brass and iron hub radiating its beautifully painted slightly offset spokes reveals the knowledge, skill and craft of its original makers from an era past.
Great exposure control in what was probably very tricky lighting to keep the specular highlights under control, yet still able to show the leaf spring assembly that supports its chassis.

Electric Pylons by MikeinDevon.
You certainly paid great attention to detail in the alignment of these towering structures, yet also created spacial separations that make this a symmetry that works so well. It is an excellent composition.
The insulators that support the power lines are of such a dept that it clearly indicates the huge load they carry.
An interesting fact about these type of power lines is that the electricity flows around the cables rather than inside it, some say ( conspiracists ) that these towers actually harness the electric current from the atmosphere itself and the electric power stations are only a front to relieve us of our money. Nikola Tesla might have been onto something

Spike by Simonmac.
A cactus study, like rows in a ploughed field viewed from above. Wonderful detail particularly in the upper third once viewed large. the B@W take makes the distinction bolder between the spikes and the softer flesh safely protected beneath, Nicely aligned and composed on the curved FOV

Genetic Mutations by Noelcmn
Another detailed study of maybe a not so common onion. Great alignment also filling the frame with its presence , its almost staring at me. The colour really enhances this split down the middle. The beauty of nature showing us its heavenly form.

The Light is in the detail, by Lubbyman
A shaft of light makes an oil slick appear but the bubble man (lower right) is quickly at hand to disperse of this threat . The eco system that is Lubbymans kitchen sink returns to rude health soon afterwards, after a few photos of course. Nice observation and the colours abstract makes one wonder, will this be one of a series and could this be the next big thing at the Tate Modern

Details from Karel by johnRiley
A more minimalist approach taken here and it works wonderfully, as the two contrasting colours enhance the detail of the badge so well, making it absolutely crystal clear. I would have cropped the righthand side tad ,to rid it of the vertical shaded line as one has already a distinct vertical running up alongside the badge but then thats just me and that might not work as well either

Crocosmia Seeds by Davidwoxhere
Absolutely fantastic detail, contained in every part of the main subject. the colour is rich in its render, its focus and plane of is perfect.
One can spend a bit of time on all it attributes.
It Pops, is a word I never use but this photograph certainly does and much more besides. Exquisite

Thanks to everyone again for sharing great photos and it was interesting that some were taking a number of years ago with older Pentax models, that was refreshing in fact.

So onto the results

3rd Place SueRiley
2nd Place MikeinDevon
and 1st place, drum roll please
The Winner Davidwozhere
Posted 27/05/2024 - 22:44 Link
Thank you Flan - both for my placing and your own timely critiques. I noticed the older models too - they still do just as good a job now as they did then! Great work by everyone else too and congratulations to Mike and Sue for their podiums.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

My page on Photocrowd
Posted 27/05/2024 - 23:33 Link
Congratulations davewozhere, the amount of detail in your image is staggering! And to Sue for a wheel that's almost a work of art in itself. And many thanks for the coverted runner's up place!

Thank you Flan for such full critiques, I always find these competitions stimulating.
Posted 28/05/2024 - 00:09 Link
Yes, well done all, and a great set of thoughtful critiques from Flan!
Best regards, John
Posted 28/05/2024 - 07:44 Link
Thank you Flan for setting this. And I always love your observations.

Well done to the winner and places.

I miss my Kr sometimes......

All the best!
Posted 28/05/2024 - 08:42 Link
And thank you, Flan, from me too.

Will there be more photos of the ecosystem in Lubbyman's kitchen sink? Perhaps. It depends on how the ecosystem develops... and whether Mrs L. catches me at it .


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