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Weekly #867 - Fayres, Fetes and Fun Events Competition

Title Weekly #867 - Fayres, Fetes and Fun Events
Judge RayW
Closing Date 12/05/2024
The season of May Fayres, and crazy events has started, at least in the UK. Of course it might be at other times around the world. But we can all join in, share your images taken at those outdoor events, try to capture those interactions and highlights of the event, and let's see what you have got.
The usual constraints about camera gear apply, use can use a new shot or one from your atchive. Please don't leave it until the last minute - I have a day job!
Good luck!

Winning Photograph

Competition Entries

Photographs uploaded to the Weekly #867 - Fayres, Fetes and Fun Events competition.

Posted 12/05/2024 - 21:55 Link
Thank you all for the images so far, and I have prepared my comments. I'll look tomorrow morning, but if there are more to judge, just letting you know I will do it in the evening of Monday, after my radio programme.
Posted 13/05/2024 - 08:18 Link
Hi everyone, as there were no additional late images - for which I thank you - I can pick the winner promptly! Here are my comments.

The Battle of Evesham by johnriley.
I line this one for the strong colour palette, and the good separation of the lead rider. Those three following horses seems very focussed on the same thing. I canít tell if it was cropped to the wide aspect ratio, but the horseís hooves are very close to the bottom edge. But a great action shot, and I can imaging that lead knight shouting ďchargeĒ!
Festive Headgear by Noelcmn.
What a charming portrait, and such a genuine smile of pleasure. It looks like the focus was slightly in front of her face, on the green patch of hair. But another strong colour palette, perfect for the event described.
Street Drum Training by Nigelk
This captures the enjoyment of making music as a group, clearly an action shot, the movement of the hands demonstrates this. For me itís a little chaotic, but I also know that you would have no control of that. The smiles, the looks from one drummer to another, all convey the shared moment.
Green Man by Simonmac
Iím not sure to smile at him or run away! You have captured this character as he is looking not at the camera, but at something else, thus catching the engagement to another person in the event. The white space behind really helps to observe the character without distraction.
A Muddy Run, by sueriley
This image really captures the essence of being completely in the zone at the event. The girls are fully involved in working together, and enjoying being so muddy. You can see it dripping off them still. I wonder if the detail of the shadows on the leftmost girls could have been lifted a bit. But in terms of the brief, this one is the kind of thing I imagined.
Enjoying the Parade by pipinmels
This young girl is having such fun throwing her confetti, presumably at onlookers. The yellows are strong, and work well with the blues and greens. The lady behind her looks less happy for some reason, and itís a shame she is so completely behind the young girl. But a great catch to take in the spirit of a parade.

And the agonising decision, because they are all so close...
1st A Muddy Run, by sueriley
2nd Green Man by Simonmac
3rd The Battle of Evesham by johnriley.

Well done everyboy!
Posted 13/05/2024 - 11:18 Link

Thank you very much Ray for setting the competirtion and for taking the time to comment and judge.

Chuffed with second place. THat was a trawl!

And well done to the Rileys for the winning and third placed shot.

All the best!
Posted 14/05/2024 - 12:02 Link

It does seem a shame that folk largely don't comment following a competition.

Ray has gone to a lot of trouble here to both set the competition and to provide comments.

Judging takes up little time but it does nontheless.

A little respect would be welcome here?

All the best
Posted 14/05/2024 - 13:18 Link
Of course more entries would always be appreciated as well...I know that sometimes we think we don't have anything, but then when inspiration clicks we realise we probably have dozens of images that might fit. Having the feedback from judges is also great, something that's really helpful.
Best regards, John

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