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Weekly #865 - COMPETITION Competition

Title Weekly #865 - COMPETITION
Judge Lubbyman
Closing Date 28/04/2024
Wow, it’s been ages since I won a competition of any sort! So in recognition, the topic of this week’s weekly competition is … wait for it … COMPETITION.

Games and sports are obvious subjects. Shops, businesses, charities compete for our money. Children compete in play or just to get their parent’s attention. Birds and beasts (and even humans) compete for a mate and for territory. Plants compete for light. Competition is a staple of social events from agricultural shows to camera club meetings. And once in a while, politicians of all sorts compete for that most precious of things, our vote. Look around and you’ll find that we are surrounded by competition.

Please submit entries by midnight on Sunday 28th April. The usual rules apply. So rummage through your folders and files for something related to COMPETITION. You might be surprised by what you didn’t realise was there!

Winning Photograph

Competition Entries

Photographs uploaded to the Weekly #865 - COMPETITION competition.

Posted 29/04/2024 - 11:12 Link
Well, who’d have thought it – all sport until a couple of different interpretations of the brief crept in at the last minute. And I must say at the outset that I would have been pleased to have taken any of them myself, which is the highest possible accolade from me. But a winner must be chosen, so first a comment or two on each entry (which gives me a few more minutes to change my mind once again!):

garethjmorgan (Canada Games Mural) - A striking photo of a striking mural. Superb 3-D effect – the foot seems to jump out of the screen. I’d love to see it printed HUGE!

Johnriley (Disco Fever) – Holding on to the ball while surrounded by the enemy – competition in the raw. It all happened in a split second and you got it. Composition might be a bit stronger if the people at the RH and LH edges had kept out of the frame, these sports people never seem to appreciate the needs of the photographer...

RayW (Bowled!) - You’ve captured the essence of that split second which all batsmen dread. At first glance I thought ‘he’s going to be out’. Then I noticed the angle of the stumps and saw that when the shutter opened he must have just got that sinking feeling which comes with realising that his next steps will be towards the pavilion. A bit more space at the bottom of the frame would help the composition, but these things happen so quickly…

Simonmac (Joy) – Wow, that’s that face says it all. And the faces on the others say it all for them, too. The lighting is excellent, helping to focus attention on the face that really matters.

Flan (Start the clock) – Crowded together, looking at watches, it gives the impression of a moment of intense concentration. I like the use of B&W for this, no distraction from bright colour and glitz, just a focus on runners determined to take the running seriously.

Pipinmels (Gone Fishing) – Subtle! The viewer knows that competition between fisherman and fish is happening but it’s all out of sight in a scene that exudes peace and restfulness. Framing and light are spot on. It leaves open the big, important question – who won, man or fish?

Noelcmn (Territorial Dispute) – That looks like a serious argument between big birds. Probably all over very quickly but you’ve managed to capture it nicely. I really like those spread wings, something I’ve tried to get from time to time and usually failed.

So now the difficult bit. A decision must be made. Well done to all, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing and thinking about all your contributions. But there can only be one winner, and the winner this week is: Pipinmels for Gone Fishing, an excellent photo and an interpretation of the brief that I wasn’t expecting.

Posted 29/04/2024 - 17:48 Link
Well done Pipinmels, and thanks also to host Lubbyman for detailed comments on all entries
Posted 29/04/2024 - 20:26 Link
Thank you for the win Lubbyman. It's been a long time since my last win, so thank you..
Posted 30/04/2024 - 09:48 Link
Thanbk you Lubbyman for setting the competition and for your comments!

Well done pipinmels, that is such a relaxing photograph!

All the best

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