Weekly #778 - Street Art Competition

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Closing Date: 07/08/2022
Judge: garethjmorgan

This week I'm looking for images of "street art" - defined as you wish as long as it has some artistic merit and it is on the street. Otherwise usual rules apply
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Link Posted 08/08/2022 - 01:26
Another good set of images - street art is one of my favourite topics - I certainly don't subscribe to the view that it's other peoples art therefore not worth recording. I think the ephemeral nature of the art makes it worth capturing - and can make for some great photographs as demonstrated by these excellent examples.

Lovely lady be mine! By drofmit : a bright and breezy image with the figure being surrounded by a colourful abstract design. Well worth recording – well seen and well executed.

Nomad, the Artist at Work by Noelcmn ; a strong and powerful image enhanced by the inclusion of the artist in action. The artwork is captivating in its own right and has a strong story telling element. The offset position of the face and the artist give the image a dynamic feel with the red lettering adding another dimension to the image

The Artist at Work by Simonmac ; our second “artist at work”, I believe this is the artist known as Phlegm judging by the artwork. The almost monochrome tones in this image give it a more gritty feel – typical of this artists work. The inclusion of the artist again gives the image a dynamic feel and the detail throughout is well conveyed

It's Time to Dance by Nigelk ; a more subtle image this time but again with a bit of a story to the photograph. Again, a limited colour palette but this works well with the subject. Nicely framed and exposed

Now Listen Up Everyone by Flan – what a load of bollards! This one really made me smile – the positioning of the lead character and the receding line of figures etc brings an excellent perspective to the image.

Angry Bee by Davidwozhere ; clearly a bit of a survivor this one – it looks like it’s been around for a while. It is interesting how good quality “street art” often doesn’t get tagged by others (although this is not always the case – ask Banksy). As for the image again well placed in the frame and the exposure brings out lots of detail and makes much of the strong colour.

Trent Bridge detail by Perspicador ; a great example of Victorian public art – I wonder how many people have crossed that bridge without even noticing that these embellishments are there. A good example of the need for photographers to be observant and look for the interesting in the everdat. Well seen and well captured.

Trust Me On This by johnriley ; street art images often work best when there is an interesting juxtaposition with the human world – and that is certainly the case here. The mirrored pose works well and creates a very humorous image.

As ever quite tough to choose a winner - my top three are -
1. Nomad, the Artist at Work by Noelcmn
2. The artist at work by Simonmac
3 Trent Bridge detail by Perspicador


Link Posted 08/08/2022 - 09:20
Congratulations to Noel, Simon and Rodney and thanks for speedy adjudication.
Particularly like Rodney's bridge detail... cast iron was the Victorians' plastic....
and they really knew how to use it. Full of lovely details....
Also like the line of pigeons on that curve!!
Agree about the lack of tags on some good pieces... the one I entered stayed un-obliterated for three years.... very rare at that spot... .
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"


Link Posted 08/08/2022 - 12:18
Thank you for the win, I am chuffed, even if it means more hard work Congratulations Simonmac and Perspicador. Once again, a lovely challenge, full of a subject that I like very much, and I have a special collection of Street art from all over Johannesburg and a few from other places. y the last count, some 600+ images of street art. Therefore, thanks to garethjmorgan for choosing a subject right up my street, the adjudicating exercise and C&C's. I'll have a new challenge up shortly.


Link Posted 08/08/2022 - 13:18
Thank you Gareth.

I am surrounded by street art In Digbeth. And I tend to avoid it sadly.
It is Phlegm, bob on.
That winning image is hypnotic.

Well done all!

All the best


Link Posted 09/08/2022 - 15:48
well done Noelcm, a great winning photograph and makes me wonder what the writing on the wall is?
well done also to the runners up and host Gareth for the competition.


Link Posted 10/08/2022 - 00:21
You should be well chuffed Noel - it's brilliant.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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