Weekly #754 - Liquid Landscapes Competition

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Closing Date: 13/02/2022
Judge: mcrtchly

The focus is on the element of water in the landscape. Examples include seas, rivers, waterfalls, pools, lakes, canals, reservoirs and even puddles! Try putting a new spin on a conventional landscape image with an abstract or long exposure capture. Images should be taken with Pentax cameras only and the winner needs to set and judge the next competition.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 15/02/2022 - 10:33
Landscapes are always fluid and changing with the vagaries of weather, season or time. The title of this competition ‘liquid landscapes’ at its basic would imply a composition which contains water. But there are other elements of the landscape which could be construed as flowing and liquid, for example rocks which show riverine textures or meandering roads.

In pastures green by Perspicador: A photo which captures the juxtaposition of domestic animals (sheep) with wild fauna (pigeons). The stream flows through the scene hinting at a flow between the domesticated and wild.

Taken at Otterburn Ranges by Tyronet2000: An example of a liquid landscape which appears to absorbing the main element of the photo (the tank). The idea is good but I feel that the composition or cropping could be improved. The tank gun is a bit too far to the left of the frame and appears to be leaving the frame rather than travelling through it. A composition with the tank moved a bit to right in the frame would suggest progression through the landscape. Maybe also consider a radial filter around the tank to bring out the detail?

Mist over the lake by MHOL190246: Looks like a great location but the message is a bit confusing with different elements in the photo. It’s hard to focus on what’s the main item of the scene (the trees or the mist). If the later, than could playing with decreased clarity settings help to archive a more misty effect?

Wreck and Ruin by nigelk: Here a long exposure gives the impression that the land is not ‘terra firma’ and has somehow become fluid and is absorbing the old boats. A good interpretation of a liquid landscape.

Slate, sea and spray by davidwozhere: Lovely overlapping wave textures in the sea which are mimicked in the rock giving the impression of conformity between the land and the sea. The composition/cropping might look better if the rock/sea boundary fell in the bottom right corner to give a greater diagonal look.

Rogie Falls in autumn by davidtrout: Waterfalls can provide great photo locations but are also often challenging, with unwanted elements giving messy and distracting compositions. This photo captures the dynamism of water flowing though the landscape. It’s pin sharp in the foreground and the use of a long exposure empathises the power of the water. The background is slightly out of focus (which is ok and maybe making the background more out of focus in post processing might help to lead the eye to the foreground). Also, adding some slight vignetting may help to focus the eye.

Stepping Stones at Bolton Abbey by PRYorkshire: I like the way that the line of the stepping stones follows the rule of thirds. The menacing sky adds to the composition. Maybe slightly fewer people would have made a stronger composition.

From Canada to the USA by RayW: the binoculars appear to have taken on an almost human form as they peer across the river!

Me in the Dead Sea by vic cross. Any one who’s been to the Dead Sea knows that it’s impossible to sink, and this a classic pose of someone reading a newspaper. Perhaps it would have been better if the camera zoomed in closer on the subject so that we could see more detail.

The Snowdon Horseshoe from Plas y Brenin newbiek50user: A nice B&W image but I find the foreground trees a bit distracting

The River Weir at Alcester, Warwickshire by Johnwnjr: It’s certainly a wet landscape. Flowing water presents challenges for photographic capture and long exposure could have helped to emphasise the flow through the frame. Maybe the vegetation in the left corner is a bit distracting?

Other Realms by johnriley: You have really captured the spookiness in this one!

Gently round the bend by Flan: Nice long exposure which suggests the rocks in river melt into the water.

Sunrise in Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth by Noelcmn: Looks like a great location and I like the pastel colours and the resistance to add too much vibrance/saturation to the scene. The eye is a bit distracted between the pier and the setting sun. Maybe cropping to move the sun to the golden horn position could improve the composition.

Evening by the waterside by Retsoor: Nice use of duotone and good control of the strong light on the sea. Maybe the cliffs on the left are too high in the frame and cut off, leading the observer to wander what’s missing. The colour might help with slightly less yellow hue and maybe less saturation.

Living up to its name! by drofmit: A normally firm land has become liquid when subject to flooding. An interesting take on the theme. I find the trees to the left distract a bit from the composition and could some targeted vignetting help to draw the eye on the subject?

Thanks to everyone who entered, it's been a great to look them over and to offer my critiques.

The results:

The WINNER is Rogie Falls in autumn by davidtrout, I like how the rocks merge seamlessly into the water and the full-on experience at the bottom of the frame! Well done and we'll look forward to your competition as soon as you can post it.

SECOND place goes to Slate, sea and spray by davidwozhere, I loved how the textures in the rock mimic the sea

THIRD place is Wreck and Ruin by NigelK, an image which shows

Well done everyone!

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Link Posted 15/02/2022 - 13:52
Thanks to Martin for an excellent competition, judging and comments. Lots of good entries this week. Congratulations to davidtrout for first place. Well done also to davidwozhere and NigelK


Link Posted 15/02/2022 - 15:56
Sorry I'm late responding here...but I'll post a new subject for the next competition very soon. Thanks for my win Martin and my congratulations to the other David and Nigel.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


Link Posted 15/02/2022 - 17:11
Congrats to Davidtrout ,a fine autumnal flood water photograph and runners up also for fine entries
thanks also to the host for the summary of all the entries
best of luck, Flan


Link Posted 15/02/2022 - 18:52
Thanks for the competition subject....... drew a goodly crowd!
Congratulations to David... smashing shot!
Congrats too to the other podia places, David and Nigel....

" I find the trees to the left distract a bit from the composition and could some targeted vignetting help to draw the eye on the subject? " if it had been an "Art" shot, I wholly agree.
However, I had chosen "Photo Journalism" as the category as it was documenting an event....
remove the trees, and you remove the evidence of flooding.... add a vignette and you are breaching the bounds of Photo Journalism, where everything must be as taken....
and yes, a vignette would have reduced that over bright, distracting, featureless sky [top right through centre] as would adding a "cloud or two"....
if I'd done that in one employ, I would have been out the door!
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"
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