Weekly #740 - Exploding Fireworks Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 07/11/2021
Judge: drofmit

The title says it.... Exploding Fireworks!
But, keep bonfires and people out of the frame where possible...
I want to see exploding fireworks, not people standing by a bonfire holding sparklers, please
As it is a weekly, you can trawl the archives.... and we've all got Fireworks pictures....
or, you can wait until the w/e and take some new ones.
This is a no holds barred competition.... multilayered composites very welcome....
the bigger and brighter the better.
It could be the occasion to try multiple exposures if your camera allows it....
Usual rules... only Pentax or recognised others....
Good luck...
Competition Entries


Link Posted 08/11/2021 - 07:54
The choice of subject was obviously a damp squib!
Only six entries....

However, all were on brief... and were good!

The Fires of Southport by John Riley
Nice opener, but I feel perhaps a vertical framing, or square...
and tighter to the explosion, would have suited the competition more.

Shower of sparks by Perspicador
I like this.... the burst combined with either bonfire smoke or from fireworks!

On the B of Bang by steadfast
Wow! Good job you were using a long lens....
the slight "jiggle" at 1/3 sec makes this... creating an abstract series of tubes.
Makes me want to duck!!

Forest Fire by vic cross
I like the "inferred diagonal" on this....
seems as though more than one explosion was occuring
[I see what looks like two different angles of sparkline].

Liverpool River Of Lights Fireworks display by newbiek50user
I really like this.... the timing and size of the bursts says "professional display"
And, at 2 seconds, you have caught a good moment with a bit of everything.

Fireworx by Noelcmn
The winner!! Love this.... your choice of shutter speed has created a "frozen" set of explosions....
but the dominant one looks like silver feathers.
Judging by the lovely pink squiggly background, there were an awful lot of fireworx going off at the same time.

So, yes the winner is Noelcmn....
everyone else came second!
Over to you Noel......


Link Posted 08/11/2021 - 12:21
Usually, the morning after 5th November, or even 6th if that's the Saturday like this year, the morning air is heavy with the smeell of cordite and a mist hangs over the world. Not this year. Nothing. So perhaps the competition suffered the same problem. Well done though to those who did enter and thanks for the prompt judging!
Best regards, John


Link Posted 08/11/2021 - 17:44
Thank you for the nod Drofmit, amid as you said, all good. I shall have a new challenge up shortly
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