Weekly #736 - Knitting Competition

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Closing Date: 03/10/2021
Judge: drofmit

The subject choice was inspired by Gansey Girl by JAK....
I have two gansies.... a working fisherman's one and a dress one for going out....
the dress one is fully patterned and each family had a different design....
important on the working ones the fishermen wore, as often it was the only means to identify a body washed ashore.
My oldest gansey [in the Sutherland basic pattern] has been going for over twenty-five years and has had new cuffs and collar knitted in by the original knitter....
the dress one [in a Munro pattern] was a commission and is treated as a dress one, only ever worn when I am attending something special!!
The knitter himself lives in Norfolk and has collected the patterns of over 500 gansies from Norfolk to Shetland....
basically from wherever the Silver Darlings.... the herring..... swam.

So, anything to do with knitting or crochet from the apparatus and materials to a finished item....
people knitting, hands busy.... yarn bombing.... a macro of a close-knit piece....
anything around knitting... your choice.

Also any age of image.... new, or trawl the archives, Pentax cameras (or accepted clones) only.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 04/10/2021 - 08:25
Weekly Competition #736.... Knitting

Thanks for entering, folks.... do you realise these weekly competitions have been running for over 14 years?
I was hoping for more inspired shots [still life, macro, colourways, etc]....
but I guess Autumn, Covid, the state of the world in general is getting us all down a bit!

To the pictures.....

Local Policing on the cheap by MHOL190246
Nice... the village bobby dressed for the winter... lovely texture in the knitting.... and, because it is a verey well loved... ancient almost... lovely texture in the material that held the "fur".
The on camera flash is a little harsh....
and a shallower DoF would have made the background less distracting....
but the texture of the knitting overcomes that.

Cashmere sweater by perspicador
Your favourite model sporting some very nice clothing....
not much of the sweater/cardi showing.... but the folds are nice and woolsoft...
and, besides, only a macro shot would have shown any actual evidence of knitting!!
Here the fact that the fence is nice and plain means that it doesn't distract from the subject...
interestingly, the bright fence, top right, although it should distract.... actually doesn't.....
I put that down to the fact that it matches the colourways in the blouse your friend is wearing.

Keeping the bike warm by tyronet2000
This is more what I was hoping for.... off beam!
Nice textures in the fabric covering.... that must've been done by someone with just toooooo much time on their hands.
Atractively framed in a square picture with the structure of the bike forming a "hidden" diagonal, bottom right, top left.
Very nice, on brief picture....

Cottage knitting by johnwnjr
Really lovely... 1/2nd exposure.... hand held or mono/tripod?....
This is a picture of textures, there is knitting all over the place.... even the bread!
And, what a lovely sense of movement is given by her hands.
The whiteness of the window area is balanced by the whiteness elsewhere....
for a 1/2 second shot, it is quite amazing.

Time for Tea by JAK
Very nice, simple still life.... the Brown Bess suitably dressed by the Duchess's voluminous skirt.
Flash or spot slightly to the left side which shows of the folds in the crocheted dress very nicely.
My eyes are sinking diagonaly from top left to bottom right as I look at this....
so there must be a hidden diagonal in the picture as well.

Alternative use for Knitting Needles by Noelcmn
Well, this is totally different, "off beam" but well within brief!!
I shall be using this idea in front of my camera traps!!
Only cricism is the white on the top slice is too white and the texture's gone...
otherwise, nice and sharp where it needs to be!

Growing next year's wool by retsoor
Another "off beam" lateral thinking shot....
wonderfully sharp where it is needed on the eyes and nose.....
and nicely framed by the thistles!!

And so to the podia....
tough one this.... seven nice shots and no automatic sideliners!
I need another coffeeeeffee!

First place goes to JAK for the shot for the competition "Time for Tea"
Second up.... johnwnjr's "Cottage Knitting"
Third spot goes to "Keeping the bike warm" by tyronet2000
And HC's to the remaining four!!

So, I pass the baton to John....
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Link Posted 04/10/2021 - 09:08
Congratulations to the Winner and all who entered with Thanks for my 3rd place. Thanks to drofmit for the interesting subject the judging and the comments.



Link Posted 04/10/2021 - 10:38
Thank you for the competition and placing. Given I inspired the topic I thought I'd better enter something. Congrats to the other placings and all who entered.
My photo, taken specially for the comp on Sunday morning, was only lit by natural light with the sun coming through the conservatory window from behind me. As to the subject of the photo my great aunt used to knit me all sorts of things in my younger days, jumpers, socks, scarves, you name it. I'm told some of her work went to royalty. So that photo was a memoriam to her.

Right, I'd better find the knitted thinking cap for inspiration for the coming week's subject.
John K
Link Posted 04/10/2021 - 18:14
Thanks to drofmit for the competition and judging/comments. Well done to JAK for the winning shot and to johnwnjr and tyronet for 2nd and 3rd respectively.


Link Posted 05/10/2021 - 18:40
Thank you very much for your second placement and comments. Yes 1/2 second exposure says quite a lot for the anti-shake on the K1 as it was handheld. John R


Link Posted 06/10/2021 - 19:54
Conrats JAK, wonderful atmospheric image,that brought back a lot of memories of my first HIgh tea at the home of a lecturer at the Bible College I attended. AS british as can be, a high tea occasion that was memorable. And congrats to 2nd and 3 spots johnwnjr and tyronet2000 respectively! Thanks to our Judge for the challenge and the C&C's, always appreciated.
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