Weekly #699 - Wildlife Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 10/01/2021
Judge: Nigelk

Whilst us humans are struggling to control and live with Covid19 nature and the wildlife carry on as normal all around us. I want this weekly competition to rejoice in wildlife.
Being the weekly competition your entry can have been taken at anytime as long as it was captured with a Pentax camera or accepted clone. No pets or farm animals please just wild birds and beasts please.
The winner of the competition is expected to set and judge next weeks competition.
Please enter and help make this weeks competition a celebration of the wildlife that shares this world.

Good luck
Competition Entries


Link Posted 11/01/2021 - 21:53
Thanks for posting the winner!

Any chance of some comments?
Best regards, John


Link Posted 13/01/2021 - 11:13
Morning All,
Sorry for the delay.
I wrangled long and hard on choosing the winner. There are technically better images but, I figured that I could accept a slightly lower technical quality given the great hunting action the winning image depicts, a balancing act if you will.
Please accept my comments as constructive, photographer to photographer comments, you don't have to agree with me but, they are well intended.

Nuts by MHOL190246
Lovely portrait of a grey squirrel being fed a peanut, well framed and exposed, a great start to the comp.

Oh Dear by pipinmels
I am jealous that you captured this lovely scene from your window but. At the core of this I think you have an absolutely delightful image however, I'm not quite sure what you've done to it. I think that the applied blur to the sides don't work with the flow of the image, indeed they spoil it, the other thing that troubles me is whilst the snow looks about right in colour the trees and to some degree the deer have an odd purple colour/hue to them, correct these and you might have made the podium. I really like the angles described by the landscape forming a series of triangles, it's quite dynamic. Rework it and go from Oh Dear to Oh WOW!

Blackstart by Hatsofe
An opportunity spotted and well taken, technically good, a different angle and the composition keeps thing uncluttered, really like the feathers being ruffled by the breeze, lots of fine detail in those feathers.

Robin in the Hedgerow by Johnwnjr
Delightful, well executed portrait of a Robin sat waiting for a feed opportunity, lovely soft muted background, whats not to like.

Pika by kingvar
I would imagine these little mice are quite shy so lovely that you caught this so well and so nicely framed, beautifully sharp from the tip of the nose to the eyes, just where we want sharp detail, another delightful image.

Friends by johnriley
And now for something completely different. This image demonstrates so well how some wild creatures are happy to adapt to our modern world, some like this Robin becoming so brave in the presence of us humans. They have of course learnt that we can be a great source of food and just by our presence help protect them from potential wild predictors.

Grebe by PRYorkshire
Such beautiful birds and so well captured here, we have details in the dark feathers and exposed to keep the detail in the white feathers, lovely detail and colour, broken reflections as a little bonus. For myself I don't need so much water at the top of the image, when I scroll the image to the top of my screen removing to just below a more blue line of ripples it actually improves the image even further.

Cheetah Family and Me. Siblings sharing a "TOMMY" by vic cross
Jealous barely covers my emotion. What a great scene to witness and capture. Great wildlife in action, three beautiful Cheetahs dismantling their kill with a fourth in the background. What a shot!

Northern Pintail by Photobuddy
Beautiful technical quality to this shot, nice natural looking colour, great detail, uncluttered background but enough to show us the environment these birds like.

Stooping Kestel by andymat
My wife didn't think much to this image but, I love it! Okay for a wildlife competition some might say the wildlife is too small in the frame but I don't care, as I say, love it.

did you find it by Flan
An image of two halves for me this one, enjoying the detail and colour in the Starlings but, what you have done to bring this lovely detail out I would guess you have applied to the whole image this has made the out of focus area quite harsh and competing for my attention. To get the very best out of this already good image I think you'd need to either work with brushes or layers to help take the background back into the background where it belongs. Some might also raise an eyebrow at the second starling having its tail cut off, perhaps it should be all in or all out. However what you have done does work compositionally to my eye. Maybe things to think about or, maybe not

Wild Pony by retsoor,
The pony very nicely framed by the greenery of the surrounding sapling leaves, real vibrancy to the colour. Not quite as sharp and detailed as some of the other entries, the f2.8 and slow shutter speed I guess. Lovely portrait all the same.

Flight at dusk by Perspicador
I'm delighted to have another nature in action shot. Always more of a challenge than a static shot a good effort.

The thrill of the hunt by Noelcmn
We finish with an amazing action shot of a hunt in action. Technically not the best image maybe, is it a heavy crop or a little over sharpened, not sure but, the content is so good, dust thrown up from the heels of the Cheetah, the Impala in mid leap, one really feels this life and death situation and so by the skin of a cheetahs tooth it won

I also have five HC's to hand out these go to:-
vic cross

Sorry not to give 2nd and 3rd places, just too close for me to call.
An excellent and totally enjoyable selection of entries all round.
Thank you for taking part
Best regards


Link Posted 13/01/2021 - 11:20
Many thanks for the thoughtful critique Nigel, it's much appreciated and is a very important part of the competition's purpose.

Now onto thinking about entering the next one!
Best regards, John
Link Posted 14/01/2021 - 13:10
Thanks for the competition and comments Nigel, Well done Noel
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