Weekly #665 - Springtime Competition

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Closing Date: 26/04/2020
Judge: JAK

Here in the UK we're well into spring now and though not quite the typical April shower weather, the buds are budding, the seeds emerging, the lambs are lambing and many will have time this week to take a fresh photo during their exercise walk if need be to fullfill the brief of entering a Springtime photograph. That doesn't prevent finding one from your archives though if need be as maybe it isn't spring where you live or you simply prefer an older shot from your archive.
It might be worth pointing out that in the Northen Hemisphere Springtime officially runs from the 20th March to the 20th June so consider that if selecting something from the archive. I appreciate that local usage of the term can vary according to local climate, cultures and customs.
The usual weekly competition rules apply - the photo can have been taken at any time however it has to have been shot with a Pentax or closely related camera. Ask if in doubt. The winner will then set and judge the competition next week.
It really isn't complicated so good luck with your entry.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 27/04/2020 - 01:02
Thank you for the interesting selection of entries this week. Unusually quite a number of them were taken recently so at least your cameras are getting some use in this strange period of time. Here are my thoughts on the entries; others are quite likely to think differently of course!

Peacock Butterfly - Perspicador
Starting with a really pleasant photograph of an overwintered peacock butterfly on spring blossom summing up springtime really well. For some reason the focus point is not on the butterfly but on the blossom behind. Whether that's due to a camera back focussing issue or technique I can't say but worth getting that checked out. If it's a consistent problem you'll never nail photos like this with that camera and you'll need to use the 'AF Fine Adjustment' which allows for setting a fine adjustment for up to 20 lens types. But that's only if the AF fine adjustment is indeed out, perhaps with just for that one lens. Try a few more similar shots with that combination and see if it is a consistent problem before adjusting anything though.

Spring (lone daffodil at Bamburg Castle) - tyronet2000
The photo brought to mind the familiar song

I'm a lonely little daffodil... (or something like that!)

An interesting effect but the monochrome leaves me feeling cold when I'd prefer some spring warmth. Did it really need that colour popping?

Bluebell Woods - PRYorkshire
A photo that perfectly sums up springtime. Very nice!

Cowslips - Johnwnjr
Another photo summing up springtime with flowers that only appear around April and May. Very nice.

Hoverfly in Flight - Chrism8
A scary monster looming in from the darkness! I thought it was a bat at first. However is it a photo summing up spring time? These critters are around all summer and autumn too and there's nothing shown to suggest springtime in the photo. Was it really flying in the pitch black?

Cornflowers - mr.mellow
It's quite unusual to have cornflowers flowering in April, June/July is more normal. Maybe if these flowers were shown contrasting normal spring flowers it would be a good documentary image with regard to climate change or something.

Dandelion seed head - newbiek50user
Pleased you've decided to carry on making entries. As with some of the others this one doesn't truly sum up springtime to me as dandelions aren't spring specific flowers. Technically it is very well handled though.

Pink clematis - davidwozhere
Clever use of an unusual angle to take this, rather than front on. I quite like this one.

Night Blossom - Nigelk
A very creative take on the theme giving an almost abstract effect. However it gives me more a feeling of Christmas lights than springtime. Good very different effect though.

Cherry Blossom - GlynM
Sums up springtime just fine. You've just about managed to hold most of the highlights without them burning out. I do however find the background a little distracting, Would that tone idown in PP perhaps?

The Buds of Spring - johnriley
As you say, renewal and new beginnings. Great colour contrast and nothing to distract. Excellent job!

"Ladies Knickers" - vic cross
Really nice. These are well in flower. This too has a great colour contrast with nothing to distract. Another excellent job.

Rose - retsoor
A lovely close-up of the rose bloom but it doesn't really give me the feeling of springtime. I feel it requires sharp focus to be right across the stamens. F/5 perhaps didn't allow for a sufficient depth of field?

Budding Agapanthus - Noelcmn
A quality photograph of the buds. Strangely the EXIF shows a November date and while it could have been taken in springtime it doesn't specifically shout springtime as these bloom right through the summer to the autumn frosts. A quality photograph but doesn't say springtime to me.

So which photographs give me that springtime feeling and gain the honours? However no springtime feeling, no honours, sorry!

1st: Bluebell Woods - PRYorkshire
This is very well taken indeed. The exposure of the contrasty nature of the view has been well handled, the composition with the three foreground trees leading through to the background with bluebells all the way through is simply superb. It's hard to get these right and this one is. And it could only have been taken in springtime. This photograph would hang nicely on any living room wall.

2nd: The Buds of Spring by johnriley
With the buds just forming this gives a great suggestion of springtime.

3rd: "Ladies Knickers" by vic cross.
An equally well executed photograph but not with quite the same suggestion of springtime as the 2nd placed photograph.

Peacock Butterfly by Perspicador (Nice springtime photo that might have been placed higher if the focus had been accurate.)
Cowslips - Johnwnjr (Springtime blooms just fine, but I find the composition of the photo a little awkward.)
Cornflowers - mr.mellow (a very worthy entry.)
Pink clematis - davidwozhere (a different take on a familiar theme.)
Cherry Blossom - GlynM (The fussy background prevented this from being placed higher.)

So the chalice is handed over to PRYorkshire for the coming week. Well done! Thank you to all who entered.
John K
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Link Posted 27/04/2020 - 01:45
Lovely collection of pictures here, as usual. Bluebell woods are certainly the epitome of springtime! Well done the Yorkshire lad. John heaves a sigh of relief at getting the 2nd and will Vic have Bleeding Hearts over his Ladies Knickers? Never heard that name for them before. The "cornflowers" are garden knapweed which generally start to flower mid March and last until June - July. The bees love them and so do the ants, which will fight a bee off a prized bloom!
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vic cross

Link Posted 27/04/2020 - 09:26
Thanks for the 3rd. place. I almost entered an almost exact replica of the winner from my archives then what would you have done? I've had some of my entries copied by others in the past at the last minute and I thought I'm not going to stoop that low. David, I know the normal name is Bleeding Hearts but have you never heard them by the name Ladies Knickers. You have lead a sheltered life.
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Link Posted 27/04/2020 - 10:23
Thank you John for the 1st place and well done to John and Vic and the HM's. I'll get this week's competition up and hopefully we'll get as good a selection of photos as last week.


K1000, istD, K70


Link Posted 27/04/2020 - 11:52
Excellent, nice to see a good turnout, some newly shot images and some great shots as well.
Best regards, John


Link Posted 27/04/2020 - 13:32
Many thanks for an interesting and well managed competition. I loved the well deserved winning image.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks for the HM.

Link Posted 28/04/2020 - 12:29
Thanks JAK some good photos and good judging. Congratulations to PRYorkshire-a wonderful shot, and well done to all the other places and Hm's


Link Posted 29/04/2020 - 17:45
Congrats PRYorkshire, excellent worthy winning image. Don't get to see them Bluebells down south of the equator, let alone in such abundance. Congrats extended to Johnriley and Vic Cross, and nor forgetting the HM's Perspicador, johnwnjr, mr mellow, davidwozhere and GlynM. Excellent challenge, thanks are due to our judge, as well as for the Judging exercise. Btw, Spring down south of the Equator is from Sept - November, and around here the Agapanthus may bloom through to about February. Come Autumn, which starts in March, they'r nothing but dried out stalks and petals.


Link Posted 01/05/2020 - 07:30
Congratulations to the winner and other placings.

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