Weekly #659 - Beach and Sea Competition

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Closing Date: 15/03/2020
Judge: johnriley

Let's look outwards across the seas and oceans that surround us. Seascapes, Beachscapes, people using the beach, rocky coastlines, even ships at sea, cruises...….anything to do with beach and sea. Have fun with it, raid your archive, shoot new images, as you wish, but all the usual Pentax-related rules and the winner will set and judge the next competition!
Competition Entries


Link Posted 16/03/2020 - 10:52
A little later than usual, but let's have a look at our fine selection of images!

The wick and summer residents by NigelK is a lovely shot, warm, vast in its view and giving a really superb view of the environment these puffins live in.

The sea at Seaton by perspicador hones in quite tightly on the subject matter, but all the information is there so we can understand the view.

Comfortable resting place by johnwnjr adds a bit of wildlife to the mix, as well as offering some quirky humour.

Lone Fisherman by vic cross is beautifully composed, but sadly isn't sharp. However, the overall effect is still very pleasing.

Geometry by JAK. Very nice, in the original meaning of the word, which is “precise and accurate”. Here, the precision of the composition is matched by the crisp sharpness of the image overall.

Hanging on to mum by GlynM. I rather like the choice of hiding the faces and effectively meaning that we are joining in at looking at the wider scene. The hat and Mum's top blend together rather well!

Hythe Beach by EricD1306 uses a similar idea, but the connection between the figures is not quite as close. I think I would have cropped out the sky, which avoids a bright band at the top of the frame as well as hiding the pincushion distortion from the lens.

Fisherman at Dusk by noelcmn shows what appears to be a lone fisherman in extreme danger. The sea is an unpredictable creature and she could just sweep him away on the slightest of whims. It is an image full of atmosphere.

Safe Swimming by retsoor goes for bold colour, and nothing wrong with that. It hits us straight between the eyes.

Blackpool by paulb531 offers calm and peace. It is a view to idle away some time with, the composition being clinched by the superb foreground reflection.

Living it up by Ken2390. Obviously Ken is one of the richer members of out forum! It's a good clean shot of the yacht, even if it slightly stretches the brief of “Beach and Sea”, neither of which feature in the image.

And so to the winner!

In FIRST PLACE and therefore the WINNER is NigelK. A splendid shot of the puffins along with the coastline and sea.

In SECOND PLACE Noelcmn with our at-risk fisherman. Lots of fantastic sea broiling around one man. Man against the elements!

In THIRD PLACE paulb531, such calm.....

And a SPECIAL MENTION to GlynM for an utterly charming, delightful image.

And there we have it. Many thanks to all who entered and over to NigelK......


Link Posted 16/03/2020 - 12:04
Delighted with the win thank you John.
I really did enjoy my few days on Skomer island. Being able to get so close to these charismatic little birds was a real privilege.
Congratulations to my fellow podium places and GlynM.
This weeks competition "Cars" is up and ready for entries!
Best regards


Link Posted 16/03/2020 - 18:04
Congrats Nigel, wonderful shot, worthy winner. And extended to my fellow podia placed paulb531 and GlynM. Quite agree with our judge about that image being quite delightful GlynM. And like NIgel, I'm delighted with my coveted 2nd spot, in a challenge that drew some excellent images once again. Thanks John for that challenge,judging and C& C's. As always much appreciated.


Link Posted 16/03/2020 - 19:42
Many thanks John for another excellent competition and, of course, for your kind comments and special mention for my entry.
Congratulations to Nigel for the fantastic winning image, runners up Noel & Paul plus everyone else for another grand set of pictures.

Link Posted 16/03/2020 - 20:06
Thanks John and congratulations to all the podiums
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