Weekly #652 - Portrait Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 19/01/2020
Judge: Nigelk

Hello all,
This weeks competition I'd like to see your human portrait shots. The images can be in colour or mono, all will be judged equally
As usual images must be taken with a Pentax camera, it can have been taken at anytime. The person I choose as the winner will be expected to set and judge next weeks competition.
Looking forward to what you have to show me.
Best regards


by SteveF
Competition Entries


Link Posted 20/01/2020 - 12:38
Thank you to all who entered this week. I've been sat gazing at the portraits long enough!

1st place Dad By SteveF
2nd place The Engineer by HazyJ
3rd place 1940's Girl by michaelblue
Highly commended:-
Camel Man by snakey
Spitting image by pipinmels

Wonderfully varied selection of portraits and now it has come to judging and comment I'm questioning my choice of subject matter but, here goes.

Melissa by johnriley
We start with a very good shot, a good natural looking posed shot, everything technically under control.

Lighting up time by Perspicador
Not the first time I've seen this portrait, indeed I think it has been a winner before, not on this occasion. Whilst I like the over all "feel" of the image the point of camera focus seems to be the hands, the face being too blurred or out of focus to get a place on this occasion.

Wistful by vic cross
A classic looking romantic capture. I think it is quite beautiful but, the rendering seems a bit off. My guess is this digital version does not quite do the original justice. Quite beautiful all the same.

Eye Contact by Chrism8
I like the idea of using the arms to frame the face but over all it doesn't work for me. I find the armpits too dominating in the image. Very well lit and a good clean image.

Penny for them....? by davidwozhere
Candid shot, it looks like you've sharpened a not totally sharp face. A larger aperture and faster shutter speed might have helped here. But candid street shots, it's tough to get everything to come right.

My mate Mark by GiustiniArt
Welcome to Pentax User
Good characterful face. Mark looking very relaxed, the crop working well but again I'd like to see his face sharper, don't get me wrong at 1/3 second at 98mm that is asking a lot of you, your gear and your mate.

Soft focus Portrait by GlynM
I do realise this is intentionally soft but, whilst it is a nice shot of your grandson concentrating on his work the softness does not work for me.

1940's Girl by michaelblue
Beautiful lady, beautiful make up, beautifully captured. As you've cropped through the hair at the top I'd probably continue cropping from the side and maybe the top to remove the top right blue triangle but, that is nit picking.

Dad by SteveF
Love this natural portrait. I feel as if we are seeing something of "Dads" character in this portrait, that's why it is the winner for me. I do think a little trim of the left side of the image removing the white square would be a good idea but, getting character to shine through a portrait, it's the holy grail.

Camel Man by snakey
Another cracking portrait, sharp in all the right places, beautifully presented. I actually find him a bit intimidating, to have an emotional response to a portrait is a great achievement, well done.

Son by retsoor
Nice portrait but, it doesn't hang together as well as the top images in this group, quite harsh side lighting which I'm guessing you've tried to balance with a bit of fill from the built in flash which has given some shadows under the ears?

Spitting image by pipinmels
Clever combination of portraits. I think a little more work could be done in the hair and on the forehead but I love the original thinking and the way you have joined your noses and lips meaning your son can be read as a front on or as if in profile, clever!

Joyous occasions by Noelcmn
I like almost everything about this portrait, joyous indeed. The one fly in the ointment for me is this rendering does seem over sharpened but in all other respects, lovely shot.

The Engineer by HazyJ
Another cracking portrait, a man in his environment. Can't really find fault, if I could this would have been joint first, the interest and balance is second to none.

Thank you all again for entering as ever picking winners and commenting is a tough challenge. I work on the basis that it does me good to have to put in to words why I like some images more than others to help my own understanding.

Keep clicking and keep entering the competitions.

Best regards


Link Posted 20/01/2020 - 18:32
Congrats SteveF, beautiful portrait and concur with our judge-character shines in this one, the impression I get is a dignified, jolly old man! Great stuff. Congrats extended to HazeyJ and michaelblue, not forgetting the HC's Snakey and Pipinmels. Lovely challenge, thanks due to Nigel, for the C&C's , as always those are appreciated.
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Link Posted 20/01/2020 - 20:49
Thanks Nigel for the competition and constructive comments and judging. Well done to SteveF and other places and HC's
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