Weekly #648 - It's hip to be Square Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 22/12/2019
Judge: Noelcmn

The challenge this weeks is the geometric shape "Squares" in whatever form. This occurred to me as I was walking with my head bowed with sadness having said goodbye to my son at the airport this afternoon, the only thing I noticed was the square floor tiles. The possibilities are plenty, besides the mentioned tiles, there are windows, books, signs, speakers, boxes etc. I look forward to your submissions.

Usual rules apply:
1. Only Pentax cameras and acceptable clones.
2.The winner is expected to set, judge and preferably offer some comments/critiques of submissions.
3. You are free to use images from your archives, or take something new.
4. The challenge closes on Sunday 22nd December 2019 at midnight BST.

Good luck!
Competition Entries


Link Posted 23/12/2019 - 09:50
It has been a pleasure reviewing all the submission for this week’s challenge, a lovely variety, from architecture, to abstract to art.

Perspicador, The Knife Angel - As usual Perspicador gets us off with a very interesting submission, and one well worth having a look at in larger format, and from which you will appreciate the fine details in this image as well as the textures. Good composition and I like the echoes of colour between the background and the Angel. Some might wonder why the tree/shrub is included, I like it there, adds a nice touch of juxtaposition to this piece of art! I keep thinking there is a lot of complex drama in this image. Squares not the dominant factor, but sufficient enough to be appreciated.

Nigelk- Squares in motion. Ooh, another interesting, out of the box image, creative technique, you must have a steady hand to get such good focus. Wonderful PP and very nice colour rendition, though I wonder if this would not benefit from a B/W Conversion. Those little black streaks in the top left-hand corner? Not so sure about leaving it there and perhaps removing it, or a tighter crop. In any event, a wonderful abstract pattern and achieving an almost translucence to the tiles. Skilled photographer!

Johnriley- Coastal Hut. Lovely all round image- colours, composition, strong textural image, as well as contrasting colours, and despite its simplicity, it evokes a covetousness. I have no objection to spending a holiday here! Spot on for the theme!

PRYorkshire – Box lines garden path – Cool perspective, equally cool composition, with a lot to appreciate here- leading lines, repetition, vanishing points and textures. Like many a viewer, would love to take a long slow walk down this path, and breath in the quiet atmosphere! Good for a postcard. Colours are pleasing and very nicely detailed! No issues with the squares for the theme.

Retsoor – Square windows – Excellent documentary shot, gritty, even dark, and loaded with textures and details. And the colour is just right for this. Nice touch with those muted reflections in the water and windows. A slight tilt I think adds to the gritty mood. Well spotted – good eye for an opportunity for a photographer!

Vic cross- The “CUBE” – Wonderful architecture, love the angle and composition you have opted for, always a struggle (for me at any rate) when it comes to shooting buildings and wanting to get the whole building in the frame. 10mm is probably the best for this kind of shot. Pure magic in getting that one open window, adds such a lot. Lots of lines, reflections and a word must be said about the dominant blue, its lovely!

Mikeprotts – Street geometry – Another ever so interesting submission, my first reaction when I viewed, “what a lovely composition”. I agree, it’s lovey the way the shadows add to the drama of this street shot. A vanishing point to the left is super, as is the silhouettes, the repetition and textures. The whites (of the sun) is well handled. That bit in the top right-hand corner should really be removed, its distracting,

JAK – First and Second Class – Just gotta love nostaligic, historic images, this one takes me back many years. Lovely composition, nicely detailed with textures. Super DOF to this one, symmetry achieved from a tight crop is nice too, good colours.

EricD1306- Cubic sculpture- Good spotting, compositionally I like it in the centre, as well as the contextual elements. Lovely textures and colours. Being a lover as well as a capturer of art, it is intriguing what the artist wanted to convey here? I’ll not let my imagination run away with me.

Aitch53- Just a square box – Well yes, just add a bit of nostalgia and a longing for when things were simpler and cheaper and you are sure to tug at someone’s emotions. I’ve got something like this somewhere in my box of nostalgia. Beautiful textures, details, colours and composition. Nice choice of background. I’ll have some of those , as I prepare to wrap some presents for the kids from our Sunday School-thank you!

GlynM – A Square Wave of Confusion - Oooh, excellent abstract. Thanks so much for sharing your technique for this wonderful image, with an ever so apt title. Elements of optical illusion, beautiful in B/W, stunning composition. You sure have some excellent PP skills. Once again well worth enlarging this to appreciate all the geometric elements – lines, curves, squares and rectangles. Wonderful use of the fisheye! Sell it to corporate companies, would be a wonderful talking piece at the entrance to a office headquarters.

1st spot to GlynM- Simply aweasome image- which I will try sometime - just don't expect any royalties
2nd spot to Retsoor - a stunning documentary shot.
3rd spot to Vic cross - Beautiful architecture with a very pleasing open window.

I am happy to give HM's to all the other entries. Well done all!


Link Posted 23/12/2019 - 11:19
Wow. Many thanks Noel for the win and for another of your great competitions which I think attracted a good number of excellent and diverse images. At this time of year I think it will be a difficult one to follow.

Congratulations to my fellow podium members and everyone else for rising to the challenge.

I will give some thought to the next competition and post up a new subject soon.

Link Posted 23/12/2019 - 20:25
Thanks Noel for an interesting competition with some good and varied interpretations on the theme. Thanks also for 2nd spot and the nice comments, very pleased and unexpected. Well done Glyn for a deserved win and to Vic for 3rd
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