Weekly #644 - Reflection Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 24/11/2019
Judge: Nigelk

This week I'd like to see your reflections shots. We've all got some! What is reflected and reflected in what are entirely up to you!
The usual weekly comp. rules apply.
Images can have been taken at anytime but must be taken with a Pentax camera. The winner I select has to set the next weeks competition and then judge it picking a winner.
Good luck all, I look forward to seeing your entries
Competition Entries


Link Posted 25/11/2019 - 08:45
I'll be back later to go through the images but, right now I got to get some work done.


Link Posted 25/11/2019 - 09:22
Thank you... I wasn't expecting that.... competition coming up after lunch!
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"


Link Posted 25/11/2019 - 20:55
First off, thank you for your entries. A good and variety selection. As ever I found it tough choosing the winner, not a duff shot in here.

Arboretum Perspicador
Good shot to start us off from Perspicador a lovely splash of yellow foliage nicely reflected in the lake. I like the inclusion of the walker in the photo.

Upside Down Mountain pipinmels
Very much like the contrast in this shot between the dull water surroundings and those magnificent snowy peaks being reflected. This photo makes you want to look up but we have to settle for the reflection in the water, good thinking.

Reflections in a Flooded Field EricD1306
Lovely high contrast autumnal land/waterscape. Good use of the tree branch giving a splash of yellow across the sky which is mirrored by the leaves on the ground as well as the actual reflection in the flooded field. Well thought through shot.

Disturbed Reflections Aitch53
This kind of shot certainly does give the impression of a run down neighbourhood. I like that there is an area missing from the mirror and we see the metal behind, well seen urban decay.

Molino Rural Hotel Salinas mr.mellow
We don't normally think of red and mills in this country, works a treat in this lovely shot though, lovely light through the trees and thus reflected. Led in to the image by the water to the mill. Very attractive shot as presented, I have one question. Would it be improved by cropping the left of the image to the tree where we no longer see the path/road? I don't know, lovely anyway.

Reflections & calm waters alankemp
Whilst I very much like this image, those very sharply presented posts with the softness of the water I can't help but feel that there has been some kind of mask or effect applied around the posts, I could be wrong if so I apologise. Its a good idea and shot, I'm just not 100% convinced by the processing.

Saying ta-ta to TA_TA tyronet2000
Another shot I like but.....did the blur have to be applied so strongly including the mirror frame, it does focus us in on the reflection it's true....however, I do like the title and the image, it's jokey but poignant, seeing some remnants of our once great steel industry in your cars door mirror ta-ta indeed. Lets hope it's farewell and not goodbye.

Double Vision jezzeppi
Lovely subtlety in colour and tone to this image but sharp where it needs to be on the snails body, beauty.

Four Pink Fluorescent Pigs johnriley
Funny how 4 pink pigs up/down ladders can grab your attention! A bit of a play with the mirror tool. It succeeded in making me laugh, good one.

Welsh Harbourside retsoor
Lovely, the sun is out, lovely row of colourful harbour side cottages reflected in the harbour along with the yachts. Makes me what to be there.

Water Colour JAK
These lovely old rusting and weathered barges make for great photographic material, nice reflection but for me the reflection is not such an important element in this shot as it is in some of the others. Enjoyable shot all the same.

Bristol Planetarium GlynM
Now, I have seen and photographed this remarkable structure. Great subject for a reflection competition. Well executed and handled shot, the panels giving a great segmented reflection of the surrounding buildings.

Trefor Boatyard nr Llangollen newbiek50user
Another good reflection shot, my eyes really are guided and drawn to the centre reflection under the bridge. Maybe a slightly yellow cast and at first I wasn't overly keen on the white rail but its reflection works so well with the three gable ends, red with white outlines and a block of yellow from an out of direct view van, works a treat.

Symphony Hall Simonmac
Britain's second city and I've never been! Clearly built and designed for just this competition. You've done everything right as far as I'm concerned for this kind of architectural study, balanced exposure, composition, everything that needs to be is square and upright are errr upright.... nice work

Rietvlei Sunset Noelcmn
I'm a real sucker for sunsets and sunrises, getting these lovely rich colours twice is a bonus, colours deeper and richer in the reflection framed by the rim of cloud with a lovely subtle ripple, glorious.

The ONLY way is UP !! drofmit
Now, you've categorised this as humour/fun, I don't get this. For me it is not humorous or funny I can only assume that, you know you have made an image that has interested you but you don't feel confident enough about it. Well, I love it. Yes I turned my laptop on its side to view the image the "correct way around" to be fair worthy but uninspiring. But! By turning it through 90 degrees you have transformed it the tapering light area in the water taking us up through the image the branch and its reflection reinforcing this implied direction of travel the reeds now a horizontal pattern counterbalanced by the now vertical ripples breaking up the tree reflections. I think it leans more towards abstract, if you get it printed get it done large and send it to me, I'll put it on my wall. One thing for sure "The only way is up!!"

Reflections in the Fjords jofford
Last and by no means least, we finish with this beautiful, classic and classy shot. A stunner, I would not change a thing.

Thank you once again for your entries, sorry I can't have more winners.
I've never done this before but I'm going to wimp out of selecting other places and Hc's. All I've got to say is, well done all.
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Link Posted 25/11/2019 - 21:18
Many thanks Nigel for another excellent competition that certainly attracted a large number of entries.

Congratulations to Tim for the winning image and everyone else for a fantastic collection of well-crafted pictures.

Link Posted 27/11/2019 - 18:08
Thanks Nigel a really interesting competition with some great and varied entries, very difficult to separate.
Congratulations to drofmit I really like that one


Link Posted 27/11/2019 - 18:47
Congrats Drofmit- superb winning shot, and I like the horizontal rendering, makes for a nice frame. And a hearty thanks to our judge, Nigel. Super challenge, and a boon to the inspiration just looking at these submissions!


Link Posted 30/11/2019 - 18:52
Only just got back to this... thanks Nigel for a fun competition... yes humour/fun... I'd better PM you as to why.............
You could call it abstract, but I don't think that that does it justice.... I would class it as "Alternative View"... which we don't have as a classification... and yes, the horizontals and verticals, once rotated where what clicked with me.
There are other submissions this week that would work with a rotation.
Try it folks.... think outside the box.
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"
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