Weekly #643 - Cage/d Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 17/11/2019
Judge: Noelcmn

You may interpreet this challenge any which way you like, but some idea/hint of something caged should be included in the image. Zoos, pet birds and snakes offer opportunities. Many years ago, when I started with photography, one of the books I read included a chapter on shooting animals behind bars and the challenge that presents. One was of a tiger, another of a vulture and they were pretty good, In those days there was no such thing as Auto Focus, and manual focusing allowed for some creative images.
Hopefully this will be easy enough for most of us.

Usual rules apply:
1. Only Pentax cameras and acceptable clones.
2.The winner is expected to set, judge and preferably offer some comments/critiques of submissions.
3. You are free to use images from your archives, or take something new.
4. The challenge closes on Sunday 17th November 2019 at midnight BST.

Hopefully, judging and winn announced Monday morning

Good luck
Competition Entries


Link Posted 18/11/2019 - 12:42
Thank you all that entered the challenge, I am gratified with all the submissions, few once again, but the quality more than compensates.

Perspicador, Long eared Owl- as usual, Perspicador gets us off to a good high quality start, on the brief. I like your composition, keeping that eye and beak away from the wiring. Sharp where needed, and no issues with the color!

Nigelk-If I ever get out of here well, yes, I would run, as I have done on a few occasions with the geese at Zoo Lake where I do my daily exercise walk. That expression is priceless, and threating! Excellent eye contact, sharp as a tack and great composition and colors, and a wad of bokeh as a bonus!

Vic cross- Eurasian Lynx in the Bavarian Forest Wild life park- Im envious! Wonderful sighting, kudos on getting that pose with the paw in mid air,. Super details to this as is the colors and comp! Not much evidence of a cage, but Ill accept that it is caged in the park.

Davidwozhere-those are ours Excellent, opportunity well used, imho.a priceless image! What did you do to get them all looking in that direction? I may be wrong here, but I find a strong sense of the clinical present, which of course these things usually are, and which contributes largely to an excellent story line with all that dominant blue/grey color, relieved only by the hens and eggs!

Ken2390 Homo sapien LOL! I had a good laugh at this one! Wonderful interpretation of the challenge, and those bars sure looks like they can do the job! Lovely details there. Im intrigued with that extra bit of bar? coming out of the middle bar, at the bottom. Is she holding a weapon? I like it though as it adds to the story!

Tyroner2000 Youre only supposed to blow the door off Another LOL here, great caption, and a great moment to capture. It does look like theyre having a conversation. Id guess at 1/60sec and ISO of 3200, it must have been pretty dark, so kudos for getting such fine details- have a look at those hands and hairs! No issues with composition and colors though I would suggest a B/W version may be a good option to explore!

Dromfit- Savage Seats And another LOL! I am having a good afternoon! Another priceless image, documenting the oft thoughtlessness of humans. In this case at least, no harm done. Good eye for an opportunity not to be missed. A busyish image, loads of repetition and shapes! Wonderful composition with the placing of that red sign, it surely draws the eye to the anomaly here! Good one!

JAK- Java Sparrow (Juvenile) A quick google search and there you go- Ive learned and appreciated this fine image. I have no issues with that background, pretty nice bokeh it is. The bird pops beautifully against that background, and though I suspect that focus is more on the claws, it is still acceptably sharp. This would typically be a problem with AF. But that was the idea of the challenge how well do you handle that constant hunting of the AF!

PRYorkshire Tiger Oooh nice one, very nicely isolated and selective focus on this one, excellent composition, and took me back to that book I mentioned in the brief, which also had a tiger bit much more close and bars evident! Colors are spot on, making the tiger pop against all that green background. Well done on getting a landscape image in what is often a very limiting environment.

Onto the judging

1st Spot to Nigelk- just wonderful shot, sharp, detailed, super eye contact.
2nd, and only just pipped by nigelk goes to davidwozhere- what a great story line to this!
3rd Spot -PRYorkshire - Super landscape shot, not aneasy thing when it comes to cages and the likes.

I am happy to ward HC's to all the rest!

Thanks you all!


Link Posted 18/11/2019 - 14:25
Congratulations to a worthy Winner. Well done other podium places. Lens I was using was the Sigma "Bigma". will try this in B/W when I have both eyes working and new specs



Link Posted 18/11/2019 - 15:10
Thanks for your comments on my entry Homo Sapiens.Noel cmn, The extra bar you see,is her shoulder bag strap. Well done to all who entered. Regards Ken 2390
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Link Posted 18/11/2019 - 15:13
Thank you for the competition, judging and my top spot Noecmn
TBH I thought davidwozhere's shot might win but, happy to have pipped it. Well done to all who entered as ever an interesting and varied selection which, is a big part of what makes it good fun.


Link Posted 19/11/2019 - 01:20
Thanks for a headscratcher of a contest Noel and for your cogent critiques. It really produced some variety.
With the expression on its face I had Nigel's goose down to win outright - well done! Congratulations for the tiger too.
I really loved Stan's escape committee - the caption is priceless. And thanks for the highly coveted 2nd place.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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