Weekly #639 - Small Buildings Competition

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Closing Date: 20/10/2019
Judge: johnriley

This week, pictures of small buildings, with or without people using them. A small building is one that would not normally be lived in - a mausoleum, a shed, a greenhouse, an ice house, a small chapel......A classic example would be the book "Men and Sheds" showing men with their man-cave sheds, but of course it could just as easily be a female version of that. Don't feel constrained by that example though, let the imagination wander free and seek out those quirky little buildings that exist all over the place.

The winner needs to set and judge the next competition, and the usual Pentax Competition Guidelines apply.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 21/10/2019 - 00:25
Small Buildings are close to my photographic thoughts and I am always collecting images as and when something new is found. The selection submitted here is varied, interesting and it's going to be difficult to separate them out. But, it's a competition and ther will be winners, so let's get down to it.

Perspicador is first off the mark as usual, with Bird Hide...etc....and it's not the first time I've seen a hide that is held up by pretty suspect wooden posts. Sometimes they have been so bad it feels as if they could collapse at any time. An interesting addition is the horse, which lifts the content as an image considerably.

I Dig Gardening by RobL is an excellent close up of a shed, with all the components being complementary. The one slight discord is the bright background top right, which is slightly distracting.

Really Small Buildings by JAK struck a chord instantly because I know exactly where this is. The buildings are photographed very well and the museum itself is a brilliant place to visit, deceptively large on the inside!

Beach Hut by Nigelk is very intriguing. I really like the composition and the setting is superb.

mr.mellow also hits the spot with his neolithic image from Carnac, another place that I am familiar with.

Park Shelter by Aitch53 is typical of the small buildings that litter our parks, so very often unused and falling into disrepair. This is shown here in the context of its surroundings, very important when recording these buildings for posterity.

Now, did MHOL190246 know that I was a bit of a Dr Who fan? So this picture of a Police Telephone Box was sure to appeal. Actually, it has also been rendered very well, with a very precise composition that suits the subject. The thumbnail tends to really stand out from the images, perhaps because it is the only one that is such a bold blue.

EricD1306 has presented an interesting ticket office. Excellent. The only thought is that the sign in the background on the right is incomplete and that raises questions that remain unresolved. I would have had that all in or all out, not half and half.

Newbiek50user has entered a great landscape image, with lovely reflections and the point of interest (the boat sheds) in just the right place. Nicely done.

Ash Museum by GlynM shows a refreshingly well cared for small chapel, where many of them are left to fall into ruin. It is a pure record shot of the chapel, but a well presented one.

Johnwnjnr is showing us a Neighbours Play House that seems to be in need of some attention. The view is unfortunately slightly obscured with fencing, which is a shame.

The Smallest Church...by Noelcmn is a very clean, sharp and well exposed image. Fascinating, but perhaps clipped a bit too closely on the right side?Huer's Hut by retsoor is another very clean shot, helped enormously by the dark blue and stark white. I would suggest raing the camera slightly, so that the top of the building has a little space above it. Losing a small amount of foreground should not be a problem.

A Bit of a Pile! By drofmit is also fascinating, a great subject. The quality of the sky is superb, and it's a pity that the building itself is not lit by a shaft of warm sunlight, which would have been perfect.

As always, difficult choices, but choices have to be made:

WINNER is MHOL190246 and the Police Telephone Box. The image chooses an interesting small building and the photography is precise, clean, sharp and just the right exposure.

SECOND is newbiek50user and the boatsheds. They may be small in the frame, but they catch the eye amongst a magnificent display of trees and their reflection.

THIRD is Huer's Hut by retsoor, another really powerful and simple shot that delivers what was asked for.

Special mentions then to NigelK, JAK, Noelcmn and drofmit, who get the Highly Commended awards.

Thanks to everyone for entering and the baton is now passed to MHOL190246 to set and judge the next weekly competition.


Link Posted 21/10/2019 - 13:28
Congratulations to the winner and fellow podium spots, well done to my fellow HC's
Thank you John for an interesting comp and the prompt judging.
Link Posted 21/10/2019 - 19:43
Thanks for the competition and Judging John and well done to the winner and other places.


Link Posted 22/10/2019 - 08:15
Congratulations to the winner and thanks for my second place notification.
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