Weekly #589 - Uniforms Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 28/10/2018
Judge: JAK

I believe I've identified a theme that hasn't featured in a PU competitions for quite a while. That theme is UNIFORMS. Any interpretation is acceptable.

Hopefully that's simple enough to get you trawling through your archives or popping out for a while to grab something new. Either way the image is to be shot on a Pentax or related camera and the winner will be expected to set up and judge next week's competition. The competition closes midnight Sunday 28th October BST (that's just before the clocks go back for winter time.)
Good luck with your entries.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 29/10/2018 - 01:20
Thank you all for your entries. It's a shame there weren't a few more, however all the photos are great and it will be really tricky selecting the placings.

Captain and Officers - Vic Cross

A lovely informal capture of the Cap'n and his crew. I suspect it was tricky getting the exposure right with those white uniforms and shiny roof and probably not a lot of opportunity to play around with retakes. My feeling is this could have used a little more depth of field as Using f/2.8 only the officer on the left is in focus. I note the camera was set to auto program mode, maybe this is an occasion when the aperture could have been over-ridden. Not withstanding, you've achieved a wonderful spontaneous shot of them which no doubt would not have been achieved if you were messing about with the camera settings.

Piper - Perspicador

Nothing really wrong with this shot, but as presented, one for the family album. For competition use I think I'd crop the image to only include the piper. I feel you took it to include both persons as part of a family holiday record however for a competition shot it helps to just try and concentrate on one subject (which could be a group of people as in some of the other entries.) However in this case the other person is pretty dominant in the shot and her eye-line takes the viewer's gaze away from the piper and away to the left. I'm sure the original intention was to have both people in the shot as a 'we were here' holiday photo yet still be adapted for a competition entry as suggested. If it is a family record holiday photo, nothing wrong in that on that basis.

easy to spot uniform for school trip - retsoor

Yep, a higgledy-piggledy collection of blue baseball caps. I'm sure you're right, to make them easy to spot (why did schools cubs and scouts generally do away with head-wear I wonder.) It's odd that they're looking in all different directions, quite amusing in fact. It seems to break all the rules of photographic composition yet still works. Perhaps organised chaos comes to mind! Technically absolutely spot on.

vintage - stu62

Spookily I can deduce this was probably taken at the Kop Hill Climb Festival, Princes Risborough only last month! A great capture of the military man and his bike and suitably displayed in period monochrome. Man and machine do seem to go together here. I know little about motor bikes so have no idea what it is or when it dates from, but it does look old and contemporary with the gentleman stood beside it. It does have a fussy modern background so one can't mistake this for an actual WWII image so clearly part of a Festival display. Definitely worth taking, taken well and thank you for submitting it.

Military Bearing - JohnRiley

Amazing this was produced by a Pentax Q. The detail from its standard (01) lens is outstanding. As John says, the chap shows a real pride in appearance and military bearing. In many ways this is similar to the gentleman in the previous entry. According to his badge it seems he is helping out at the railway and the railway infrastructure background certainly goes with the subject.

Upstairs Maid - ken2390

Great to hear you had a willing volunteer! The ambient lighting has helped produce a soft-ish image (I don't mean not sharp) which really suits the subject. The building even looks the part to actually have an upstairs maid so matches the subject very well. I think my own preference would have been to make this a vertical shot to include the whole person but perhaps there was a reason for not doing so. Too late to think that afterwards when its probably not possible to take it again!

School Uniforms - Noelcmn

A very nice impromptu image of the four youngsters apparently sharing a joke with you. You've used the lens at or near wide open allowing for differential focus to let the subjects stand out from the background which has really helped here as your subjects are in a line; so no depth of field issues. Shame about the rubbish bag, but hey ho, something you don't notice 'til afterwards! Could be cloned out I suppose. No really, I do like this.

So now the difficult decision, and it really is given only one can be selected.

Noelcm's school group is lively and animated and because of that I am going to select that as the winner (despite the rubbish!)
The other entries are indeed all worthy of a placing for different reasons (notwithstanding I can't choose!) so consider the rest equal second. Well done all.

So over to Noel for the coming week. Let's hope he is supported with a greater number of entries.
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Link Posted 29/10/2018 - 07:59
Oh Dear! That is surprising, considering I had been quite vexed about submitting something, as I do not have much by way of uniforms. Still, I am gratified, and thank you JAK, for the win, and of course the judging exercise, but more importantly, pointing out that obnoxious rubbish bag. I'll revisit that and remove it and post it to the gallery. And agree, pity there are so few entries. The new challenge will hopefully be up shortly!
Link Posted 29/10/2018 - 19:50
Congratulations to Noel for an excellent winning photo and to JAK for the judging and comments
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