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Weekly #573 - Curves Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 08/07/2018
Judge: davidtrout

The subject for this week's competition is Curves. Please interpret this as you think best. Landscape curves, abstract curves, curves in nature, architecture or in the human form. The brief is wide open, hoping to attract a wide ranging entry.
Rules are simple, entries must be taken on Pentax cameras but using any compatible lens, they can be taken specially for this competition or trawled from your archives. Closing date is Sunday midnight British summer time.
Please note: The sharp eyed among you will notice a jump in the weekly number from last week. This is because the last time I won a competition and set the following week's I published an incorrect weekly number. This should now put the system back in sync.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 02/07/2018 - 15:59
I've corrected the competition numbers, thanks for pointing it out.
Best regards, John


Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 00:06
Weekly competition #373 Curves
A healthy entry this week and a difficult one to judge because of the high overall standard of the photography. I invited a wide ranging interpretation of the subject and thank you for giving me one.
I've enjoyed viewing each and every one of the pictures. The choice of winners is purely personal, another judge on another day may well have selected other images for the top spots.

Maid Marion's target by Perspicador
A charming and colourful action picture of a little girl at an archery shooting activity. There's enough to see of the targets to know what they are and give the picture context but I feel this is more about the girl and her sporting action than it is about curves

Orwell Bridge by NigelK
A lovely long sweeping curve in this fine architectural/landscape picture, taken from a great viewpoint which emphasises the immensity of the structure. A little more contrast could probably improve the drama to the scene, particularly if the sky could be darkened very slightly. But it remains a very good entry. I love pictures of bridges.

Goldie by wozfromcov
If this picture didn't help sell your friend's motor bike nothing could. It's too late for me to have a mid life crisis otherwise I could have been tempted to made a bid for it myself. The curved shape of the bike's body has been enhanced by the use of a moderately wide angle lens but although its there, in the wheels too, the body curve isn't sufficiently emphatic to make this a stand out image about curvature.

Cleveleys Beach by Tyronet2000
I find this a very satisfying image, surreal, graphic and colourful all at once. Photographing someone else's artwork always leaves the cameraman open to accusations of plagiarism - unless of course he or she brings something of their own to the table. Stan has done just that - it was he who chose the viewpoint, composed the image and made sure the only elements in the frame are those which add to the scene and don't intrude.

Silverfish by i-Berg
Another immaculately composed photograph of art in metal work - this time functional mechanics as opposed to pure art. As in the previous shot the colour is superb and the framing spot on. Great industrial design which has aesthetic as well as mechanical excellence also has artistic merit.

Winding its way by Cajan
The curve of the Dartmouth shore line mirrored perfectly by the railway track makes an appealing image in this view of a heritage railway. A little dark perhaps but that is easily corrected.

Curves shapes and tones by Chrism8
Female curves are the most sensual of all geometrical shapes and Chris is a master at depicting them. Easy peasy. Not so. It takes skill with lighting and camera craft and taste and sensibility to produce artistic nudes and semi nudes without them appearing cheap and tacky. Chris knows how it's done (check out his portfolio). This is a classic example but I would like to have seen this presented almost as a high key example or perhaps at the other extreme with more punchy contrast.

Curved cucumber by Glynm
When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it was a green python entwined in a tree. Opening it up soon put me right. Knowing Glyn's skill at setting up images I then wondered if he had deliberately trained this cucumber to model specially for a photograph. Its beautifully photographed and expertly handled in post process to produce an unusual image of great clarity and rich colour.

The toy train by Supergirl
A colourful and detailed travel picture well documenting a train ride through Indian mountain country. There's a feast of details for the eye to explore, in particular I love the flight of steps under the viaduct arches which give a boost to the composition and the sweep of the train and bridge provide the required curve for this composition.

Catching the light by Noelm
Another well handled black and white glamour shot. The strength of this picture comes from the rim lighting which defines the girl's torso but perhaps the light could have been intensified either at the taking stage or more possibly in post process. You say getting down low for the shot was easy but getting up again was the difficult part. The model likewise is holding a difficult pose, but she's young and hopefully rapidly recovered her upright status.

Durham Knocker by Geordie01
I'm very familiar with this often photographed feature at Durham Cathedral and have seen it photographed in many different ways over the years. Some years ago the original medieval knocker was removed to the cathedral's treasury for security purposes and what the public now sees is a modern replica. George has got down low to look up at the face and this angle makes for a dramatic picture. A slight bit of localised exposure reduction on the knocker ring would have added strength to this part of the picture which is on the verge of burning out.

Scarborough's Curves by timcx500e
Nicely observed and photographed. Placing the unusual traffic roundabout with its hollow centre and coloured doors at the base of the picture adds strength to the composition. Having taken this in we can let the eye wander and view some of the other delights of Scarborough's sea front with its vibrant colours on a sunny day.

Bright shiney curves by davidwozhere
Looks like someone put curry powder in mistake for flour into the mixing bowl while baking ginger bread men. Which is great because it gives us a fantastical colour image with a wide variety of curves to chew over. Interesting that you used a coloured reflector to light this, at first I thought you had done something mysterious in Photoshop. It's an imaginative and eye catching image.

Formation Flight by JAK
Good to see a Red Arrows photo in the competition and one that shows the full context of the air display. More often we see pictures like this done on very long lenses or tightly cropped to fill the frame with just the planes and coloured trails. It's an alternative view at a fairly wide angle which is equally valid and also gives us more sky, the harbour and shore line in Scarborough to tell the whole story. The local paper would probably prefer this rather than a tight crop.

Fans by John Riley
It looks random but those fans have been carefully arranged to create a satisfying and perfectly balanced composition with harmonious colours. Colourful and elegant are words that spring to mind. Like all John's pictures it is well crafted

Sound mirror by Unicorn1
This is a new one for me. I know of the Kent Marshes and the wonderful photo opportunities of the whole area around Dungeness but I'm intrigued to hear of this structure - is it a pier, a sea wall or a cob? I think it works well in mono as judging by the lighting it probably wouldn't suit colour particularly well. Thanks for the introducing me to this and adding historical background.

Faded curve by Coker
Lovely curve, lovely light, lovely idea. This has been approached artistically but with technical skill also employed. A set up still life but it could also have been shot in the wild as a natural history image. The use of backlight on the long curving leaf is great but I also like the detail in the dead seed head of the plant.

Limit of shunt by Aitch53
Good idea to use the railway lines to create this interesting photo. I like the symmetry of the composition which is well balanced and also gives various shapes, including a diamond, in the intersection of lines at this junction.

Silver discs or flying saucers by Aragorclub
I love this building having been guilty of photographing it myself in the past. I wonder if the original Mr Selfridge would have approved of the architecture I know i do. You've captured the ebb and flow of the design to perfection, the waves and curves of the side of the building undulating like sand dunes in a desert.

Balconies by Simonmac
So we are still in Birmingham. That's fine by me. I'm familiar with Simon's excellent black and white architectural shots but here with have terrific use of colour. Those curved flat balconies contain a wonderful collection of colours with a lovely blue sky to top them off with. But the strength of this picture for me is in the carefully chosen angle which puts the reflective glass windows in the centre and has used the reflections to create interesting repeated patterns.

2CVs can drive you round the bend by Droftmit
What fun. This competition is for curves and sure this hilarious image has an abundance of them but it also has so much more. Reflected light on a cracked stairwell wall from window art, the photo itself becomes a work of art. I'm so glad you snapped it for posterity and entered it here.

Ball by Stu62
Crystal ball photography is all the rage at the moment, last year our camera club had a project on this subject which turned up some great images. The idea of photographing an historic building through the ball is a good one but there's a problem with sharpness in the image. Neither the hand holding the ball or the stately building is completely sharp. I wonder if using a long lens, 260mm according to the EXIF, was such a good idea. Maybe a standard or wide angle lens might turned a great idea into a more successful photo.

Overhead bridge by Noelcmn
This fits the bill with a terrific architectural curve and a complimentary colour palette of dominant blue and yellow. Simple composition with few distractions gives the image structural strength, just like the bridge in the picture.

1 Drofmit
2 Tyronet2000
3 Simonmac.
HCs: John Riley, i-Berg, Chrism8, Noelm, GlynM,


Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 00:17
Ah... err.... oh booger.... I'll sleep on it... thanks!!
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"


Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 07:27
Congratulations to a Worthy Winner. Thanks to David for the interesting subject, which attracted many various images, the judging and the comprehensive comments. Thanks also for awarding me the coveted 2nd place and well done everyone else.



Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 07:34
Great set of images well judged.

Congratulations to the winners


Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 08:01
Congrats Dromfit- hilarious winning image complete with apt title too, worthy of 1st spot! I like it! And extended to Tyronet2000 and Simonmac, and not forgetting the HC's John Riley, i-Berg, Chrism8, Noelm, GlynM. As usual, excellent feedback and critiques from David, a hearty thanks are in order to him- always appreciated. And so pleasing to see so many entries this week. Long may it last! Now to see what is around the bend from those 2 CV's


Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 08:34
Many thanks David for such a good competition that certainly boosted the number of entries and was exceptionally well managed by yourself. It has been both interesting and fun to see these entries as they appeared during the week.

Thanks also for the HC .

Congratulations to Tim, Stan and Simon for top three placements, my fellows HCs and everyone else for a fantastic set of images.



Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 08:42
Wow, thanks David....
that I did not expect...
It is a scene we see everyday when the Sun is out... and it changes every season...
in Winter it catches the last of the sun as it vanishes over the hill opposite and is crisp, with sharp edges...
but from late Spring through Autumn it is at its most variable.
And, up until the other day, I hadn't thought to capture it!!
I feel a series coming on!

Congratulations to to the other podia... Stan and Simon... and the HCs...
Thanks also to David for an extremely rapid and thorough set of comments.
It was a fun competition, too...
I slept on it... and the new Weekly is now up!
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"


Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 10:11
Thank you for a great competition David.

I am chuffed with a place as the entries are all wonderful.

Brilliant winner and well done to Stan and the HC entries.

All the best.


Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 11:47
Thanks David, good comp. Now that was popular!

Congrats to Tim, Stan and Simon, as well as my fellow HCs.


Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 12:47
Thanks David for a great competition which attracted so many excellent entries and to your comprehensive comments on each. Thanks also for my HM and congratulations to Drofmit for his amusing take on the brief and to Tyronet200 & Simonmac for their podium places and to my fellow HC's


Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 17:24
Interesting set of entries! Thanks David for this lovely competition and congrats to all the winners!
Best Regards,


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Link Posted 13/07/2018 - 01:25
Wonderful collection of images, many of which could have taken places. And super, prompt, comprehensive critiques - thank you.
Nice to see some colour from Simon I wonder if they sit out there? Well done Stan and "commiserations to Drofmit for collecting a load of work !
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