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Weekly #569 - A Bird Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 10/06/2018
Judge: tyronet2000

I'm sure this is something I'm sure we have all photographed at some time or another any species of bird is admissible. Usual Competition rules apply. Good Luck Everyone.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 11/06/2018 - 06:32
Thanks to all who entered with the images giving me a challenge in judging them. Sorry if some of the comments may seem I was nitpicking but this was needed to separate them as the quality was good throughout. At the end of the day it's only an opinion and I enjoyed them all.

Glossy Starling by Nigelk.
Was surprised that by moving the screen of my laptop the shimmering of the glossy feathers could be seen just a pity the background looks a bit messy

Red Kite by Perspicador.
A good attempt at capturing this bird but could it have been made larger by cropping some of the empty sky away.

Hoopooe by Hollingbery Exif says Panasonic camera? Void Entry

Black headed gull by Aitch53.
A little less of the lamp in this image would have been better in my opinion

Thieves by vic cross.
Although the title of the competition was A Bird you have given several to choose from. I know it's difficult when there is food around to isolate just one.

A Bad Hair Day by LancashireLad.
I must admit I burst out laughing when I saw this image. Couldn't have picked a more appropriate title. Well seen and captured.

Robin by alant2.
Nice image with detail in the wing and a catchlight in the eye. Not sure if the piece to the left of of what the bird is standing on doesn't distract.

Yes! I'm having this seed by zhang_peak
A good capture with the bird challenging that the seed is his. Plenty detail and nothing to distract the eye from the subject.

One Good Tern Deserves Another by johnriley.
A very good capture where timing is everything. Lots of details throughout but just a pity the wing is touching the top frame.

Pied Wagtail by snakey
Another good image sharp where it needs to be and room in the frame for the bird to fly off to. One highlight at top right is a slight distraction.

Bullfinch by JAK.
A splendid image of this bird with just a trace of softness under the body going towards the tail. Good contrast where the bird colours almost match the background.

Herring Gull by GlynM
Fills the brief and the frame nicely. Not an easy bird to photograph despite their lack of shyness when there is food about. To me there seems a slight lack of sharpness around the head although there is detail in the eye when enlarged.

A puffed-up Tufted Duck by Abe_Normal
It certainly looks like it's showing off for some reason, a prospective mate perhaps? Well captured with plenty detail.

Purple Heron by Noelcmn
I didn't know Herons came in purple and as you said it is a rarely seen. Well detailed but dare I say a touch over sharpened?

Majesty! by drofmit
A good capture of this bird in flight. I just wish the subject could have been larger and with less noise in the background.

Winner Bad Hair Day by Lancashirelad.

Second Bullfinch by JAK

Third A puffed-up Tufted Duck by Abe_Normal

Highly commended to everyone else.



Link Posted 11/06/2018 - 08:28
FAB winning shot, made me laugh too! Congrats Lancashirelad. love the composition on this one. And extended to JAK and Abe_Normal. Thanks due to Stan, wonderful challenge, and appreciate the comments and critiques as always.


Link Posted 11/06/2018 - 08:54
Many thanks Stan for a great competition that attracted a grand number of entries. Thanks also for a putting up the results and excellent reviews so quickly.

Congratulations to our well deserved winners and everyone else for such a good selection of well-crafted bird shots.



Link Posted 11/06/2018 - 13:18
Well done to Lancashirelad and Abe_Normal for the other podium places and thanks to Stan (tyronet2000) for setting the comp and prompt judging of it.
At least with second place I get next Sunday night off. Close call ! Thanks.
John K


Link Posted 11/06/2018 - 15:08
Thanks to Stan for a successful competition with prompt, concise judging - and for my third place. Congratulations to Lancashirelad, JAK and the other entrants.
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