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Weekly #564 – Time Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 06/05/2018
Judge: GlynM

I know that we have done various time related subjects before but I would like to sort-of combine them all. Hopefully to create a subject open to a broad interpretation.

So for this competition I would like to see images that you consider to be related to “Time”. Just as a seed, but no restriction, for your ideas I came up with things that give time, so could be a clock or timer, things that take time, like a boiled egg, or something at a specific time, like tea time, summer time, night time, feeding time .... However I am sure you could think-up even more.

Because I am trying to make this a wide open subject it would be really useful if you could say what makes your depiction time related using the title or via a comment.

The usual weekly competition rules apply. Entries can be shot for the competition or taken from your archives. It must though be shot using a Pentax camera or their closely related clones.

The winner is expected to set, comment on and judge the next competition.

The competition closes at midnight BST on Sunday, 6th May. Good luck and I look forward, with anticipation, to seeing your entries.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 07/05/2018 - 07:49
Many thanks to all of you that have provided pictures for this competition. I was impressed by the diversity of interpretations which certainly exceeded my expectations. As always it is an excellent and well-crafted collection of pictures and it has been fun and a privilege to review your work.

Just a reminder that I am no expert at this. Everything here is just my personal opinion and the results reflect my personal tastes. I have tried to make useful comments for each entry and hope that I have not upset anyone as this was definitely not my intention.

Spring-time – Perspicador
Another nice traditional bird picture from Rodney to start off this competition. While there is lots of sharp detail emanating from the bottom right corner the fairly narrow depth of field is perhaps still a bit of an issue. While I am happy with a soft background which helps highlight the central subject I find the very soft foreground detail in the top right corner somewhat distracting. However it is a lovely picture of a blue tit investigating the blossom.

Standing the test of time – poliver
I love that this image is derived from a shot taken with a Pentax film camera. On that basis, without the benefit of being able to take and review multiple images, I think it certainly demonstrates an excellent level of skill by the photographer. I expect the lighting conditions, which have very well managed, were probably quite a challenge. I think the balance between the almost white foreground and blue cloudy sky works very well. The offset composition also works well and I like the addition of a few people (as well as the camel) which provide a good reference for the scale of this these structures. A very nicely presented and well-crafted shot.

Waiting – JAK
I thought this was an excellent interpretation of the subject and love that it contains a story telling element. I think the zig-zag leading lines of the barriers work well to draw the viewer into and across the shot towards the bus. Perhaps the vertical elements are a bit of a challenge being aligned on far right but leaning over as you go toward the left but perhaps could be argued that this helps pull the viewer across the image. An excellent depth of field provides a fantastic level of detail and the lighting also works well. A grand interpretation.

Looking at times past - Wintertime – i-Berg
Another timeless image in an apparent run of black & white competition pictures by i-Berg. As with i-Berg’s previous submissions I think this is beautifully crafted. The really sharp, higher contrast foreground detail, with fantastic reflections, is nicely complemented by the slightly softer background pier and far-distant mist to create a magical image. Excellent, well done.

I am not sure if the title was supposed to have been formatted in quite that way but I have just copied it as presented. However this image provides a fantastic splash of colour in this competition. The verticals are well maintained and I love that we see that this building must be on quite a steep hill. A good depth of field provides lots of detail for the viewer to explore. It looks and sounds like a wonderful place to visit although I think they need to do something about their web site. It was also good to find that this image was shot in the week of the competition and am impressed that you found something so compliant with the competition subject.

Les rouages du temps qui passe - The workings of time passing – Francisbd
I love this image, both because of the subject and the way it has been presented. I have care of a Victorian turret clock in our local hall but it looks nowhere near as old as this one. While perhaps these clock workings are in need of some TLC the grime and dirt adds terrific detail to this image. I think the sepia and noise effects, as well as an excellent title, also work well to reinforce the age and state of this clock. A fantastic image, really well done.

Church Clock in Ryde – tyronet2000
I was hoping that we might see some interesting clock faces in this competition and think this is a fine example. I like, from the competition subject point of view, that the clock face is complimented with a time related inscription plus the pair of figures, which I believe are called quarter boys, who I guess strike their bells. I think the presentation of the hands, at 11:10, works well and like that the image also captures the detail of the weather vane. A very nice time related image.

Always on time – ken2390
I think this is a well-chosen time-related image for this competition. I think the image has a good depth of field providing an excellent level of detail in both the boat and foreground water disturbances. Perhaps the image is rather tightly framed or cropped leaving me to wonder if the disturbances in the water was another vessel or perhaps that this tour vessel had just performed a turn-about. The composition is possibly somewhat horizontally centric. I think I would have liked to have seen this vessel offset in the shot and if it had just done a turn-about to have included the curve of the water disturbance. However it is otherwise a very nice picture and was great to see this unique interpretation of time in this competition.

Time to rise and shine! – Abe_Normal
A very nice sunrise image that certainly demonstrates the advantage of getting out early. It is certainly much better than my similar attempts at both capturing a sunrise or using HDR. I love the detail, particularly in the foreground and the way multiple horizons create lines across the image. I do though wonder about the composition which is rather centric in both planes. I think you could probably get away with horizontal position of the sun but perhaps raising the horizon a little by cropping some of the sky out might just make an improvement. A very nice attempt though, an inspiration for at least me to get out early and have another go plus a great interpretation for the time subject.

The moving finger of time – davidtrout
Another wonderful detailed image of a clock face but with an extra element that I think makes it unique and special. I was also impressed in that it is another image shot during the week of the competition. I think even without the unique movement effect that it is a very well observed and/or planned implementation. I like that the hands are at a right angle. I also love the level of sharp detail in this image and how it makes excellent use of the early morning sunshine without suffering from hard shadows. I am also very impressed that a whole group of photographers were prepared to get out that early on a Saturday.
As usual with David’s submissions an impressive, well-crafted image but here with an extra bonus feature depicting some movement in time. Brilliant, well done.

Once upon a time – Noelcmn
I think this is a very good depiction of the passing of time. It is very nicely crafted in what looks like quite bright and challenging lighting conditions. I think the composition works well and love the tree in the background. The clear mid-blue sky is also a great bonus. A well observed and well-crafted image.

Train Time – Nigelk
I think this is a very interesting picture and certainly captures a wonderful interpretation of time. While very tightly framed I think the composition works well to concentrate the viewer onto the station display of clocks. I also like that it has been shot at an angle giving a feeling of depth. The busyness of the lower part of the shot also works well to provide context and detail for the viewer to explore with some story telling elements. A very nice depiction of time.

Old Timer's Motoring – stephen-s
I love this excellently well-crafted capture of movement. The composition with the car traveling into the shot works well. The depiction of movement works really well with some excellent use of camera panning. The splashing water also adds a wonderful feature and the photographer is to be congratulated on both the choice of his position and skill in implementation. A fantastic shot to close this competition.

I have really enjoyed reviewing these images. All certainly capture time across a wonderful range of interpretations. The quality of these pictures have made judging and ordering quite difficult but after some careful consideration here are the results:

1st – Francisbd for “Les rouages du temps qui passe - The workings of time passing” – For the way that the subject, execution and processing all come together to create such an excellent image.

2nd – stephen-s for “Old Timer's Motoring” – For such a fantastic capture of this classic motor car in motion.

3rd – davidtrout for “The moving finger of time” – For such a well-crafted capture of a clock face with the extra element of movement.

Highly Commended, in no particular order, to poliver, i-Berg, JAK and MikeInDevon.

I think this completes my responsibilities here and hand over to Francis for the next round.



Link Posted 07/05/2018 - 08:50
Congratulations to the Winner and other places. Thanks to Glyn for the interesting subject, the judging, and the comprehensive comments.



Link Posted 07/05/2018 - 09:04
Thanks Glyn for setting an excellent challenge and providing first class feed-back. Congratulations to Francispd who combined a double meaning of time in a single image; and to second placed Stephen-s. In this company I was delighted to squeeze onto the podium in 3rd. Also well done to the HCs.


Link Posted 07/05/2018 - 10:50
Wonderful comp and judging as usual Glyn. Congratulations to Francis, Stephen and David, as well as my fellow HCs.


Link Posted 07/05/2018 - 13:47
Hi Glyn, thanks for a great competition, an amazing variety of images, which is just one reason I enjoy these competitions so much.

Great winning image(s), and many thanks for the HC, what will next week's competition bring, I can hardly wait!



Link Posted 07/05/2018 - 19:16
Thanks for the comp & judging Glyn and for the HC. Well done to Francisbd plus the other podium placements and the other HCs.
John K


Link Posted 07/05/2018 - 21:49
Well done the winners and HCs. Thank you Glyn for the interesting subject and the judging.


Link Posted 07/05/2018 - 23:34
Nicely done Francisbd, no question that it's the winning image, lovely execution & thanks to Glyn for the idea that had me enjoying looking at past times and the time he took to write the insightful commentary.


Link Posted 08/05/2018 - 07:53
Thank you Glyn for choosing my image and congratulations to the other participants. Thanks to Stan, David, Iberg, Mike, John, Nigelk and Poliver for your nice messages - Merci Glyn d' avoir choisi mon image et bravo aux autres participants.Merci à Stan, David, I.berg,Mike, John,Nigelk and Poliver pour vos sympathiques messages.
I am very honored ! - Je suis très honoré !

I therefore launch a new contest entitled "Musical instruments - Musical instruments". I am francophone and I will not comment like Glyn your photos but I will do my best with the Google translator. - Je lance donc un nouveau concours intitulé " Musical instruments - Instruments de musiques " . Je suis francophone et je ne saurai pas commenter comme Glyn vos photos mais je ferai mon possible avec le traducteur Google.

Thanks for your understanding - Merci pour votre compréhension -

Francis - èfbé -


Link Posted 08/05/2018 - 18:30
Wonderful competition, and as usual, varied and interesting interpretations - most enjoyable viewing these. Thanks GlynM, for the challenge and the comments and critiques, much appreciated. Congrats are in order to Francisbd, excellent shot that, for all the right reasons-composition, color and certainly spot on for the theme. Congrats extended to Stephen-s and Davidtrout and not forgetting the HC's poliver, i-Berg, JAK and MikeInDevon.


Link Posted 08/05/2018 - 22:52
Thanks for the considered comments and the good subject GlynM as well as my 2nd Place. The subject attracted a good variety of subjects, so well done to everyone who entered, and congratulations to those who placed.
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