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Weekly #562 - Statues Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 22/04/2018
Judge: michaelblue

We've all seen them, even the 'living' ones. Any kind of statue, large or small, concrete, wire, metal, glass or any other material. The usual rules apply and the winner to set and judge next weeks competition.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 23/04/2018 - 10:55
Thanks all for your entries, many contenders for 1st place so it was VERY difficult to choose.
Of course it's only my opinion when judging but here goes..........

Sir Walter Scott
Nice viewpoint with the dog and i like the detail in the folds of the clothing. With a 150mm lens i would expect more of a blurred background, perhaps a wider aperture would have helped isolate the statue from the trees, also a slight move to the left to get all of the plinth in.
Art mirrors Art
As a fan of the Q, I like what it can do. Was this the fisheye or the wide angle John?
Lovely curves (not just the statue) I like the way you've managed to get the statue correct but everything else curved, I'd liked to have seen all of the statue though
I like all the elements of this shot, great light, the two people, the tower and the statue, I think it could have been SO much better if you'd moved to the left so we could see the front of the statue, of course that may not have been possible, you've still produced a cracking shot, well done.
Well, what can I say? Great statue, I'd prefer to see a front view but as the previous comment it may not have been possible, I find the background just a little distracting.
The Gansey Girl
I like this a lot, she looks almost real. I'm so glad you included the plinth with the fish on and waiting for sunset (or is it sunrise?) has added extra interest. If it was mine I'd crop a little off the left to get rid of the large boat, add a little saturation in the sky and straighten things up in photoshop (but it's not mine) you've done well to keep so much detail on the statue too considering where the sun is.
Alice through the looking glass
Wow! What a great statue. I think you chose a good viewpoint too catching the reflection of her face. I see you used f16, perhaps a variety of f stops to see if you could blur the leaves a little?
King Edmond
Great impact on this shot, it grabs you straight away, and what lighting, that little blue edge! I love the angle you've taken it from too. Not much else to add really...Super shot!
Lovely statue, lovely detail, nicely positioned between the two doors, great viewpoint and what clinched it for me is how you've perfectly isolated the background, love it!
...or is it?
I admire these people, there is no way I could stand still like they do, something would start itching.
Nice detail in the statues and good eye contact, I'd like to see a less cluttered background, using an even wider aperture, difficult of course with a 21mm lens, if you could have got further back and used a longer lens maybe?
Absent friends
A thought provoking shot, what is the man doing, is he there because of the statue, maybe he's just reading the paper? At first I thought it's a shame the statue is facing away but no, it seems she is overlooking the town, protecting it in some way
Fallen Angel
So sad, well spotted. I like that little bit of light just catching the edge of the angel, I would crop the top down just to get rid of that bit of white and blue which would concentrate attention more on the angel
At first I thought this was taken with the Q's 'Bold monochrome' setting, I always like this kind of viewpoint for statues, nicely composed, good processing, very dramatic
The Three Graces in HDR
I'm not usually a fan of HDR but you've kept it subtle here... keeping the sky and moon....good. I think it could do with a touch more contrast though
The years have taken their toll
The harsh lighting has created good detail here. A nice crop taken at 50mm leaves me wondering how big (or small) these statues are....interesting!
Devoted to the fishermen of Deal
"Taken on a wet and windy day out" and it shows, you had terrible lighting to cope with, a shame for such an interesting statue. Maybe some silhouettes might have been possible instead on such a dull day?

Well, they are my thoughts, I hope I've not insulted anyone.

It was REALLY difficult choosing the winner but as usual there can only be one.........
....and it is :
1st - Serenity by Poliver
2nd - King Edmond by Nigelk
3rd - (and there could have been 5 here) The Gansey Girl by JAK
HC's go to: Nelson by simonmac
Alice through the looking glass by GlynM
....or is it? by i-Berg
Fallen Angel by Noelcmn

Many thanks folks for ALL entries, you've come up trumps again........over to you now Poliver
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Link Posted 23/04/2018 - 12:01
Hi Michael, many thanks for an interesting competition, a great selection of images. Congratulations to the Winners and HC's.

Re my entry, the statues are about life size, here's a link to a web page with much more information about them:




Link Posted 23/04/2018 - 12:16
Thank you Michael for an interesting competition and your critique. Always interesting to see how others read photographs. Thank you for my podium spot, well done to everyone that entered.
I can't claim credit for lighting the statue, it was a friends idea to use the red and blue gel over the existing neutral lighting, to great effect I thought.


Link Posted 23/04/2018 - 13:00
Many thanks for the comp judging and third spot and well done to the other podium places and HCs.
If it was mine I'd crop a little off the left to get rid of the large boat,

The boat didn't worry me at all, it's just part of the harbour scene after all. The harbour is integral to the photograph given the subject matter of the statue and the placing of the two bollards was important in that they lead through the harbour to the two flag poles on the skyline. It's subtle, but was important to me to be as as they are. Having the bollards too far to the left and the thought may have arisen getting rid of those too.... and so it might have gone on! Those pairs of bollards plus flag poles along with the statue hold the component parts of the image together.
add a little saturation in the sky

I deliberately desaturated it, partially to keep the contrast acceptable rather than have a soot and whitewash effect. Also not to make the glorious sunset take over as the principal subject matter leaving the statue in silhoutte. This also provides a sombre, semi-monochrome mood reflecting the thoughts of the Gansey Girl waiting for the boats to return safely. Not all did of course.
and straighten things up in photoshop

Al least the main verticals are vertical and the horizontals are horizontal. I suspect getting the buildings on the right truly vertical could throw the perspective of the statue out, didn't want that to look leaning over! If I remember correctly the buildings may have distorted getting the statue straight.
John K
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Link Posted 23/04/2018 - 13:35
Many thanks Michael for setting such a good subject, your detailed comments and well considered judging.

Thanks also for the HC .

Congratulations to poliver for the excellent winning image, the runners up, my fellow HCs and everyone else for another wonderful set of interpretations.



Link Posted 23/04/2018 - 15:59
Fantastic Challenge, excellent feedback and critiques, another learning curve. Thanks Michael, appreciated the thought put into this. Congrats to Poliver, that is a wonderful image, my mind contemplating the different angles this statue affords. Wonderful light and tones you got there not forgetting the already mentioned composition. Congrats extended to Nigel, and JAK (which would have been my choice ) and my fellow HC's. Chuffed to be awarded that HC for what was really a quick decision. I had visited the Everard Read Gallery last week and got loads of statues and sculptures and just to lazy to work my way through those.


Link Posted 23/04/2018 - 19:06
Wonderful competition!

Great to see such different interpretations of a static subject.

Many thanks for the HC and congratulations to the winner, podiums and fellow HCs.

And thank you for such insightful judging.

All the best.


Link Posted 24/04/2018 - 00:53
Thanks to Michael for prompt adjudication and to-the-point reviews.

Congrats to the winner, podium finishers and HCs.


Link Posted 24/04/2018 - 02:19
Congrats to Poliver, Nigel and John, along with fellow HCs. Thank you Michael for the comp and the HC. A field ripe for exploration that.


Link Posted 24/04/2018 - 10:07
My fear is lest poliver the Winner is still not mindful of his success in this - and that we may have a long wait for the setting of the next competition. Does anyone else share my anxiety?


Link Posted 24/04/2018 - 10:31
All set - was trying to think of a subject that hadn't been done recently and had some room for interpretation. Thank you Michael for judging me the winner, I'm honoured and congrats to all the other entries, all of which were great - I intend to visit as many as I can!
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